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Carinthians not friendly enough to tourists?

“Carinthia – holiday by friends” is a famous advertisment for making holiday in Austrias southern province of Carinthia. But are Carinthias really such friends and very friendly to their tourists? A survey among 7.000 tourists who spent their holidays in Carinthia shows something else.

The beauty of Carinthias landscape was confirmed and is undisputed, but friendly and polite hosts? No! The survey, which was commissioned by the tourism department, revealed problems with the quality during the accommodation. But also the missing friendliness of the staff was a frequently mentioned point of criticism among tourists in Carinthia.

Nevertheless Carinthia is a very popular holiday destination for travellers from Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

The survey is an alarm signal for all Carinthians. Carinthias tourism councillor thinks that it’s time to face the truth. “We must remove our foibles and strengthen our strengths.” A Carinthian holiday operator confessed that the result of the survey hurts a lot. “It’s hard to believe that we have no charme and no kindness in the eyes of the tourist.”

But Carinthians promised to improve the situation. The tourist should exeperience and feel the kindness and charme of the Carinthians as soon as possible. Workshops should help holiday operators to learn how to treat holiday makers right.

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