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Disgust about Advent wreath as advertiser

disgustA Catholic liturgy professor from Linz has something to say. He is disgusted about an advertising of his city for its year as European cultural capital in 2009. It shows an Advent wreath which should symbolize the thrill of anticipation for the important year of Upper Austrias provincial capital Linz.

The concerned professor explains: “Using an Advent wreath as advertiser is irresponsible! This holy symbol is very important for the church. It’s not possible to abuse it for advertisings.”

The director of the advertising campaign thinks that an Advent wreath is a custom and no religious symbol. He shows himself amazed about the hysterical reaction. Many stores have Christmassy symbols in their shop windows. The director wonders if there are no better fertile starting points for critics.

The project of “Linz09”, the year of Linz as cultural capital uses also the holy royal family and an Advent calendar in its advertisings. The Catholic professor did not care about that. Only the use of an Advent wreath is evil, he thinks. Maybe the argumentative advertising can be seen on the website: soon.

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Pee prohibition for Salzburgs police

Bad news for Salzburgs policemen who are employed at their shooting range in Glanegg. As there is no official toilet, and the place is located in a water protection area, the police is not allowed anymore to pee. The federal police commandership of Salzburg has no mercy with its policemen and woman. “If someone wants […]

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Viennese policemen vs Homeless newspaper man

Heavy reproaches against two policemen from Vienna. A homeless newspaper man claims that he was attacked and maltreated by them. Viennas police chief Franz Mahrer is very interested to clarify the case. The concerned policemen were already displaced to the indoor service. They are not allowed to have any contact with citizens during their period […]

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Apprentices: the stepchildren of Vienna?

“There is a too little promotion of apprentices in Vienna”, moans the Viennese local council Helmut Günther of the Freedom Party to the direction of the Socialdemocrats. Günther thinks that Socialdemocrats are not able to realize that a purposeful promotion of apprentices is an investment for the future. The Freedom Party man confirms that apprentices […]

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Austria has a new government!

Oh happy day! Oh happy day! The citizens of the Alpine Republic in the heart of Europe is able to gasp of relief. Austria has a new government! But one thing stays the same. Austria is ruled by a big coalition between Socialdemocrats and Peoples Party. Only the persons change. New chancellor is the Socialdemocrat […]

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Secondary school headmaster worries about kissing pupils

The headmaster of a secondary school in the province of Upper Austria has a problem. His nonaged pupils are hungry for love. They can’t stop kissing. Already all Austrian medias report about the certain case of a school in the little Upper Austrian village called “Gunskirchen”. Pupils are kissing eachother almost all the time. This […]

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Stolen corpse in Carinthia

The burial case with the corpse of a man who died two years ago, was stolen out of his grave in Carinthia. At the moment there is still guesswork about the reason and the motivation of such an act. The Land Office of Criminal Investigation in Carinthia has started ascertainments. It was pure coincidence that […]

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Germans are Austrias strongest immigrant group

By 19 percent Germans are Austrias strongest immigrant group. This is the latest result of the Eurostat statistics. On the second place are Serbs (9 percent), and Austrias third strongest immigrant group are people from Poland by seven percent. More than 50 percent of all immigrants in Austria are citizens of the European Union.

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Crucifix duty in kindergartens of Linz

The city of Linz had decided a new law. Now every municipal kindergarten has to attach crucifixes in its rooms. There was a long and tough discussion about this case in the past weeks. The Socialdemocratic mayor of Linz was not so exicited about the crucifix duty. It was the minister president of Upper Austria, […]

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Viennas mayor: “Coalition negotiations smell like Schüssel”

Viennas mayor Michael Häupl is not amused about the coalition negotiations of his party with the Peoples Party. It seems the Peoples Party wants to make a comedy show out of it. On Sunday the chairman of the Peoples Party declared that the Socialdemocrats have to answer ten general questions, if they are interested to […]

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Excrements from horses as heating fuel

In times of dramatically increasing energy costs, a man from a little village in Carinthia found a new method for cost effective heating. He developed a drying plant, and uses the excrements from horses as heating fuel. The new invention took 6 months of development time, and is already in use. The first customer was […]

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Lower Austrian pupils enjoy to trash their teachers

A new study of violence in Lower Austrian schools led to an interesting result. Already every 10th teacher of Lower Austria was trashed by his pupils in the school. And the violence is still increasing. What is the reason of such an outbreak of violence against teachers? Does pupils have too much energy? Or is […]

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Four human embryos in glasses found in Innsbruck

Yesterday evening the police of Innsbruck has reported a spectacular discovery. Four human embryos in glasses were found in a flat, in the Western part of the city. The 68-year-old occupant of the flat died several days before in hospital. Her friends found the glasses when they were clearing the premises. The connection of the […]

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Viennese campaign artist disgusted about contracts for African artists

The famous Austrian singer, campaign artist, author, and actor Andre Heller from Vienna is disgusted about the contracts for artists from Africa, who are travelling through Austria with their circus show called “Afrika! Afrika!” The Viennese city magazine “Falter” reports about the infeasible conditions for the artists. One artist of the circus was dismissed unexpected. […]

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Cheap milk makes farmers angry

Everything becomes more expensive. Only the milk is becoming cheaper. Yesterday the discount store chain “Hofer” decreased the price for 20 cent. Now also other discount stores and supermarkets think about a price cut. A situation which is not really a big motivation for famers who are selling milk. The reason for the cheap milk […]

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Austrian mail soon on strike?

Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” published a secret paper from the board of directors of the Austrian mail. The managers of the Austrian mail are planning to cancel more than 9.000 jobs. It’s quite natural that such news does not boost the motivation of the postal employees. Now even a strike is not impossible. The […]

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Fivefold axe murderer: “My life in prison is enjoyable”

Yesterday started the trial against the fivefold axe murder, who wiped out his whole family. The 39-year-old man from Vienna can expect to stay in prison for the next 20 years. The murderer himself demanded a life imprisonment. He told that he did not expect to have “such a nice life in prison”. His wife, […]

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Angry farmer from Styria hates lorry drivers

A very angry farmer with a nasty character is living in a village close to Styrias provincial capital Graz. The 37-year-old is a regular guest at the police station of his village, and known for his difficult relationship to lorry drivers. He is not able to stand lorry drivers which transport wood. His neighbours characterise […]

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Taxi war on the Vienna International Airport

Austrian medias report about a “taxi war” between taxi drivers from Vienna and Lower Austria on the Vienna International Airport. The airport is located in the federal state of Lower Austria. Taxi drivers from Vienna are allowed to bring their customers from Vienna to the airport. The way back from the airport in Lower Austria […]

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Call for more police frightens well-established Socialdemocrats

The horror of Halloween is nothing against the call for more police on the streets, for well-established Socialdemocrats from Salzburg. What happened? Because of the escalating crime and violence in Salzburg, young Socialdemocrats demands more police on the streets. They thought that such a demand for a secure living, could bring some increase in votes […]

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