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Schladming most popular ski region of the Alps

A new study of a consulting agency revealed that the Styrian town of Schladming is the most popular ski region of the Alps. 18.000 holidaymakers in 40 different ski regions were questioned.

The survey included the range of ski slopes, snow guarantee, hotels, fun, apres ski and kindness. Schladming was the winner of the survey and received an average mark of 8,03. The second rank went to Lech-Zürs with 7,96. Third Altesch-Arena in Switzerland with 7,87. Rank four and five went to Zermatt (Switzerland) with 7,86 and Serfauf-Fiss-Ladis with 7,83.

Another interesting facts of the study: good skiers are more loyal to their holiday destination. The better, the more loyal. The most loyal guests have Lech-Zürs, Lenzerheide und Arosa. The most intensive used ski slopes are located in Obertauern and St. Anton. Every second skier goes skiing more than 10 days in one season.

The tourism boss of Schladming is very proud about this result. Especially the good performance in “kindness” makes him very happy. Just several days ago the Schladming ski slope called “Planai” was labeled as “very good” during a ski slope test of the German car club “ADAC”. Schladming seems to be a very good place for a winter holiday.

Freedom party close to Nationalsocialism?

The Socialdemocrat party whip Rudolf Schicker started a new episode of the bitter altercations between Socialdemocrats and Freedom party. He has moved the Freedom party close to Nationalsocialism, and blamed them vicariously for the establishment of concetration camps during the second world war. “A scandal”, answered the party whip of Viennas Freedom party Johann Gudenus. […]

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Is the Austrian church terrifying violent?

The independent hotline for victims of clerical violence presented a shocking report about the violence in the Austrian church yesterday during a press conference. The hotline exists since March 2010. 72 percent of the victims who reported violence to the hotline were male. 28 percent female. Most of the violent criminals were sacred priests. The […]

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Socialdemocrat about Freedom party man: “Right-wing extremist”

A provincial politican of the Socialdemocrats from Upper Austria wanted to let the world know that he thinks a certain politican of the Freedom party is a “right-wing extremist”. He labeled him that way during a press conference. The critical Socialdemocrat is the provincial party leader of Upper Austria. The affected Freedom party man is […]

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Zogaj family returns back to Austria

Austrian medias are full of stories about the Albanian family Zogaj again these days. They are going to return back to Austria in a few days. The Zogaj family moved to Austria as illegal immigrants and stayed there several years. One girl of the family, Arigona, tried to avoid a deportation, hid on a secret […]

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Innsbruck receives fourth brothel

Tirols provincial capital Innsbruck is going to receive a fourth brothel. The high demand of love services makes it absolutely necessary. The brothel is going to be accommodated inside a total new building. The operator has two years time to open the brothel. If he needs longer, he is going to lose his license, is […]

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Lower Austrians are the most unathletic Austrians

29 percent of all Austrians are completely against sport. Austrians from the west are much more athletic than from the east. Results of a new survey about the sporting behaviour in Austria. Austrians from the Western provinces of Tirol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg are doing a lot of sport in their leisure. Cycling is their most […]

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Lower Austria: 42-year-old woman loves 14-year-old boy

An unusual couple had to stand trial yesterday in the Lower Austrian court of Wiener Neustadt. The woman is 42 years old. Her partner only 14 years. They had sex when the boy was only 13 years old. This is not allowed in Austria. The woman received a 22 months jail term on probation. The […]

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Uproar about a family from Mongolia in Carinthia

A family from Mongolia makes the headlines in Austrias most southern province Carinthia these days. Local politicans rack their brains if the family should leave Austria and go back to Mongolia or not. Angry reactions from the Socialdemocrats caused the latest idea of Uwe Scheuch, a former politican of the Orange party (BZÖ) and currently […]

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Vorarlbergs fathers not excited about parental leave

Vorarlbergs most western province Vorarlberg is Austrias tail light in relation to the parental leave of fathers. Only 1,9 percent of the parents who received child care subsidy in Vorarlberg last month were male. The amount in the whole area of Austria is 4,5 percent. Vienna is the place with the highest percentage of fathers […]

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63 percent of Austrians happy with their life

63 percent of the Austrian population is happy with the current life, but only 25 percent of the Austrians are optimistic about their future. Results of a new survey. There are almost no differences between the sexes. Only between men and women who are older than 80 years. In this group 83 percent of the […]

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Angry paperhanger tried to kill a woman

A 29-year-old paperhanger from Styria tried to kill his former girlfriend with a paperhanger scraper. The paperhanger was quite drunk and already known to the authorities. He tried to cut her throat with this paperhanger scraper, but the 27-year-old victim was able to escape and call the police. The violent master of wallpapers declared before […]

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Halloween terror in Bregenz

Halloween fans have destoyed the church window of the Protestant church “am Ölrain” in Bregenz. The damage amounts 10.000 Euro. Also explosive devices were thrown to the inside of the house of prayer. Pastor Ralf Stoffer is quite upset about the strange customs of Halloween. But the church “am Ölrain” was not the only Halloween […]

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