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11-year-old boy smacked up 24-year-old child abuser

austriaA 24-year-old previously convicted sex offender broke into a guesthouse during the night, where a whole school class found a place to sleep during an excursion week.

The man was searching a boy for his sexual pleasure. He found his victim in an 11-year-old pupil, who returned from the toilet.

He did not know that the 11-year-old is a very talented karate fighter. When he tried to overwhelm the little boy, he was surprised by his brillant skills in martial arts.

The child abuser was seriously smacked up by the 11-year-old boy. After that he was able to escape out of the window.

His getaway was not crowned with success. After a short while he was found by the police and brought into the prison in Graz.

The sex offender already was in prison because of his sexual preferences. He was sent into freedom after a short while, and allowed to work as a pool supervisor[!]. Now he is in prison again. But for how long?

Austrias chancellor Gusenbauer cancels summer party

“I am not in the mood to celebrate”, says Austrias chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer. He has canceled his traditonal summer party. All of the invitations were forwarded, but now the highly controversial Socialdemocratic politican changed his mind and blew off the celebrations. Last year his event was a full success. Gusenbauer was admired, and only the […]

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Too tired to steal a car: fallen asleep during car burglary

Too tired to steal a car was a man in Lustenau, in Austrias federal state of Vorarlberg. When he broke into a car, he was overpowered by his sleep, and decided to take a little nap on the back seat. Already in the early morning when the owner of the car wanted to go to […]

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Austrias national football coach Hickersberger has enough

Josef Hickersberger, Austrias national football coach, receded from his position yesterday. Hickersberger was Austrias coach before and during the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. His balance was poor. Only one point and one debatable penalty goal in three Euro matches. In all of his 27 matches he was able to win only 5 […]

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Klagenfurt is disappointed about Football Euro 2008 gains

Three Football Euro 2008 matches were hosted in Klagenfurt. There was hope for glamorous business with football fans, but when the event was over, the disappointment was huge. Klagenfurts landlords are upset. The medias got the blame. They frightened the citizens with horrible stories about 5.000 English hooligans who wanted to have revenge for the […]

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38-year-old woman tried to slaughter her own aunt

Horrible news from Pfaffstätten. A little village of 3.000 inhabitants, close to the Lower Austrian town of Baden. Last night a 38-year-old woman tried to slaughter her 53-year-old aunt with a butcher’s knife. The aunt survived the rude attack, but sustained heavy injuries on her arms. The angry niece was brought to the psychiatric hospital […]

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One million Austrian men are impotent

According to an article on the website of the Austrian Broadcasting, one million Austrian men are impotent. The only way to avoid impotence is to do a lot of sport, and an additional wastage of 4.000 calories every week. Austrian men are known for their carelessness about their health. Potency could be a good motivation […]

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Euro 2008: Austria – Germany 0:1 (0:0)

The dream is over. Since yesterday Austria is out of the European football tournament. Austrians lost their important match against Germany by 0:1. A victory was needed to go further and reach the Quarter Finals. The victory of Germany was deserved. They played stronger and had the better goalscoring chances. A fabulous free kick of […]

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40.000 German football fans in Vienna

Today is the match of the matches: Austria vs Germany. The last and only victory of Austria against Germany in a tournament is already 30 years old. It was a 3:2 in the world cup 1978 in Argentina. Now Austrians hope for another “Cordoba”. Cordoba was the ciy of the Austrian triumph. The police expect […]

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Policeman committed bank robbery

The salary of a policeman in Austria is not enough to lead a happy life. This was the slogan of a 43-year-old policeman from Lower Austria. He found the solution of his financial problem in a bank robbery. The policeman completed his bank robbery in a very bestial way. He attacked the bank assistants with […]

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Former Viennese mayor wants Gusenbauer to resign

The former mayor of Vienna, Helmut Zilk (Socialdemocrats), thinks that chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer should put back his position. In an interview with the Austrian TV he claimed that the Socialdemocratic chancellor is not able to lead a party. “He should be removed”, said Zilk. Zilk confirmed that a chancellor should have the quality to lead, […]

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Police woman could not resist famous actor

A young police woman from Upper Austria had not the heart to punish a famous Austrian actor who exceeded the speed limit. As return service the police woman received a souvenir photo from her and the charming actor. A colleague of the police woman has uncovered the scandal now. The people are quite upset about […]

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19-year-old Kerstin Fritzl woke up from coma

News from the incest case of Amstetten. The 19-year-old young lady who was brought to hospital with a mysterious disease, which uncovered the whole crime, woke up from her coma. This should be still rumour, but the indications grew stronger yesterday afternoon. According to the news of the Austrian broadcasting station in Lower Austria, the […]

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Gusenbauer moans about state election in Tirol

Austrias chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer (Socialdemocrats) is not excited about the result of the state election in Tirol. “The result is a painful experience for our whole party”, he said in a first comment. The Socialdemocrats lost 10 percent, and crashed down to rank three by 15,64%. A new party called “Fritz” received 18,3% of votes […]

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