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Zubin Mehta will conduct the Viennese New Year’s Concert

The 70-year-old star conductor will fill the traditional concert in Vienna the fourth time in his life. Also this time it will be challenge for him, he told at the press conference.

The last time he conducted a Viennese New Year’s concert was 9 years ago. During that time it happened several times he was watching the spectacle envious on TV. In the years 1990, 1995 and 1998 he was allowed to conduct the concert himself.

There will be a lot of pieces from the Strauss family. Six pieces from Josef, four from Johann, three from father Strauss and one from Eduard Strauss.

The New Year’s Eve habits of the Austrians

The new year is almost here. Time to make a public opinion poll how Austrians will celebrate the New Year’s Eve into 2007. More than half of the Austrian population, namely 52%, will celebrate the new year at home within the family circle, tells the result of a Markant market research. 39% of the Austrians […]

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Manner Neapolitaner Wafer Schnitten with decline in sales

The traditional Viennese wafer manufacturer Josef Manner & Comp. AG complains about a decline in sales of 5,4 percent to 93,90 Mio EUR in 2006. Reason is the price increase for hazelnuts. Also the hot summer was not very good in selling the delicious wafers delicacy from Vienna. The amount of employees was reduced to […]

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“Red Bull TV” in Salzburg

The start of Red Bull with 95 percent participation on the Austrian local TV-channel “Salzburg TV” is only the beginning of an international expansion in the TV-segment. Red Bull takes the participations which were sold by the Economic Chamber Salzburg, Raiffeisen Bank Salzburg and Spängler Bank. The TV-channel already applied for a license to broadcast […]

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Ryanair back in Klagenfurt airport again

Since yesterday, after a break of one year, the British budget airline Ryanair started its air traffic from Klagenfurt to London again. Ryanair will fly three times per week between London and Klagenfurt until the 21th April. Ryanair will decide in spring 2007 if the air connection to the Southern part of Austria will be […]

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Natascha Kampusch about her new life

Yesterday Natascha Kampusch told about her new life on Austrian TV. After 4 months in freedom the Austrian TV-man Christoph Feurstein asked Natascha Kampusch how she is doing. “I am sorry for the people who think I am doing so well, and want to be in my shoes”, says the 18-year-old lady. “They really should […]

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Food report 2006: Austrians eat less meat

The consumption of meat decreases every year about three percent. Every fifth woman stopped eating meat. The Austrians on the best was to become a nation of vegetarians? Austrians also became more sensitive about the origin of meat, quality and prefer regional products. The new food report shows that more than 50 percent of the […]

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Hug and kiss prohibition in Lower Austrian school

The sport elementary school in Scheibbs (Lower Austria) came into the Austrian medias today because of a “hug and kiss prohibition”. Two 14-year-old girls were punished by teachers because they were hugging and kissing eachother hello. The headmaster of the school gave the order to his teachers to observe the pupils for “not appropriated behaviors”. […]

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Indoor fireworks: 11-year-old boy from Vienna set flats on fire

In the Viennese district of Meidling a boy with the age of 11 played with fireworks in his room, and set several flats on fire. 50 people had to be evacuated. The total damage amounts 400.000 EUR. The boy started his “fire show” on Sunday afternoon in the flat of his parents on the 5th […]

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Open shops in Vienna on Sunday?

The discussion if shops in Austria should be opened or closed on Sunday continues. Today the economic town councilor of Vienna Sepp Rieder (Socialdemocrats) went into public, and declared his positive thoughts about open shops on Sunday within certain tourism zones in Vienna. But Rieder also worries about the consequences of such a decision. If […]

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Two chimney sweepers from Vienna building bombs

Two Viennese chimney sweepers (21 and 22 years old) were found guilty in placing a pipe bomb during the night on a road in the Lower Austrian village Leopoldsdorf. The chimney sweepers were building the bomb themselfs. The two young men from Vienna are no terrorists. In the interrogation they declared they were building bombs […]

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IKEA is coming to Klagenfurt

The Swedish “furni-giant” IKEA wants to settle in the Carinthian capital of Klagenfurt. The start of construction for the 15.000 square meters large furniture shop should be atumn 2007. The opening ceremony is planned for spring 2008. IKEA wants to offer 250 new jobs there. The new furniture shop should be located on the motorway […]

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Wrong priest captured money with cheap tricks in Linz

The police in Linz was able to catch a male citizen of Linz who impersonated himself as priest, and cheated on five clueless victims. The faked priest, who is an 40-year-old unemployed person, borrowed 220 EUR from someone, and did not pay pack. The most bizarre story about the wrong priest and his cheap tricks […]

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Trapattoni wants 150.000 EUR compensation from voice imitator

The coach of the Salzburg football team Red Bull went to court against a voice imitator, who made advertising with his voice in the radio. Several times the imitator made advertising on the radio for a car-dealer with the voice of Giovanni Trapattoni. Trarattoni now wants fictitious license fee because of the violation of his […]

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No money: robber wanted sex-issues, porn-magazines and porn movies.

A 40-year-old man from the Eastern part of Styria visited a newspapers shop on Friday morning in the Styrian town of Fehring, to commit a holdup. But instead of the money he wanted porn and sex magazines and also porn movies, which were sold in the newspapers and tobacconist’s shop. The female shop assistant had […]

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Prohibition for new book about Natascha Kampusch in Austria

Yesterday the first book about Natascha Kampusch was published and presented in England. Natascha Kampusch always delcared that nobody has the right to write a book about her. If there should be a book about Natascha Kampusch someday, she wants to write it herself. Since yesterday there is a book about Natascha on the market, […]

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