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Death struggle of Lower Austrian couple because of a Spanish dish

A woman found herself in court because she has attacked her husband with a knife. The reason is quite unusual. She wanted to taste something of the Spanish dish “paella” from the husband.

The husband was very hungry himself and so he defended his paella like a hero. First with fists, then he tried to choke his hungry wife. But at the end his wife was stronger. She overpowered her husband and hit him several times with a knife. Afterwards he was unfit for action, and the hungry woman was able to taste something from his paella.

The man survived the knife attack. Now the woman has to expect a life imprisonment because of attempted murder. Such a tragedy just because of a simple Spanish dish in Lower Austria.

Sexual criminals not allowed to work as teacher in Vorarlberg

Austrias most western province Vorarlberg don’t want to have sexual criminals as teachers. 120 persons who start to work as a teacher in Vorarberg this year were checked if they have a previous conviction in relation to sexual crimes. A sexual offender database should guarantee the veracity of all results. A change in the law […]

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Greens in Viennas city government?

Viennas Socialdemocrats have to search for a coaltion partner after the massive loss of votes in the last election. Now it seems if the Green party will be the new partner. Viennas Socialdemocrat mayor Michael Häupl has officially started coalition negotiations with the Green party. Political observers comment the new situation in Vienna as “no […]

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Every second child in Upper Austria has speech defect

Every second child between four and six years in Upper Austria has a problem with the right way of speaking. A typical pointer of a speech defect is the word “Schule”, which means “school” in English language. A child with a speech defect says “Sule” instead of “Schule (English accent: soole=false/shoole=correct)”. Experts complain that most […]

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Childcare law in Austria

The new childcare law in Austria brings shorter opening hours in kindergartens, after school care centres and toddler groups, as well as a lower quality in the pedagogic service and more pressure on parents, claim experts. If the situation should be improved, it’s necessary that the communities put more money into the financing. Experts also […]

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Interest-free credit for students in Austria?

Students and headmasters are upset. The conditions in Austrias universities are unbearable. Now a clear decision about the financing is claimed. If there is a studying for free, the government has to grab much deeper in the pocket as before. Another solution would be an interest-free credit for students according to the model in Australia. […]

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Province of Burgenland has the most honest debtors

A new study of an Austrian encashment service revealed the fact that Austrias most honest debtors are living in Austrias most eastern province Burgenland. People from Burgenland pay their debts in almost all cases on time. Old debtors are more honest than young debtors, was another interesting fact in that study. Old woman from Burgenland […]

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Election in Vienna 2010

The only winner was HC Straches Freedom party. The Freedom party was able to win more than 12 percent and become Viennas strongest force behind the Socialdemocrats. All other parties lost votes: Socialdemocrats, Peoples party, Green party. For the Peoples party it was a huge disaster. Only 13,23 percent means an historical trough. The prime […]

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Electoral fraud in Austria?

Austrias public prosecution department against bribery and corruption is an electoral fraud with huge dimension on the scent. Voting cards of persons were found which concerned voters never had requested. Austrias magazine “News” reports that the dimensions of the electoral fraud in the state election of the federal state Burgenland are much bigger as feared. […]

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Strache is not allowed to say “Red Nazis”

Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache is not allowed to call the Viennese Socialdemocrats “Red Nazis”. The commercial court of Vienna has declared an interim injunction in that case. Strache has also accept the injunction that he is not allowed anymore to spread the rumour the Socialdemocrats would act as violent stone-throwing demonstrators against dissidents. […]

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Every tenth Austrian employee can’t survive with salary

Every tenth Austrian employee is not able to survive with the salary. 350.000 persons are affected. The numbers are increasing. 10 years ago only 256.000 were affected. In consequence of the financial crisis more and more Austrians, especially women, have to accept a precarious employment. Typical fields of such jobs are call center agents or […]

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