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Emotional discussions about summer break in Austrian parliament

Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache was criticized by the orange party “BZÖ”, which is also known as the “Alliance For The Future Of Austria”, because he is going to spend a two weeks holiday with his children instead of joining “inflationary extraordinary meetings in parliament” during summer time.

Strache declared in his latest press release that “this shows the attitude of the orange party “BZÖ” in an impressively way which is very inimical to the family.”

Josef Bucher, the chairman of the orange party “BZÖ”, wanted to have a series of extraordinary meetings to force the government to a return to truth and a compliance of the constitution. Bucher also demands the general abolishment of the parliamentary summer break and a continuous work of all parliamentarians.

Of course Heinz Christian Strache, who wants to go on holiday with his children, can’t agree in such ideas. But also Josef Bucher has a family. He is married and has three sons. But it seems he don’t care much about holidays in summer.

Freedom party against Google

Austrias Freedom party has found a new enemy image. It’s Google. The constitutional spokesman of the party labels the latest statements of the Google boss as “plain and simple outrageous.” Google boss Eric Schmidt said that his company is not responsible for data privacy. He also confirmed that “if you don’t want that someone knowns […]

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Broken television set in Vienna: 41-year-old went insane

A 41-year-old man from Vienna went insane because his TV set was broken. He rushed into the next electric shop, attacked the salesman, and took a TV set in the shop without paying. The desperate man escaped through the emergency exit. But the TV set bandit was not able to go far. The TV set […]

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Vorarlbergs RFID provider Identec: order from Pentagon

The US Ministry of Defense wants to have the technology of Vorarlbergs radio frequency identification provider Identec. A big order confirms the demand and marks a milestone in the history of the Austrian company. The US-Americans are excited about the possibility to track and trace vehiculars, freight, and even containers. The chief executive officer of […]

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Muslim girls and women with problems in Austria

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that girls and women with a religious preference to the Islam have massive problems in Austria. Few days ago a muslim schoolgirl was attacked by two schoolmates, which tried to set her on fire with a lighter. Now Muslim associations in Austria claim that such kind of encroachments are no individual […]

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Werner Faymann is ready to quarrel again

The horrible result of the Socialdemocrats in Vorarlberg is still the one of the main issues in the Austrian medias. The chancellor and Socialdemocratic leader Werner Faymann was asked about the consequences after such an electoral disaster. He answered that he and his party fellows won’t avoid any conflict in the future. Faymann also thinks […]

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Drunken policeman: 8 glasses of wine in several minutes on duty

Austrias daily newspaper “Heute” reports about a totally drunken policeman on duty in Vienna. According to the newspaper, the man was one of the postmen who turned to a policeman some weeks ago. At the beginning his colleagues even tried to accept his dubious condition, but when he continued drinking on duty, they decided to […]

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Socialdemocrat Josef Cap furious about careless ministry of finance

The Socialdemocratic politican Josef Cap is unhappy about Austrias ministry of finance, which is occupied by the coalition partner of the Peoples Party. One article in the daily newspaper called “Österreich” illuminates the frame of mind of the legendary member from the Austrian Socialdemocratic Party. Cap thinks that Austrias ministry of finance is full of […]

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Church council versus Freedom Party

The church council has found a new enemy in the Freedom Party. Leading members of the council are not happy about a certain election campaign slogan of the party for the EU election. The Freedom Party touts with the sentence: “Occident in Christian hand”. “The Freedom Party is not allowed to capture our Christian religion”, […]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This entry is going to be the last in 2008. is having a break between Christmas and New Year, and should be back on Monday the 5th January 2009. Thanks to all faithful readers. 2009 should become a tough year. So let’s enjoy the last days of 2008. The latest news from Austria: FPÖ […]

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Disgust about Advent wreath as advertiser

A Catholic liturgy professor from Linz has something to say. He is disgusted about an advertising of his city for its year as European cultural capital in 2009. It shows an Advent wreath which should symbolize the thrill of anticipation for the important year of Upper Austrias provincial capital Linz. The concerned professor explains: “Using […]

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Happy Birthday! is two years old.

Yes, time goes by really fast. deliveres the latest news from Austria in English language for two years now. As birthday present for the readers, changed its look with a new design. It is combinated with elements of the German language. Hopefully English visitors won’t have serious problems to navigate and leave spirited […]

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HC Strache about immigrants and Austrias social system

Heinz Christian Strache, who is the prime candidate of the Freedom Party for the election at the end of this month, delivered a speech in the inner yard of the Fortress Salzburg. The Austrian broadcasting station “ORF” reported about a nagging sermon against immigrants in Austria. It was told the speech was a very emotional […]

weiterlesen » weird news in German language has a new cooperation with the Austrian website called “”. provides weird news from Austria and the rest of the world in German language. This funny website exists since December 2007. After a break this years spring and summer, the website is back now to provide the latest news in weird things. At […]

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12-year old boy partying on alp to unconsciousness

Partying to unconsciousness was the intention of a 12-year-old boy in Tirol on an alp close to the Stubaital valley. The little boozer wanted to celebrate his new vacation job as Alpine herdsman and dairyman, and forgot to stop partying. The result of such an undeliberated behaviour was disastrous and fatal. His workmates found him […]

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Crime is the biggest anxiety of Austrians

The feelings and anxieties of the Austrian citizens was the issue of a survey for the project called “security barometer”. Accoring to the results of the project, the feeling of security is deceasing by the Austrians. The majority of the Austrians have anxiety about being a victim of a crime. 6 percent of the polled […]

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Coffee taster world cup: no luck for Austria in Copenhagen

The world cup competiton for coffee taster in Copenhagen brought no success for Austria. Austrias participant already failed in the first round. Quite a disaster for the proud coffee scene in Vienna. The exuses of the Austrian coffee expert are reasonable. “I was sick, and had strong sore throat which leaded to a affected sense […]

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New record: 6.397 visitors on Tuesday, 29th April 2008

The story about Josef Fritzl and his family breaks all records at Yesterday 6.397 people were visiting the website, and 10.985 impressions were counted. Ranking of the top three days at 1st … 29th April 2008: 6.397 visits/10.985 impressions 2nd … 28th April 2008: 4.245 visits/6.772 impressions 3rd … 12th October: 2.257 visits/3.602 […]

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Austrian dungeon case brought new visitors record

The horrible dungeon affair in Lower Austria, brought a new record of visitors to 4.245 visitors and 6.772 impressions were counted yesterday, on Monday the 28th April 2008, at Most of the visitors came through Google, searching for “austria news”, “austrian news”, “news in austria”, and “austria newspaper”. The background of the visitors […]

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Survey: Austrians dislike positive thinking

A new survey has revealed that Austrians don’t like to think positive. 52 percent of all Austrians say their life is predetermined by their personal destiny. Only 21 percent have the opion the destiny could be a chance to turn things into a better situation. 42 percent of the Austrians answered the question “Is positive […]

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The sleeping rituals of the Austrians

More than two third of the Austrians need a certain ritual to fall asleep. The rituals are diverse: cuddle, orange juice with milo, or a walk. But the most important ways to fall asleep are watching television or to read a book. Austrians also like an exchange of endearment with the partner. This should also […]

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Hurricane Emma claimed four lifes in Austria

The hurricane arrived in Austria on Saturday lunchtime, and stayed until Sunday night. Roofs were destroyed, trees disrooted, cars and caravans overturned, power supply lines disconnected, and four humans lost their lifes. The highest wind velocity was measured by 140 km/h. The Northern part of Austria was most affected. The hurricane arrived in Salzburg, and […]

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Illustrated tour through the Austrian city of Linz

There is a new website about a certain Austrian city. Linz is Austrias third biggest city, and has 190.000 inhabitants. offers a view of all details in the city centre of Linz. Sights, shops, companies, or restaurants. It’s possible to browse through the virtual tour of Linz, and search for shops and restaurants in […]

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“Hurricane Paula” raged over Austria

The last weekend, was the weekend of “Hurricane Paula”. Many parts of Austria were affected: obstructions in the rail traffic, 130.000 households without electricity, enourmous damages, and several casualties. The hurricane had a speed of 150 kilometres per hour. The most affected part of Austria was the federal state of Styria. Several people were hit […]

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One million Austrians want to stop smoking

According to the latest survey of the opinion research institute “OGM”, almost one million of the Austrians want to stop smoking. These are 41 percent of the 2,3 million smokers in Austria. Especially older people over 50 years are fed up with smoking. Even 52% of them wants to resign the cigarette. The most popular […]

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Less and less babies in Austria

The tendency of the past years continues. Also this year the numbers of births in Austria are decreasing. According to the statistics, 7.001 babies were born in October. This means 193 less than last year. There was a decrease of 1.173 babies from January to October. The amount of babies who where born to an […]

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Austrian Santa Clauses against christmas shopping

Next Saturday the association of Santa Clauses in Austria has announced to make a demonstration in the Viennese Mariahilfer Street, against shopping before christmas. The boss of the association thinks that shopping before christmas damages the climate protection. The Christmassy protesters named the following Saturday into a “don’t buy day”. The shoppers should think about […]

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People from Burgenland are the most liberal donors in Austria

Who likes to donate most of the Austrians? Austrias best donors are the people who are living in the most Eastern part of the country, on the border to Hungary and Slovakia. This province is called “Burgenland“, and it’s the home of the people who are giving most of their money for charitable donations. According […]

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Violence in schools: Austria on the top in Europe

No glory for the Austrian education authority is a story, which was found on the internetsite of the Austrian Broadcasting (ORF). The Austrian Broadcasting claims that Austria has one of the most violet schools in Europe. The title of the story: “Violence in schools: Austria is on the top in Europe.” In Vienna 14 percent […]

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Austria is a country of jealous men and the city of Graz is on the top

A survey of the German institute for rational psychology revealed, that the most jealous men in all German speaking countries come from the Austrian city of Graz. The survey was published in the lifestyle magazine “Men’s Health”, and realised in the 50 biggest cities of Germany, and the 5 biggest of Switzerland and Austria. 4.480 […]

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Unexpected snow chaos in all parts of Austria

The early invasion of winter brings Austria up to speed. The whole country is littered with difficult road conditions because of storm and snow. Last winter the whole country was moaning because of too little snow. This year the winter came back with double power. There is snow in all parts of Austria, already in […]

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