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Agricultural politics is no funfair in Austria

The performance of Austrias agricultural minister Niki Berlakovich of the Peoples party during a live show on Austrian TV last Sunday, does not answer the expectations of the Freedom party.

The agricultural spokesman of the Freedom party Harald Jannach discloses in his first reaction that the minister sould know that “agricultural politics is no funfair in Austria.”

The critical Freedom party man explains that the TV show was just a “natty gossip small talk”, but no reputable performance of his colleague.

Harald Jannach is sure to know the political tactics of the agricultural minister. He describes this kind of tactics like: “I am the cute one, and all others are evil.” Jannach is also not excited about the powers of self-assertion of the minister. “He has no concept at all and he thinks he has no responsibility for his scopes”, continues the angry spokesman of the Freedom party.

It seems Harald Jannach of the Freedom party is not a very good friend of Niki Berlakovich from the Peoples party. Both are acting in the same field, but it’s obvious that Mr. Jannach can’t stand his colleague. Maybe he wants to have his ministerial office?

Freedom party wants “democracy test” for immigrants

The Freedom party has doubts about the right mindset of immigrants about democracy. A “democracy test” should be the right answer to such a development and remove all scepsis. Especially if someone, who came from a foreign country, wants to receive a sponsored flat, the successful result of such kind of test should be the […]

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Austrian gift: Aztec feather headdress to Mexico?

The female presiding officer of the Austrian parliament Barbara Prammer (Socialdemocrats) has the idea to delight Mexico with a certain gift. She wants to give an Aztec feather headdress from the 16th century to Mexico. This feather headdress was brought from Mexico to Vienna in 1519. The Freedom party and the Orange party also known […]

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Greens and Socialdemocrats angry about traditional family

The official illustration of a traditional family in Tirols public space makes Greens and Socialdemocrats furious. A green deputy claims that such a picture conveys values of the last millennium. “The picture shows that men decide and women care. But also men can care and women can decide”, explains the female politican of the Greens […]

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90.000 Euro for car of Jörg Haider in eBay

The eBay auction of the car of Carinthias former minister president Jörg Haider reached a sale price of 90.000 Euro. But there is a problem. The man from Vorarlberg, who crowned the auction with success, said that he don’t want to have this kind of car and declared that he has no 90.000 EUR anyway. […]

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Broken television set in Vienna: 41-year-old went insane

A 41-year-old man from Vienna went insane because his TV set was broken. He rushed into the next electric shop, attacked the salesman, and took a TV set in the shop without paying. The desperate man escaped through the emergency exit. But the TV set bandit was not able to go far. The TV set […]

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Innsbruck: woman teacher assigned marks without exams

The regional court of Innsbruck has to deal with a very humorous woman teacher who assigned her gradings according to her mood, and without any exams. Her offence is known as “abuse of authority” and “destruction of evidence”. She also delighted her pupils with free lessons, and did not register these lessons as such ones. […]

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Victoria Beckham comes to Vienna as birthday present

Austrias famous builder Richard Lugner confirmed that he bought Victoria Beckham as a birthday present for his 15-year-old daughter Jaqueline. “She is a big fan of Victoria Beckham”, he explained to journalists. Victoria Beckham is 35 years old, former member of the Spice Girls, fashion icon, and the wife of footballer David Beckham. She is […]

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Viennas opposition parties ridicule population

A politican of the Socialdemocrats is not happy about the behaviour of Viennas opposition parties. “They ridicule the population”, was his heavy allegation in relation to the newest idea of the Socialdemocrats of having a referendum for the future of Vienna. The Socialdemocrat thinks that Viennas politicans of the Peoples party, Greens, and the Freedom […]

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Altenberg an der Rax: a village wants to have a restaurant

The 300 inhabitants of the small village Altenberg an der Rax are very unlucky and depressed. Since the last restaurant has closed its gates, a communication centre is missing. Altenberg an der Rax is a true idyll in the Styrian district of Mürzzuschlag. But the fact that a restaurant is missing in the centre of […]

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Christian love in Burgenland: man allowed to occupy church

Religious Catholics in a small village in the federal state Burgenland can’t visit their church anymore. An angry man has occupied the building and locked the doors. The man is known to the authorities and has a custodian. The police can’t do anything against the situation because there is no complaint from the church. A […]

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Confusion in parliament: politican criticizes own decision

Confusion in the Austrian parliament. A politican of the Peoples Party criticized a decision in a very emotional way. The bizarre thing about it? It was his own decision which he made only one day before. The federal whip of the Socialdemocrats is horrified about the doubtful behaviour of his coalition partner. He said that […]

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Tolerance price for intolerant actress

A famous Austrian actress received the tolerance price of the book trade for her “tolerance in thinking and acting.” But in her acceptance speech she declared that she is not tolerant to everything. She won’t show any tolerance to fundamentalism and Mr. Strache, the leader of the Freedom party, she said. The actress continued that […]

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Journalist demands: “More money for Austrian politicans!”

A journalist from Austrias daily newspaper called “Kurier” demands in todays issue that Austrian politicans should receive more money. Especiallly mayors are down on their uppers and an urgent matter for a much better payment. The journalist explains that those politicans are very busy. They have to care about broken sewer covers and are also […]

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Alexander van der Bellen: “Tax increase for more education”

Since several weeks student protests keeps Austria in suspense. Universities are occupied by angry students and medias report every day what is going on there. Now the former Greens boss Alexander van der Bellen raises his voice to put in his two cents. Van der Bellen demands in the daily newspaper called “Österreich” that Austria […]

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Marriage between homosexuals in Austria? Interior Minister says no! But only officially.

Austrias daily newspaper called “Österreich” reports that Interior Minister Maria Fekter (Peoples Party) is not very excited about marriages between homosexuals at register offices. In fact she is totally against such plans. It was the Womens Minister, who is a member of the Socialdemocrats, which had the idea to allow marriages between homosexuals in register […]

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Annoyance about new Austrian Federal Railway time table

The new time table of the Austrian Federal Railway does not hit the taste of a lot of commuters, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. Also the official representation of employees in Austria is not happy about it. “Long-distance train do not stop in every station anymore”, is the main reason for their critics. Commuters and the […]

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Braunau: discussions about Adolf Hitlers birth house

Currently a passionate discussion is going on in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau, which is also known as the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. The reason can be found in the lodger of Hitlers birth house. He is going to move out next year, and there will be an empty building. Now the mayor, who […]

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Football club “GAK” in financial trouble again

“Everything has an end, only the GAK has more”, was one of the entries in the message board on the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation about the financial problems of the GAK. It was only one year ago when the club made the impossible and secured its continued existence after two bankruptcies. One year later […]

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Angry Halloween fans in Villach

Maybe it was Villachs prohibition of Halloween in kindergartens which was the reason of the indescribable anger and frustration of some Halloween fans in Carinthias second biggest town of Villach. During Halloween night several houses were damaged by these rude creatures. Villach was one of the places in Austria with Halloween hostile laws. Also some […]

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