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Innsbruck receives fourth brothel

Tirols provincial capital Innsbruck is going to receive a fourth brothel. The high demand of love services makes it absolutely necessary.

The brothel is going to be accommodated inside a total new building. The operator has two years time to open the brothel. If he needs longer, he is going to lose his license, is written at Austrias Broadcasting Corporation website

There are even talks about a fifth brothel in town, which should be located directly next to a children’s playground close to the Olympiabrücke bridge. The police is not excited about such a location. But it seems that Innsbruck is in desperate need of brothels. The process of approval will show the final result.

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Province of Burgenland has the most honest debtors

A new study of an Austrian encashment service revealed the fact that Austrias most honest debtors are living in Austrias most eastern province Burgenland. People from Burgenland pay their debts in almost all cases on time. Old debtors are more honest than young debtors, was another interesting fact in that study. Old woman from Burgenland […]

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Every tenth Austrian employee can’t survive with salary

Every tenth Austrian employee is not able to survive with the salary. 350.000 persons are affected. The numbers are increasing. 10 years ago only 256.000 were affected. In consequence of the financial crisis more and more Austrians, especially women, have to accept a precarious employment. Typical fields of such jobs are call center agents or […]

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Vienna is one of the most expensive places for clothes

According to a world wide comparison of a Swiss bank, Vienna is one of the most expensive places in the world for buying clothes. Only Tokyo is more expensive as Vienna. The Swiss bank compared 122 goods and services around the world. Vienna has a good result in its buying power, and made the 24th […]

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Austrians spend a lot of money for their garden

Garden centres make magical sales in Austria. The reason is simple. Austrians enjoy to spend loads of money to embellish their garden. Now also a study proves that. Austrians love to spend their money in garden centres. Not even the crisis can change such a behaviour. The garden is an important retreat area of the […]

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Austrian hairdressers and their prices

Women has to pay much more for the service in Austrian hair salons as men. The equal treatment commission of the Federal Chancellery does not like that. “Austrian hairdressers have to change their prices”, claims an insider. Now also the medias report about the scandalous disadvantage of women in hair salons. The arguments of hairdressers […]

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Not enough prison officers in Lower Austria

The Lower Austrian guard of justice moans about a signally manpower shortage. The numbers of prisoners increases dramatically. The number of prison officers only slowly. Since 2007 there was an increase of prison officers of only 3 percent. Extra hours are already part of the everyday life and a heavy burden for the employees in […]

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Economizing suggestions from citizens in Austria

Austria has to save money. There is no doubt about that. Local politicans from the province of Upper Austria had the glorious idea to ask citizens about some suggestions for economies. The result was sobering and did not hit the taste of the politicans. Most of the citizens mentioned political administrative bodies as dispensable. The […]

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Kronen Zeitung publisher Hand Dichand is dead!

Hans Dichand, who was the publisher of Austrias daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”, died yesterday in a Viennese hospital, reaching 89 years of life. He made his newspaper with 3 million readers daily to the biggest one in Austria. Hans Dichand was born on the 29th January 1921 as the son of a shoemaker in Graz. […]

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More and more Germans become Carinthians

Citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany are Carinthias biggest immigrant group. In parallel the numbers of tourists from the Federal Republic of Germany in Carinthia are declining. The number of immigrants in Austrias Southern province Carinthia from Germany doubled since the last nine years. 9.121 Germans have their main residence in Carinthia. Most of […]

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Austrians enjoy eating pork

Austrias cuisine without pork wouldn’t be imaginable. Even Austrias traditional Schnitzel is more often made of pork as of calf. The pork consumption per capita in Austria is 56 kilogram every year. This is the third rank in Europe behind Cyprus and Spain. The Austrian savourer loves everything on pork. Not just the noble pieces. […]

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Hairdresser in Austria: prices of hair salons cause trouble

Austrian women have to pay more at the hairdresser than men. Also for exact the same service. A TV program in Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” revealed the unequal pricing of Austrias hair salons. Now even the official representation of employees in Austria, also known as “Arbeiterkammer”, became interested in the case. The spokesman of the […]

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Buying power in Austria

The people from Austrias federal state Styria have a low buying power, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. Styria is on the second last rank. Only the Eastern province Burgenland has a lower buying power. Austrias highest buying power can be found in Vienna, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. Every year the average Viennese has 20.987 Euro at […]

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Prefabricated house manufacturer Griffner Haus with historical record sales

Carinthias prefabricated house manufacturer Griffner Haus announces that 2010 is going to be a historical record year with sales of more than 50 million Euro. One quater of the sales should be made with industrial buildings. “The sales sonic barrier of 50 million Euro is going to fall this year”, also thinks chairman Thomas Lenzinger. […]

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Austrian taxes and charges extremely high

It was never a secret that Austrians have to pay a lot of taxes and charges. But an EU-wide comparison showed the unbelievable size of Austrias tax and charge burden. And Austrias politicans promise to increase taxes and find new types of charges. 27 countries of the European Union were included in the comparison. Austria […]

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Carinthias image badly damaged

According to a new survey among Carinthians and None-Carinthians the image of Austrias southern federal state Carinthia is badly damaged. Carinthians know about their loss of image and do not try to suppress it. There are enough reasons to explain this sad result. There was the Hypo bank scandal. The political quarrels and the secession […]

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Hard times for Austrias thermal springs?

Thermal springs in Austria are overcrowded and noisy. This is usually a good sign for full tills and good turnovers. But a new study predicts a sudden end of Austrias thermal spring boom. The main base of the conclusion: thermal springs are nothing exciting or special anymore. The market is saturated, and it’s not possible […]

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Slot machines annoy Austrian communists

Austrian communists are annoyed about the slot machine market in Austria. Now they demand a ban of the banknote entry in those machines. The anger of the communists is also directed to Socialdemocrats and Peoples party. “They stand on their brakes when it comes to prohibitions”, explains a spokesman of the communists. The Communist party […]

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Apeiron receives 200 million Euro

Viennas bio enterprise Apeiron receives 200 million Euro from the British pharmaceutical giant Milestone. The reason for such a money rain is an agreement about a partnership between both enterprises. The female vice mayor, finance, as well as economy councilwoman of Vienna, Renate Brauner, was the first one who sent her congratulations for that success. […]

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Austrian Railways: every third long-distance train has delay

Austrian rail riders should never be in a hurry. Last year every third long-distance train arrived delayed. The reason of such a disastrous result is the high amount of construction zones. The situation debases from year to year. In 2008 more trains arrived punctual. 2009 had an increase of 10 percent more delayed long-distance trains. […]

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Austrias building industry in deep trouble

Austrias building enterprises have more and more problems to surive on the market. Industry figures and representatives confirm low profit margins. If there is a small problem, a bankruptcy is quickly the consequence. It happens with increasing frequency that constructions can’t be finished because the property developer became insolvent. A big problem if the buildings […]

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Decrease of passengers at Austrias airports in 2009

The last year was a bad year for Austrias airports. A dramatic decrease of passengers cause anxious faces among the responsible persons. Viennas airport Schwechat noted down a minus of 8,3 percent. The worst affected airport in Austria was Salzburgs International Airport “WA Mozart” with a decrease of 14 percent. The airport with the lowest […]

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Austrian sport shops with glorious business

Austrias sport shops were not able to discover the economic crisis in their sales. Even quite the opposite. Last year Austrias sport shops made record sales as never before. Sales increased up to 2,1 billion Euro. The manager of the market leader explains: “Austrians have a pronounced health consciousness and doing sport is part of […]

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Austrian Veltliner wine becomes popular in Germany

Austrias white wine called “Veltliner” is becoming more and more popular in Germany, reports Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF. Now Austrian wines already caught up the French ones in the export to Germany. Veltliner from the province of Lower Austria is the most popular of all Austrian white wines. Only German and Italian wines are more […]

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Annoyance about new Austrian Federal Railway time table

The new time table of the Austrian Federal Railway does not hit the taste of a lot of commuters, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. Also the official representation of employees in Austria is not happy about it. “Long-distance train do not stop in every station anymore”, is the main reason for their critics. Commuters and the […]

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Football club “GAK” in financial trouble again

“Everything has an end, only the GAK has more”, was one of the entries in the message board on the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation about the financial problems of the GAK. It was only one year ago when the club made the impossible and secured its continued existence after two bankruptcies. One year later […]

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Air fare battle: from Vienna to Innsbruck by plane

Two airlines contest for the cheapest airfare from Innsbruck to Vienna. At the moment the cheapest ticket from Innsbruck to Vienna and back costs 100 Euro. This is cheap as never before. 100 Euro is a true killer price. For the railway and also for the airlines themselves. Now it depends which airline is going […]

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Austrian bank cancels high interest-paying bank books

A bank from Austria, which hit the headlines in a very negative way not such a long time ago, declared to cancel the interest-paying bank books of its customers. Just because. One-way. Carinthias daily newspaper “Kärntner Tageszeitung” reports about it. The bank sends accompanying letters with the reference that those terms and conditions in that […]

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Upper Austrias exporters happy about result of election in Germany

Germany is the biggest market for Upper Austrias 6.650 exporters. That’s why the relief was quite huge that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) are running Germanies next government. One of the exporters said to Austrias financial newspaper “Wirtschaftsblatt”: “We were really concerned that a red-red-green government would come to […]

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McArthurGlen Fashion Design Outlet in Salzburg

Those people who are interested in fashion might be delighted. This weeks Thursday a fashion design outlet is going to open its gate in Salzburg. 28.000 square metres with more than 100 brands and 800 new jobs. McArthurGlen Outlet offers a shopping experience with a discount of 70 percent. The temple of fashion is located […]

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Huge success for brothels and prostitutes in Carinthia

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a huge success for brothels and prostitutes in Carinthia. At the moment 30 brothels with 350 legal and another expected 350 illegal prostitutes contest for customers in Austrias most southern province. And the boom does not seem to stop. More brothels are already in process of planning. This week […]

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