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Vienna: 12-year-old burglar in porn shop

The Viennese police was able to catch a 12-year-old burglar in the act in a porn shop on Saturday evening. His trouser pockets were full of condoms.

The 12-year-old defended himself that “the door was open and he just walked in.” Not true, because the police was alarmed by the alarm system of the shop, confirmed the inspector. The young man was brought to the next police station and was picked up by his father.

Tirol has lowest divorce rate in Austria

Married couples from┬áTirol dislike divorces. This is the result of a research about divorce rates in Austria. Generally it’s possible to say that the divorce rate in Austria is decreasing. The divorce mania in the past years seems to be over. The year 2009 had almost the same amount of divorces as 1999. From 100 […]

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Holy currency: 8 years prison for Bulgarian money faker in Austria

Yesterday the leading brain of a Bulgarian money faker gang was sentencted to an imprisonment of 8 years. “The Euro is a holy currency”, was the statement of the court in relation to the scale of the punishment. The convicted criminal was the boss of a well organized 18-headed team of money fakers. The bad […]

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Economizing suggestions from citizens in Austria

Austria has to save money. There is no doubt about that. Local politicans from the province of Upper Austria had the glorious idea to ask citizens about some suggestions for economies. The result was sobering and did not hit the taste of the politicans. Most of the citizens mentioned political administrative bodies as dispensable. The […]

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Verdict of not guilty for teacher who had sex with schoolgirl

A verdict of not guilty in the second authority was the reason of a smile in a teachers face. The educator had sex with a 17-year-old schoolgirl. The first verdict, 6 months prison, was reversed. The defending lawyer was very happy about this decision and explained that it was correct not to proclaim a punishment. […]

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Kronen Zeitung publisher Hand Dichand is dead!

Hans Dichand, who was the publisher of Austrias daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”, died yesterday in a Viennese hospital, reaching 89 years of life. He made his newspaper with 3 million readers daily to the biggest one in Austria. Hans Dichand was born on the 29th January 1921 as the son of a shoemaker in Graz. […]

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Karl Heinz Hackl vs Heinz Christian Strache

The Austrian actor and theatre director Karl Heinz Hackl wrote a very angry open letter to Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache. The profound aversion is really noticeable in his emotional lines. Hackl wrote that a refusal of the Freedom party is the duty of any democratic party. “Male and female, as well as young […]

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Albanian girl has to leave Austria, declares Constitutional Court

The Albanian girl called Arigona Zogaj, who is living in Austria since several years and became a headliner because of her vigorous resistance of leaving Austria, is confronted with another decision to leave the country. This time the demand note comes from the Constitutional Court and seems to be quite serious. Even her closest friend, […]

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Austrian women become alcohol dependent

The amount of alcohol dependent women in Austria is increasing rapidly, warns the director of the Austrian Anton Proksch Institute Michael Musalek. If this trend continues, the amount of alcohol dependent women in Austria is going to redouble. Alcohol seems to be very popular in the Alpine Republic. The country takes the top places in […]

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Fight between policemen and circus performers in Innsbruck

Tirols capital Innsbruck was the scene of a wasteful rumble between policemen and circus performers. The circus people wanted to celebrate the 26th birthday of the son of the circus director. It turned out being a bit too loud. Police arrived on the circus ground and told the revelers to calm down. Such a claim […]

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32-year woman from Tirol kidnapped baby in Salzburg

Yesterday at 10:00am a 32-year-old woman from Tirol kidnapped a three months old baby in the shopping mall called “Europark” in Salzburg. The mother of the baby got changed in a changing cubicle of a clothing shop, when the offender used the convenient time and took the baby in a Maxi Cosi infront of the […]

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Gambling in Austria

Austrias politicans promise a new law for the gambling market in Austria. According to the latest press release of Peoples party politican Dr. Reinhold Lopatka, the new law should be ready very soon. The politican promised that it should stop the uncontrolled growth of illegal slot machines, and increase the protection of the gamblers. The […]

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