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City of Innsbruck don’t want erotic sauna brothel

innsbruckAll leading politicans of Innsbruck make it crystal clear: “We don’t want a brothel in Innsbruck“.

The company “Golden Time” already runs a brothel in Vienna, which is officially declared as “Sauna Club”. Now the operators are planning to open the same kind of service in Innsbruck.

The ethical solidified city of Innsbruck tries everything to avoid such kind of business. Even the police of Innsbruck confirms: “There is no need for such a facility in our city.”

The sauna club “Golden Time” promised to support the local football club “FC Wacker Tirol Innsbruck” with one million EUR, if they are allowed to open their business. Not even that can change the mind of the politicans. “We all know about the financial problems of our football club, but we don’t want money from such an immoral industry”, says one politican.

Prison or 105 EUR fine for picking two flowers in the park

A man from Vienna had to pay a 105 EUR because he and his son were picking two flowers in the Viennese Resselpark: a dandelion and a tulip. Probably the most expensive flowers in their life. Policemen were going for a walk through the park and saw the outrageous act. They showed no mercy for […]

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Austrian police: sticky weather increased aggressions

The sticky weather is over today, for the moment. The high temperatures last weekend made the aggressions rising high, reports the Austrian police. A newly married couple was beating eachother, because the wife does not wanted to have inoculations for her children. In the province around Linz a group of Pizza lovers was having a […]

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Trial because commenting death of Interior Minister as “good news”

Today the chairman of an asylum seeker organisation has to stand his trial in Vienna. He commented the death of the female Interior Minister Liese Prokop during the night to the 1st January as “good news” in one of his press releases. “Good news for beginning of the year”, was written on the homepage and […]

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Living in the expensive city of Salzburg

The city of Salzburg has the most expensive owner-occupied flats and houses in Austria. This shows the new survey of Flats for renting are the most popular way of living in the city of Mozart. The demand for flats is increasing more and more. Especially high-cost flats are the most desired ones in Salzburg. […]

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Russian president Vladimir Putin in Vienna today

The Russian president Vladimir Putin visits the Austrian capital today. The official welcoming is going to take place at 1:00pm. Putin will stay only 24 hours in Vienna. He is going to leave tomorrow at 10:30am to Luxembourg. Vladimir Putin will meet the Austrian president Heinz Fischer, and visit the Spanish Court Riding School of […]

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Trade Union: Austrian trainees are exhausted

The exhausting conditions of trainees in Austria rises evermore, is the result of a survey of the Austrian Trade Union. The pressure in their apprenticeship places increases. The trainees resign medical attention, because they are afraid to be stamped as “psycho”. In the most cases the exhausted teenagers do not receive support from their parents […]

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Socialdemocratic politican wants “fat tax” in Austria

The Socialdemocrat Helmut Hirt, who is the District Administrator for health in Styria, wants a stronger taxation on unhealthfully products. In return the prices for healthy food should be lower. Hirt says the advice of the WHO, and a talk with the health minister of the European Union Markos Kyprianou, were the determining reasons for […]

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Sole traders in Vienna: one third are foreigners

A survey of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the government of Vienna, and “L&R – Social Research”, showed that one third of Viennas sole traders comes from abroad. 16.000 of 53.000 sole traders in Vienna are not Austrians. People from Poland dominate the sectors trade and handicraft. 30% is their amount in those sectors. People […]

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Proud car drivers cause a rumble on the street

Seven persons, three women among them, and two children were fighting on the street in the Upper Austrian capital of Linz. The reason was absurd. Two cars met on the narrow road of the Edmund-Aigner-Strasse. Both cars could not pass by. One of the cars had to drive back to a broader spot of the […]

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9-year-old boy with alcoholic poisoning in Lower Austria

Austria has a problem with boozing children. Since a couple of weeks, hardly a day goes by without a child which has been brought to hospital because of drinking too much alchohol. Now a 9-year-old boy from Waidhofen an der Ybbs/Lower Austria almost drunk himself to death. He was brought to hospital comatose, with two […]

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Schoolgirl of Catholic high school raped by teacher?

Perturbance in the Catholic private high school “Kollegium Kalksburg” in Vienna. A German teacher was suspended, because he is accused of raping one of his pupils. The suspected rape is still opaque for the public prosecutor. The notification was not made by the victim. The archdiocese of Vienna reported the incident to the police. The […]

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Road safety camera box stolen in Altach/Vorarlberg

Unusual theft in the Vorarlberg town of Altach, during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Four men have unrigged the road safety camera box, loaded it in a car, and escaped. They were seen by a female witness on 2:00am in the night. The police of Altach is upset about such a blasphemous act. The […]

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Violence against FPÖ party leader Heinz Christian Strache

Violence occured during an event of the young liberal students on Thursday evening in Graz, when the leader of the Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache wanted to make a speech. Protesters threw beer cans and eggs at the politican of the Freedom Party. The angry mob spitted at the policeman who protected Strache. Four persons […]

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People from Burgenland dislike European Union

The latest survey about the popularity of the European Union in Burgenland, shows that 55 percent of the people who are living in Austrias most eastern province are not happy with the union. 37 percent of the questioned people say they see no advantage being a member of the EU. The federal state of the […]

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Too little luxury hotels in Lower Austria

Tourism experts level massive criticism about the availability of luxury hotels in the federal state of Lower Austria. More and more holiday guests want luxury, and Lower Austria is not able to satisfy such wishes. There is only one five star hotel in the whole province of Lower Austria: Castle Dürnstein in the Wachau region […]

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Police caught 11-year-old Kiwi terrorist in Carinthia

The police in the Carinthian town of St.Veit/Glan caught an 11-year-old Kiwi terrorist. The malicious boy entered the house of a pensioner through the window, put the famous fruit from New Zealand into the pensioners microwave, turned on the kitchen device to its maximum temperature, and jumped out of the window again . The Kiwi […]

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What Austrians think about cars

The Austrian car and motor club “ÖAMTC” made a survey about the relation of the Austrians to their cars. Every fifth Austrian has a name for his car. Names from Daisy, Baby, Ferdl, Flocki, on to Silberpfeil (silverarrow), Rocket and Kübel (bucket) are possible. One third took a credit to purchase the car. By new […]

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Death after winning a poker game in Vienna

Winning a poker game was the dealth penalty for a 58-year-old man from Serbia on Friday evening in Vienna. He was shot by one of the losers. The 55-year-old killer wanted to have his lost money back. The winner refused and was shot. The 55-year-old escaped out of Vienna and burried his gun in the […]

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