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Vorarlbergs RFID provider Identec: order from Pentagon

The US Ministry of Defense wants to have the technology of Vorarlbergs radio frequency identification provider Identec. A big order confirms the demand and marks a milestone in the history of the Austrian company.

The US-Americans are excited about the possibility to track and trace vehiculars, freight, and even containers. The chief executive officer of the conpany rejoices that now with such a contract his enterprise “plays in the first league of the leading radio frequency identification providers.” “The order from the Pentagon is a very good recommendation for the private industry and the public sector”, he says.

Pentagons requirement has a total volume of 428,6 million US Dollar. The first order was transacted just several days ago and had a value of nine million US Dollar.

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English asphalt workers cause trouble in Upper Austria

A flight from London to Upper Austrias capital Linz is cheap. Sometimes a ticket is available for just 10 Euro. Maybe this is the reason for an uninvited asphalt workers invasion from the United Kingdom. Medias report about English asphalt crooks in Upper Austria. Those guys asphalt over private gravel paths, and later demand several […]

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Halloween prohibition in Villach

The social department of Carinthias second biggest town Villach decided to proclaim a Halloween prohibition in all municipal kindergartens. A spokesman explained the decision that children should receive some positive vibration instead of negative ones. Villach has twelve municipal kindergartens and six after school care centres with more than 1.600 children. The social city council […]

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Air fare battle: from Vienna to Innsbruck by plane

Two airlines contest for the cheapest airfare from Innsbruck to Vienna. At the moment the cheapest ticket from Innsbruck to Vienna and back costs 100 Euro. This is cheap as never before. 100 Euro is a true killer price. For the railway and also for the airlines themselves. Now it depends which airline is going […]

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One of Austrias biggest civil trials

Yesterday one of Austrias biggest civil trials started in Vienna. The association of consumers information blames a financial service provider that investors received the wrong consulting. The association of consumers acts for more than 2.500 investors who lost more than 30 million Euro. Medias report that the accused financial service provider sold shares and claimed […]

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Bad Ischl: wake of devastation in town centre

The night from Saturday to Sunday was the scene of violence and devastation in Upper Austrias popular holiday destination Bad Ischl. The town centre was completely devastated. Parked cars were damaged, trash bins and road signs were ripped from its moorings and thrown around. It seems those offenders were quite angry during that night because […]

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Financial penalty of 90 Euro for pocketed scarf

A person from Upper Austrias capital of Linz was sentenced to a financial penalty of 90 Euro by the police, because a scarf was found in its trouser pocket. The unusual ticket was issued by the police authority of Linz. The reasoning for such a verdict is the “act for preparation of a mummery”. Scarfs […]

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Austrian bank cancels high interest-paying bank books

A bank from Austria, which hit the headlines in a very negative way not such a long time ago, declared to cancel the interest-paying bank books of its customers. Just because. One-way. Carinthias daily newspaper “Kärntner Tageszeitung” reports about it. The bank sends accompanying letters with the reference that those terms and conditions in that […]

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Austrian bishop: punishment or help for pregnant women?

According to an article in Austrias magazine called “Profil” a bishop from Austria demands an appropriate punishment for women who decide to have an abortion. But the bishop denies such sentence. Now he claims he just demands “help” for pregnant women. The bishop explains that the magazine just gave a “distorting rendition” of his opinion. […]

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More and more Austrian women like to shoot animals

The amount of women in Austria who love to shoot animals is increasing, reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. Already one quarter of participants of the current hunt exams is female. The numbers of male hunters stays steady. Also Austrias Western province of Vorarlberg is very popular among shooting Amazons. At the moment […]

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Austrian photographer shows truth about North Korea

The photografer Wolfgang Bogner from Austrias federal state of Upper Austria wants to show the truth about North Korea in an exhibition in Carinthias capital Klagenfurt. Socialdemocrats are not happy about it, and talk about a “glorification of a totalitarian regime.” The president of the Carinthian state parliament, who is a member of the Orange […]

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Wels: Mayor from Freedom party possible

Austrias 8th biggest and Upper Austrias second biggest town Wels hits the headlines these days. A mayor runoff election on Sunday raises the tempers. For the first time in history a candidate of the Freedom party could become a mayor in a bigger town. His opponent is the current mayor Peter Koits from the Socialdemocrats. […]

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Salzburg pays 300.000 Euro for Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise

The new Hollywood action movie called “The Unknown Wichita Project” is also shot in Salzburg. The city government paid a state grant of 300.000 Euro to support the costs of the filming. The city of Salzburg and the rail line from Zell am See to Böckstein are going to be the shooting locations for the […]

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Grievances in Viennese psychiatry

The Green party locates massive grievances in the psychiatry of Vienna again. 6 months ago the investigation committee of Viennas local council finished the last investigations. Now the Greens think that “old mistakes are done again”. The main reproach is the suspicion that mentally disturbed patients have to live isolated in special buildings. Green politican […]

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Tirol: Pornography in Catholic church

The church of a Tirolean village was the victim of an immoral assault against public morals. Somebody sticked dreadful porn pictures into the prayer books. Porn pictures in prayer books fulfil the criminal statement of facts of “vilification of religious theories”. The pastor is upset because the unwanted enrichment was fixed quite sophisticated, and because […]

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Steyr: adipose burglar got stuck in window

Upper Austrias town of Steyr was the scene of an unlucky burglar last night. The adipose 20-year-old man was too voluminous to get through the window. He got stuck in the window and was found several hours later by the owner of the petrol station. A window on a height of 4 metres was the […]

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Muslim girls and women with problems in Austria

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that girls and women with a religious preference to the Islam have massive problems in Austria. Few days ago a muslim schoolgirl was attacked by two schoolmates, which tried to set her on fire with a lighter. Now Muslim associations in Austria claim that such kind of encroachments are no individual […]

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