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Swiss man turned Viennese museum into swinger club

Since last weekend the famous Viennese museum Secession was turned into a swinger club by an artist from Switzerland. Peoples party and Freedom party are not so exicted about that. The Swiss man wants to show “real states of our society” by his campaign.

Teenagers under 18 years are not allowed to enter the place during the night. During the day the museum is open for all visitors as always, but when the sun goes down the spot turnes into a sinful swinger club. Of course the feelings of the Viennese are running high by such a provocation.

The artist wanted to have such a discussion, and declared that he was seeking for a scandal. He explained it with the scandal of Gustav Klimt and his Beethove Frieze. It was a huge scandal in his time. Nowadays it’s something normal and nobody is upset about it. The Swiss man wanted to create a new scandal.

The operators of the swinger club explain their project as “bar for swingers, singles and couples who want to spend their time in a lust developing atmosphere with opportunities and free zones to experience everything wich arises from that situation.”

A conservative female politican of the Peoples party is not so excited about that. “We don’t want group sex in our museums”, she said to medias. She plans to stop the incontinent hustle and bustle, and declared that the swinger club should return the subsidies which was taken from the tax money.

Also the Freedom party has a problem with the swinger club in the Secession museum. “Gang bang parties and Domina chambers have nothing to do with art”, says Freedom party politican Gerald Ebinger. “The fact that the project was supported with tax money is disgraceful”, he confirms his anger.

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12 months prison for Viennese poet?

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation ORF reports a 56-year-old poet from Vienna who is accused of smirching slabs in the Viennese Museumsquartier, which is known as the eighth largest cultural area in the world. The trial is going to start on the 18th February. A twelve months imprisonment could be possible. The passionate poet spreads his works […]

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Austrian performance artist with violence against himself

Violence as performance art. An Austrian performance artist from the province of Vorarlberg wants to become famous by exercising violence against himself. During an event in Tirols provincial capital Innsbruck he pushed his head against a metal plate for two hours. His face was already full of blood when the organizer stopped the event. The […]

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Festival Of Regions 2009 in Linz

Upper Austrias every 2 years recurring Festival Of Regions is this year located in the Southern part of Linz called “Auwiesen”. “Normality” is the official title of the festival. The official website writes: In 2009, in collaboration with Linz 09 Cultural Capital of Europe, the Festival of Regions will be oriented toward the southern […]

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Total blue house in Klagenfurt

A former bog standard single family house in the Carinthian capital of Klagenfurt was painted in blue colour, and became a new attraction of the city. The house has only one colour, ultramarine blue, outside and inside. Everything is blue. From cellar to the chimney. It was the idea of an eccentric architect. The house […]

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Young theatre actresses from Vienna as erotic models

Some of Viennas most famous theatre actresses undressed themselfes for erotic pictures. Twelve of those pictures can be seen in the foyer of the Burgtheater. “The wind of change is blowing”, “pure erotic”, and “this is modern art” were the pedantic comments of some critical observers. It was the director of Viennas Burgtheater who had […]

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Shakespeare stage play shocks Austrians

A certain Shakespeare stage play at the Viennese Burgtheater makes the blood of the Austrians run cold. The Shakespeare stage play called “Die Rosenkriege” (the Wars of the Roses) causes pure horror in Austria. Now the police and the youth welfare office has imposed an adult only for this kind of stage play. Theatre experts, […]

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Austrians don’t like to visit cinemas anymore

The cinemas in Austria have more and more problems to survive. Also in the past year the number of visitors decreased. The statistics for the whole country of Austria show a loss of 8 percent visitors. The most popular movie in 2007 was the hollywood production “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black […]

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Violent art reviewer destroyed sculptures in Graz

A violent form of art critic happened in the Styrian capital of Graz last week. Two sculptures of a sculpture park were destroyed. It is said sombody might be involved, who is not happy about the work of the artists. One sculpture has the name “asocial daughter”, and was made by the artist Tobias Rehberger. […]

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Festival between Schlierbach and Windischgarsten is over

The “Festival of Regions” in the Southern region of Upper Austria ended yesterday in the late afternoon. The festival took place from the 23th June to 8th July along the Pyrhn road from Schlierbach in the north to Windischgarsten in the south. On the last day the artists of the project “Kerbl Ges.m.b.H.’s” made a […]

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“Festival Of Regions 2007” in the Southern part of Upper Austria

Two years after the last festival in the Northern part of Upper Austria, the “Festival Of Regions 2007” is going to start this weekend on the 23th June in the Southern part of the federal state Upper Austria. This years festival has the title: “Exits and dead ends on location”. The festival lasts from the […]

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Antiquities Fair in Viennese „Künstlerhaus“

The international spring fair of Austrian tradesfolk of art and antiques in Künstlerhaus in Vienna has begun. More than 30 famous trades people are presenting their goods. On the top of the introduced furniture is a roughly gothic corner cupboard from 1480, a cupboard from Pinzgauer (province in Salzburg), a rare pair of French commodes […]

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Exhibition in BA-CA Kunstforum: “Eros in modern art”

This spring the BA-CA Kunstforum in Vienna with the help of 200 masterpieces will challenge to analyze the question “What is Eros in the modern art?”. Works of about 32 authors are presented, with such famous names as Francis Bacon, Salvador Dalí, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Gustav Klimt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Renoir, […]

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Contemporary art from Korea in Kunsthalle Vienna

“Elastic taboos” is called an exhibition about the Korean art of presence, opened this Thursday in the Art Gallery of Vienna (Kunsthalle Wien). Its curators are KIM Seung-duk and Franck Gautherot. The exhibition deals to a lesser extent with a balanced, everything preconceiving survey, rather with the taboo zones of the Korean society, experiencing a […]

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International Film Festival “Tricky Women” in Vienna

For the 4th time the international film festival “Tricky Women” will be arranged from the 1st to the 5th March in Vienna. 162 movies from 30 countries show a wide view over the creative trick film work of women in the whole world. The festival is organized by the association “culture2culture”, and the only one […]

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Guided tour for blind people in the Museum of Vienna

The 21st of February is the international Day of Guides. During this day the Viennese Guides offer excursions for free. This year the most attention is paid to the St. Stephan’s Cathedral, were three different tours will be offered. In addition, even a guided tour will be organized for the blind people in Wien Museum […]

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