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“A letter to London” or “criminal procedure for letter of application”

letter crime letter of application jobThe term in office of Freedom Party, and later orange BZÖ-politican, Hubert Gorbach is still in vivid memory.

Hubert Gorbach was the one who thought a speed of 160 km/h on Austrias motorway, and the affixing of blue light on his official car, are the two central issues for Austrias future.

Now Austrias former vice-chancellor is again in the headlines of Austrias newspapers, but this time as a private man. Gorbach used official letter paper of the Republic Austria for a letter of application to the British financial minister.

Only officials and government agencies are allowed to use official letter paper of Austria. The maximum sentence for such a delinquency is a fine of 3.600 EUR.

It’s supposed the former vice-chancellor wanted to make an impression on the British financial minister with the official letter paper, when he asked him for a job.

The reactions in the Austrian media landscape are partly spiteful. “Is there a blue light on cars for fast driving consulters of the British financial minister”, was one of the cynical comments on Austrias biggest online platform.

Austrian justice minister wants to imprison drunk drivers

The Austrian justice minister Maria Berger of the Socialdemocrats has a new idea. She wants to throw alcoholised car drivers into prison. Heinz Christian Strache of the Austrian Freedom Party is not amused about such a plan. “She wants to throw car drivers into prison, and release criminals”, says Strache. The justice minister wants to […]

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45-year-old man wanted to fight with kindergartners

A 45-year-old man caused a stir in the Viennese kindergarten of Floridsdorf. The man entered the kindergarten and wanted to have a fight with kindergarten children. It was the female chief of the kindergarten who was able to protect the children from the mad man. She tried to calm him down, but he was screaming […]

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Emotional discussion about drug policy in Vienna

The Viennese Peoples Party is upset about the drug policy of the ruling Socialdemocrats in Vienna. Especially the situation on the Karlsplatz square is cause for concern, in the view of the Peoples Party. The Socialdemocrats refuse the reproaches. “We must renew the concept against drugs in Vienna”, says one spokesman of the Peoples Party. […]

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Ryanair with weekly air connection: Gothenburg – Salzburg

The Irish budget airline Ryanair plans a weekly air connection between Gothenburg and Salzburg during the winter season, to bring Swedish winter tourists from Sweden to Austria. That should be the seventh Ryanair destination in the airport Salzburg. Ryanair already started to make advertising for the new air route. The price should amount 10 Euro […]

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Vicious rapist wins trial against his victim in Vorarlberg

The legally convicted rapist has filed a suit against his victim because of libel writ, and came up as the shining winner of the bizarre lawsuit. The victim made an interview with a local newspaper, and told about the maltreatments and the rape. The rapist read the interview, and went to court. He was complaining […]

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Child benefit: more money for babies in Austria

Good news for the ones in Austria, who are waiting for an addition to their families in the next year. The 1st January 2008 should be the magic day when the new child benefit regulation comes into force. “I am very happy about such a result”, says Austrias women minister Doris Bures of the Socialdemocrats, […]

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Vast majority of Austrians enjoy working in their jobs

A survey of the Viennese opinion research institute “Makam”, shows that nine of ten Austrians have fun during work. The working atmosphere is the most important thing for the Austrian worker. Much more than the salary. Only 4 percent of the Austrians feel no fun when they have to work, but 2/3 say that working […]

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No casino for Lower Austrias capital St. Pölten

The provincial capital of Austrias federal province Lower Austria is no location for a casino. After a failed project for a casino in the Lower Austrian town Leobendorf, St. Pölten got into the discussion about being the perfect location for a casino. Also St. Pölten’s mayor Matthias Stadler was very fond of the idea having […]

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Chancellor Gusenbauer prefers more mosques in Austria

After the arresting of Islamic terrorist suspects in Vienna, and the protest of 700 Viennese citizens against the erection of a mosque in the Viennese district of Brigittenau, the Austrian chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer rises to speak and clarifies his position. In the Austrian TV program “Pressestunde”, Gusenbauer underlines the freedom of religion in Austria. “Politicans […]

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Happy birthday to you: 1 year!

Today is one year old! The website went online in the evening of the 14th September 2006. The first article was written in the next morning on the 15th September about Austrian politicans: “Charges against Strache and Westenthaler”. At the moment has 355 articles and 23 comments. The first comment was written by […]

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Three Al-Qaeda terror suspects arrested in Vienna

Yesterday the Austrian police arrested three Arabic terror suspects of the terrorist network Al-Qaeda in Vienna. The three suspects created a video message, in which they were threating the Austrian nation with terror. The reactions of the Austrian politicans are different. Austrian chancellor Gusenbauer of the Socialdemocrats is happy about the good work of the […]

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Christina Stürmer sings Football Euro 2008 song

After the disastrous 0:2 defeat of Austrias football team yesterday evening against Chile, the Austrian football federation (ÖFB) had other important things to worry about. Who will sing the official song for the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, was the main issue for the Austrian football society in the past days. Now the […]

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More sexual actitivity for Austrian prisoners: new sex prison

Austrian politicans want to have more sexual actitivity for prisoners. Since a couple of year Austrian prisons are rebuilt into sex prisons. The women’s prison in Schwarzau (Lower Austria) is going to be the third Austrian prison which will be a so called “sex prison” in future. The prison should be reopened next year. Then […]

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Addicted to ham & cheeseburgers: Carinthian schools prefer fast food

The president of the medical association in Vienna demands a ban on fast food in schools. The Carinthians don’t like such an idea. “Nobody takes our beloved fast food away”, is the sulky comment from Austrias Southern province. It’s an undisputed truth that fast food is not the healthiest nutrition. Especially for young people. Fast […]

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Heavy rain cause flood hazard in Austria

Heavy rainfalls since the last three days bring a danger of flooding in many provinces of Austria. Yesterday afternoon flood alert was set off in the Upper Austrian town of Steyr. The situation along the Danube river is tensed. The Lower Austrian town of Lilienfeld was declared to disaster area. Lilienfeld was the first victim […]

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51-year-old woman in Vienna lived one year next to a corpse

A 51-year-old woman from Vienna lived one year in a flat with her dead aunt. The corpse was found already mummified. The niece lived from the pension of her dead aunt. She was brought to psychiatric ward. The family doctor of the aunt became suspicious and called the police. Since one year the niece blocked […]

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Styrian chairman of Peoples Party against Austrian neutrality

The chairman of the Peoples Party in Styria attacks the Austrian president Heinz Fischer in a guest commentary of a daily newspaper. The member of the Peoples Party thinks Fischer is not honest in the debate about the Austrian neutrality. “He should stop to mislead the Austrian citizens. We need an honest debate about our […]

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Jörg Haider wants headscarf ban in Austria

The minister president of Austrias federal state Carinthia is in the headlines again. After the critics about the massive increase of mosques in Austria, he has found a new thing in the Islamic religion he does not like. Haider demands a ban on headscarfes in Austria, not only in public buildings, but also on the […]

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Chancellor Gusenbauer wants to open Austrian job market

Heavy criticism receives the Austrian chancellor after his idea to open the Austrian job market for East European workers. “Thousands of East European skilled worker will come to Austria. This is an assault on our job market”, says the chairman of the BZÖ-party Peter Westenthaler. Westenthaler worries about the many unemployed workers in Austria, and […]

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