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Two dead persons after card game

An emotional card game in a pub in the center of the province of Lower Austria caused two dead persons this week. A 76-year-old man knocked down his 67-year-old friend with a chair. When the victim died because of his injuries, the 76-year-old decided to hang himself.

Reason of the disagreement was the question if the next drink should be beer or wine, and who should pay the last glass of wine with the price of 1,20 Euro. The victim sustained a basal skull fracture and died in the hospital. When the 76-year-old man heard that, he decided to end his days. Both men were playing cards since 20 years on a regular basis.

Austrians save less money and make more debts

Calculations of the National Bank of Austria revealed the fact that Austrians are not so much motivated anymore to save a lot of money. The national saving rate decreased from 12 down to 11,2 percent in the third quartal 2009. Less money was invested into financial assets, and this is the reason of a “slower […]

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Internet fraud with rental apartments in Austria

Many people in Austria became the victim of internet crooks who offer cheap rental apartments at diverse internet portals. The problem is that those rental apartments are not existing in reality. If the victims pay for key and rental agreement in advance without seeing the apartment, their money might be lost. In most of the […]

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28-year-old German lady from Hamburg knocked down by Austrian policemen?

A 28-year-old lady from Hamburg claims that she was knocked down by Austrian policemen in the early morning in the city centre of Vienna. The young lady tried to go by underground without buying a ticket. She was caught and brought to the next police station. According to her allegations she was thrashed in a […]

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Austrias building industry in deep trouble

Austrias building enterprises have more and more problems to surive on the market. Industry figures and representatives confirm low profit margins. If there is a small problem, a bankruptcy is quickly the consequence. It happens with increasing frequency that constructions can’t be finished because the property developer became insolvent. A big problem if the buildings […]

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Freedom party leader HC Strache demands more money for policemen

A higher salary for policemen demands the leader of the Freedom party Heinz Christian Strache. During his latest press conference yesterday, he claimed that Austria stands close before a collapse of safety. More money for policemen should improve the situation, he thinks. “Danger bonus for policemen”, is his newest election battle cry for the next […]

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Lindsay Lohan visits Vienna

The 23-year-old Hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan from New York is going to visit Vienna on the 10th February. She was hired for advertising purposes by an 77-year-old Austrian master builder who runs a shopping mall in Viennas city center, and has to attend the famous Vienna Opera Ball with him. In the afternoon she holds […]

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Decrease of passengers at Austrias airports in 2009

The last year was a bad year for Austrias airports. A dramatic decrease of passengers cause anxious faces among the responsible persons. Viennas airport Schwechat noted down a minus of 8,3 percent. The worst affected airport in Austria was Salzburgs International Airport “WA Mozart” with a decrease of 14 percent. The airport with the lowest […]

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Austrian performance artist with violence against himself

Violence as performance art. An Austrian performance artist from the province of Vorarlberg wants to become famous by exercising violence against himself. During an event in Tirols provincial capital Innsbruck he pushed his head against a metal plate for two hours. His face was already full of blood when the organizer stopped the event. The […]

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Religious football supporter: “The hat is burning.”

The religious football supporter and pastor of a small Upper Austrian town, who was the suffragan bishop of Linz for just a few days, made it into the medias again. His new declaration can be read in the playbill of the festival called “Alte Musik” which takes place in the Viennese Konzerthaus, reports Austrias Broadcasting […]

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Lovesick lady sent 30.000 SMS in 2 1/2 years to doctor

A 27-year-old lady from Vienna fell in love with a doctor, but she was too shy to tell him her feelings from face to face. She saw her only solution in sending him SMS. Anonymous. At first the doctor seemed to be quite flattered. Later the text messages on his mobile phones became more and […]

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Austrian sport shops with glorious business

Austrias sport shops were not able to discover the economic crisis in their sales. Even quite the opposite. Last year Austrias sport shops made record sales as never before. Sales increased up to 2,1 billion Euro. The manager of the market leader explains: “Austrians have a pronounced health consciousness and doing sport is part of […]

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Secessions from the church: 1/3 more than in 2008

It’s not a secret that Austrians are not so happy and satisfied anymore with the church. This also appears in the numbers of the secessions from the church. In 2009 even one third left the Roman Catholic church more than one year before. There was a lot of trouble in 2009. Controversial statements of Feldkirchens […]

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No ski-jumping hill for Vienna

One year ago the mayor of Vienna had the idea to build a huge ski-jumping hill in his city. Now medias report that the project is dead. There won’t be any chance for ski jumpers to do their sport in Austrias capital. The two main problems were environment protection reasons and no support from Vienna. […]

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Bitten off nose in Salzburg

A 35-year-old drunken man from Salzburg has bitten off the nose of a young lady. The unbelievable crime happened on three o’clock in the morning in a suburb of Salzburg. The nose of the 28-year-old lady was truly separated by the sharp teeths of the drunkard. She had to be brought to hospital, reported Salzburgs […]

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Indoor football tournament in Salzburg with trouble

This years indoor football tournament in Salzburg was overshadowed with a beer cup throw. One supporter of the club called “Austria Salzburg” threw a half-full beer cup on the parquet. The reactions were emotional superheated. Some people demand to exclude Austria Salzburg from the tournament in the future. The organizer don’t want to hear that. […]

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Salzburg: Samurai warrior attacked granny

The city centre of Salzburg on this weeks Wednesday morning was the secene of a very vicious crime. A grandchild who lives with his granny suddenly turned out to be a well conditioned Samurai warrior. The geriatric host was attacked by her own grandchild with a Samurai sword. Reason was a disagreement about going out […]

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Tobacconist shot and killed robber in Vienna

The Viennese district of Leopoldstadt was the scene of an armed robbery yesterday evening. A 40-50 year old man with Romanian passport jumped into the tobacconists shop with a silver gun and demanded money. But instead of taking the money, the tobbaconist grasped a gun as well and shot the robber from a short distance. […]

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Austrian Veltliner wine becomes popular in Germany

Austrias white wine called “Veltliner” is becoming more and more popular in Germany, reports Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF. Now Austrian wines already caught up the French ones in the export to Germany. Veltliner from the province of Lower Austria is the most popular of all Austrian white wines. Only German and Italian wines are more […]

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