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One million Austrians want to stop smoking

smokingAccording to the latest survey of the opinion research institute “OGM”, almost one million of the Austrians want to stop smoking.

These are 41 percent of the 2,3 million smokers in Austria.

Especially older people over 50 years are fed up with smoking. Even 52% of them wants to resign the cigarette.

The most popular method to stop smoking in Austria is a therapy, but the first step of a successful withdrawal is a “conscious smoking”.

The Irish smoking ban in restaurants was a success. Newest studies show that cardiac infarctions are decreasing in Ireland after the ban.

Austrias Socialdemocrats also want to have a smoking ban in pubs and restaurants. The enterprisers are not interested about it.

New Carinthian football club is bankrupt and about to fold

The new football club in Carinthia called “SK Austria Kärnten” is an artificial project of Carinthias minister president Jörg Haider. The club was founded this year by politicans of Carinthias leading party BZÖ, and bought the license to play in Austrias Premiere League from FC Superfund in Upper Austria, who quit its existance in professional […]

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Citizens of St. Pölten are not interested in sex for money

Since this years April, the trade of prostitution is officially allowed in the Lower Austrian provincial capital of St. Pölten. But the expected invasion of prostitutes to the capital of Lower Austria did not take place. At the moment no single prostitute is doing her job in St. Pölten. The fear of St. Pöltens religious […]

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Austrian rail guard kicked 300 Hungarians out of train

The train called “EuroCity “Franz Liszt” came from Budapest, and crossed the Austrian/Hungarian border on Saturday. A lot of Hungarians were in the train who wanted to do some christmas shopping in Austria. On the border the Hungarian rail guard was exchanged into an Austrian one. His first act after the border was to throw […]

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Mobile phone is most popular christmas present in Austria

The most popular christmas present in Austria is the mobile phone, shows the latest survey of the opinion research institute “market”. Also one of the top christmas presents in Austria this year are books and gift certificates. But nothing can beat the mobile phone. Especially young people love mobile phones. Every fourth young person in […]

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Less and less babies in Austria

The tendency of the past years continues. Also this year the numbers of births in Austria are decreasing. According to the statistics, 7.001 babies were born in October. This means 193 less than last year. There was a decrease of 1.173 babies from January to October. The amount of babies who where born to an […]

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Every third Austrian girl has eating disorder

Already 30 percent of all Austrian girls have abnormal eating behaviours. They are suffering under anorexia or bulimia. This means they are addicted to eat, and to vomit their meal in succession. Experts say those kind of things are the diseases for women of the 21th century. Girls want to have a thin body at […]

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Auxiliary bishop of Salzburg says Austrians want to die out

In an interview with Austrias daily newspaper “Österreich”, the Auxiliary bishop of Salzburg represents the opinion that Austrians want to become an extinct species. The newspaper asked about the decreasing numbers of Christians in his church. The answer of the religious dignitary: “Austrians decided to die out.” The bishop criticized abortion on demand and a […]

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Tourism consultant: Austrian gastronomy is not good enough

Harsh critics received the Austrian gastronomy during a conference of experts last weekend in Salzburg. A tourism consultant from Austrias Western province Vorarlberg, characterized the culinaric industry of Austria as deficient in terms of making eating and drinking to an adventure. “Already small things can do it. Interesting folded table napkins for instance”, he explains. […]

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Father threw own daughter out of window: dead

The cruel act happened directly in the centre of the Lower Austrian town of Ybbs. The 22-year-old father was upset, because his 18-year old girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, quit the relationship and wanted to leave him. His emotional reaction was unbelievable. The smashed the door of the children’s room, took his 2-year-old […]

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Billa: closed supermarkets during bank holiday cause troubles

The 8th December is a bank holiday in Austria, but usually because of the christmas shopping and its fabulous sales, the day became more and more a normal shopping day in Austria over the last years. Now the supermarket chain called “Billa” wants set an example and remind on the religious background of the bank […]

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Fabulous profits: Austrian butcher sells pigs ears to China

A butcher from Ried in Upper Austria has found a profitable gap in the market for his enterprise. He sends tons of pigs ears to China. Nobody in Austria is interested to have pigs ears for a meal. In China it’s a delicacy. Chinese love to eat pigs ears. 2.000 pigs are slaughtered every day […]

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HC Strache is happy about victory of Vladimir Putin

The leader of the Austrian Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache shows his satisfaction about the impressing election victory of Vladimir Putin in Russia. Strache sent his congratulations to Putins party, and hopes that Russia is going to be a stable and predictable partner of the Western countries. “The election was fair and there were no […]

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Austrian police is worried about Football Euro draw

No excitment shows the Austrian police about the group draw for the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. Austria has to play in “Group B” against Germany, Poland and Croatia. This is the worst case for the security administrators and the police. “A nightmare came true. It couldn’t be worser”, says one of the […]

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Termination of pregnancy is not safe in Vienna

The government of Vienna worries about women who want to terminate their pregnancy. Women who want to have an abortion are attacked and insulted by anti-abortionists, when they are visiting abortion clinics in Vienna. The female woman town councillor of Vienna, who is a member of the Socialdemocrats, wants to create new safe area for […]

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