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Drunken Danish tourist went on the rampage in Salzburg

A drunken 23-year-old tourist from Denmark gave vent to his feelings in Salzburgs 2.700 inhabitant village Flachau. First he destroyed the driving mirrors of some parking cars. Then he broke into a car and stole a laptop and a suitcase.

But this wasn’t enough. He also took bed linen from an hotels terrace, and at the end he set three cars on fire. After his destruction works were finished, he escaped out of the village with bed linen, a laptop, and the suitcase. A taxi driver was suspicious when he saw the young man running around in the nature with bed linen, laptop and suitcase and called the police.

Only several minutes later the Danish tourist was arrested. First he gainsaid his doings, but after a while he admitted what he did. The general damages of his aggression amount 100.000 Euro. It became apparent that the young man from Denmark is a citizen of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The reason of his aggression is still unknown. There are rumours that he was not happy with the hotel service or Salzburg as holiday destination.

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Acting president Heinz Fischer starts election campaign

The acting federal president Heinz Fischer starts in the election campaign for his reelection. Fischer told that Austrians should not vote invalid. He is afraid that many votes are going to be lost, because the Peoples party resigned to choose a candidate for this election. The acting predisent was talking about a society which should […]

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Freedom party against ban of foreign currency loans

Upper Austrias provincial Freedom party chairman Lutz Weinzinger shows himself very upset about the decided ban of foreign currency loans in Austria. The only exception are “wealthy customers”. They are still allowed to take those controversial foreign currency loans. Weinzinger said that Austrias capital market supervisor known as “FMA” is the henchman of the banks. […]

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94,45 percent against asylum seekers in the south of Burgenland

Public opinion polls against camps for asylum seekers are quite in fashion in Austrias eastern province Burgenland these days. Already for the second time within a short period the people in Burgenland were called to the urns, to decide if there should be camps for asylum seekers or not. Also the second time the result was […]

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Eva Glawischnig: “Barbara Rosenkranz is a disgrace for Austria!”

The leader of the Green party in Austria Eva Glawischnig proclaimed in Austrian TV that the candidate for the presidential election Barbara Rosenkranz “is a disgrace for Austria.” Glawischnig confirmed that she thinks the resignation of her candidateship would be the best for all. Glawischnig also told whom she is going to vote for the […]

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Nobody wants to buy the house of Josef Fritzl

The trial against Josef Fritzl was one of the biggest in Austrian history. Fritzls hometown Amstetten is quite glad about it that the media attention declined. But one thing is still there. The house of Josef Fritzl, and the cellar of his incredible crime. It should be sold, but it’s not possible to find a […]

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Prefabricated house manufacturer Griffner Haus with historical record sales

Carinthias prefabricated house manufacturer Griffner Haus announces that 2010 is going to be a historical record year with sales of more than 50 million Euro. One quater of the sales should be made with industrial buildings. “The sales sonic barrier of 50 million Euro is going to fall this year”, also thinks chairman Thomas Lenzinger. […]

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Freedom party unhappy about TV coverage

The Freedom party complains in a press release about a gross disadvantage in the TV coverage of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. Freedom parties general secretary Harald Vilimsky was talking about “agitation programs against his party” and used the turn of expression that such a behaviour of the medias “takes the biscuit.” The upset politican explains […]

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Austrian taxes and charges extremely high

It was never a secret that Austrians have to pay a lot of taxes and charges. But an EU-wide comparison showed the unbelievable size of Austrias tax and charge burden. And Austrias politicans promise to increase taxes and find new types of charges. 27 countries of the European Union were included in the comparison. Austria […]

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Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann: “Mongolia is important partner”

Yesterday Austrias Chancellor Werner Faymann declared that Mongolia is an important partner in Asia. The reason for such a statement was the visit of Mongolias premier minister Suchbaatar Batbold. Faymann and Batbold were talking about economical and democracy political issues. Faymann said that the bilateral relations between Austria and Mongolia are brillant. There are cultural […]

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Green politican wants Barbara Rosenkranz to resign

Vorarlbergs Green politican Harald Walser was never happy with Barbara Rosenkranz being the candidate of the Freedom party for the next Federal President election. Now he even demands a cancellation of her candidateship. Walser explains his demand with following words: “Her contradictory statements about our prohibition law are embarrassing.” The man from Austrias Western province […]

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Polite bank robber with bad conscience in Vienna

About a very polite 20-year-old bank robber from Vienna reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. The young man entered a bank last Friday, and said to the bank employee: “I am sorry, but I have to rob that bank now. Would you please be so kind and give me all your money?” The 20-year-old […]

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Strache bodyguards for disco visits at government expense?

Austrias daily newspaper “Österreich” reports about a request of Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache. Strache asked the intelligence service for bodyguards payed by tax money for his evening night club, disco and ball tours. Reason: Strache was several times molested by angry nighthawks. Last time during the Jägerball (hunters ball) in the Viennese Hofburg. […]

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Barbara Rosenkranz wants to become Austrias next president

The 51-year-old married mother of 10 children runs for the next election to become Austrias Federal President. She is the candidate of the Freedom party, against the acting president of the Socialdemocrats Heinz Fischer. Barbara Rosenkranz is also supported by Austrias biggest newspaper Kronen Zeitung. All other daily newspapers are not that excited about her. […]

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Whom Austrians trust

A representative study of the magazine “Reader’s Digest” revealed the question whom Austrians trust. Politics and economy received the worst poll ratings. Also the government, the church, and the European Union had very bad ratings. The best result had the police with a trust of 78 percent of all interviewees. Environmentalist are also quite popular […]

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Nun inherits brothel from her mother

Austrias biggest daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” reports about a quaint inheritage. A 55-year-old nun from Scotland inherits the brothel of her 75-year-old mother located in Austrias province Styria. An extremely profitable inheritage, because the business is going very well, reports the newspaper. The 75-year-old bordello queen was a famous circus performer in her girlhood. Besides […]

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Carinthias minister president: “Floor tilers earn more than me”

The minister president of Carinthia is not satisfied with his salary. In the Friday issue of Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” he is quoted as saying that he earns less than a floor tiler. An hourly wage of 16 Euro is not enough for a minister president, he thinks. Cartinthias opposition parties can’t agree in […]

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