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Incoming insurance for foreign guests and visitors to Germany

Few Germans who invite foreigners to their home for a short or longer visit worry about whether their guests or visitors to Germany are sufficiently insured. What if the visitor falls ill? Maybe he or she has no health insurance that will pay in Germany and you, as the host, will have to pay for the costs yourself.

The problem of lacking health insurance for the visitor or visitors becomes even worse if they – as is common with au pair girls – stay in the country for many months or longer than a year. For then, the risk is particularly high that at some point the person falls ill and has to be treated through the domestic health system. And visits to a German specialist or dentist are not cheap, not to mention hospital treatments. What is urgently needed here is an insurance that eliminates the risks for visitors and hosts in a comprehensible manner.

Fortunately, there is an insurance for foreigners, also known as incoming insurance, that covers such problems. It provides health insurance for foreigners that protects the visitor and host against all health-related risks. Such a visitors insurance is also known as a Schengen insurance, because you and your guests might want to visit neighbouring countries that are subject to the Schengen Agreement. Again, the incoming insurance provides an ideal cushion against such risks.

The following insurance benefits are included:

• Reimbursement of costs for acutely necessary medical treatments
• Reimbursement of costs for medication
• Coverage of hospital costs
• Return transport if medically required
• No excess
• 24 h travel assistance
• Third-party travel insurance up to € 500,000 per person
Valid for all types of travel – including business trips. However, attention should be paid to the terms of contract of the various incoming insurance offers. For au pair girls staying longer than 93 days in the country, many of the incoming insurances are not suitable as their coverage generally expires after 93 days. The incoming insurances offered by the insurance companies Elvia and Allianz Worldwidecare offering coverage for one year and longer are thus ideal. These insurances offer excellent coverage for both the guest and host at highly competitive rates. Here you can get an online quote for an incoming travel insurance for foreigners and visitors to Germany and book online.

After successful booking and payment by credit card we will send you an email with your policy which you should have with you when you travel.

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