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Peter Westenthaler talks about finances of Freedom Party in court

peter westenthalerYesterday BZÖ-boss and former leader of the parliamentary group of the Freedom Party Peter Westenthaler was talking in the Riess-Passer-trial in Innsbruck.

Westenthaler told the expenses of former party leader Susanne Riess-Passer were “absolutely justified”.

He confirms the accusations against the party leaders, they have splurged money, are not true. Neither when 34 mio EUR were missing in the parties cash register.

Former party leader Susanne Riess-Passer spent 40.000 EUR for clothes from the parties cash register. Westenthaler explained it’s not possible to expect buying clothes with your own money, if you only earn 220.000 EUR in a year as party leader.

Also former party member Jörg Haider was accused he purloined money from the parties cash register, but he denied.

More prominent witnesses are charged until march: the present boss of the Freedomy Party Heinz-Christian Strache, (2nd February) and former minister of finance Karl-Heinz Grasser (5th March).

Youth riot in old people’s home in Linz

Seven pupils in the age of 12 to 15 years, attacked an retirement home in the Northern part of Linz. The aggressive youth gang entered the old people’s home in their lunch break, and started to riot. They smashed windows and several glass doors, destroyed dishes and more than 100 luminaria. Besides they also demolished […]

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Schladming expects 40.000 fans for the nightrace on Planai track

This evening the 11th world cup night slalom in the Styrian town of Schladming takes place on the ski track called “Planai” . The host expects more than 40.000 people for that event. The ticket advance sale was a great success. So much tickets as never before were sold. The night race in Schladming is […]

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Hungry papergirl in Trofaiach caused car accident for bread rolls

A conflict about fresh bread rolls in the Northern part of Styria, ended in a car accident on Saturday morning. A shop owner wanted to stop a papergirl with her car, who tried to steal bread rolls from the bakerman. The hungry papergirl tried to escape in her car with the bread rolls, but the […]

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Killed by own sister because of complaining about the noodles

A 80-year-old woman from Tirol was killed by her 69-year-old sister, because she was criticizing the food. The sentence “the noodles are overboiled and not salty enough” was the dealth penalty for a 80-year-old woman in Tirol. Her sister could not bear such critics about her culinary art, and killed the fussy eater with an […]

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50 years “Ball of the Viennese coffee house operators”

On Friday the 9th February, the “Ball of the Viennese coffee house operators” celebrate its 50 years of existence. The celebration has the motto: “a melange goes around the world” and will be hosted in the Viennese Hofburg. The organizer of the ball is “the club of the Viennese coffee house operators” and there will […]

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Violent teacher knocked down 13-year-old pupil with cardiac defect

A teacher in the Western part of the federal state Styria wanted to test his boxing skills, and knocked down a 13-year-old pupil during the break. Tragical aspect: the pupil was born with a cardiac defect and got shortness of breath. The teacher declared he felt provoked by the behaviour of the pupil. He phoned […]

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Snow in the whole area of Austria

Finally the winter is here! It’s snowing in the whole area of Austria. It started in the early morning in the federal states of Tirol and Carinthia. Later also all other parts of Austria were blessed by the white powder during the morning. In the afternoon the whole country was covered white. Especially the winter […]

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New snow in Austria

The Austrian tourist industry draws a deep breath. The winter should finally come to Austria now. Since the early morning it’s snowing in Carinthia and Tirol. The new snow on the mountains counts from 10 to 20 centimetre. Car drivers need snow chains for rides on following streets: Katschberg,Turrach, Kreuzberg, Nassfeld, Wurzenpass, Loiblpass and Seeberg.

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Mayor of Strasswalchen: too many supermarkets in town

Fritz Kreil is the mayor of Strasswalchen, a little town in the federal state of Salzburg, and complains about too many supermarkets in his town. It seems the town of Strasswalchen is very popular among supermarket managers. 6 new supermarkets opened recently, and already 4 more are the planning stage. 10 supermarkets for 7.000 inhabitants. […]

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Hurricane “Kyrill” in Austria

Heavy damages after the hurricane night in Austria. Especially the federal states of Lower Austria and Upper Austria were most affected. According to the federal fire-brigade headquaters of Upper Austria, the storm unroofed more than 100 houses. Two heavy injured persons were reported from Braunau who were hit in their car by a falling tree. […]

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Violent woman teacher has to pay 2.400 EUR

A female teacher from Upper Austria who knocked a 9-year-old pupil to the floor and kicked him last September was yesterday fined 2.400 EUR. The teacher requested respite. The verdict is not legally recognized.

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Austrian chancellor is searching for a second job as private tutor

The declaration of the new chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer to give private lessons in Viennese schools causes astonishment. The school inspector of Vienna tries now to clear up the lawful background for such an idea. According to the opinion of Gusenbauer’s employee, the new chancellor of Austria is a multi-talent. He is very good in German, […]

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Catholic rector: manufacture of artificial snow is evil

The new rector of the Catholic Theological private univerity in Linz thinks the manufacture of aritificial snow is ethical not right. The new rector holds the view, if you are trying to make any ski slope white by force, you commit a crime on mother nature. “My problem with artificial snow is fundamental. I can […]

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Crime statistics of Vienna 2006

This morning the Viennese police presented its crime report 2006: the crime in Vienna decreased last year by 2,2 percent. Less murders and housebreaking, but more bank robberies, was the basic summary. 2006 was the year of bank and post office robberies. 68 banks were raided, as many as never before. Only 36 of them […]

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Controversial painting of fascist politican in Lower Austrian church

A painting in the Lower Austrian church “Prandtauerkirche St. Pölten” causes a political discussion. It shows the former bishop Memelauer and the former Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, who created a Fascist dictatorship in Austria in 1933. Between the turn to the 20th century the church was used as a storeroom. In the 30’s the church […]

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Riot against Alfred Gusenbauer at the front of his flat

Today the leader of the Socialdemocrats Alfred Gusenbauer should become the new chancellor of Austria, but he might imagined this day a bit different. At 6:00am in the morning Alfred Gusenbauer was woken up by a crowd of angry people, at the front of his flat in the centre of Vienna. The rioters threw colour […]

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Ski-run operators in Tirol moan

The weather in Austria won’t become colder. Now also ski-run operators in Tirol start to worry. The snow is melting away from ski-runs of Tiroleans ski resorts. The situation becomes serious. Especially the daily visitors stay away. In some ski resorts around Innsbruck the loss of sales counts more than 30 percent. The ski resort […]

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Austria has new government

Big disappointment to satisfaction with the new government in Austria. The Socialdemocrats and the Peoples Party agree to build the new government with a big coalition. While the top of both parties show big satisfaction, the grassroots of the Socialdemocrats cannot hide its disappointment. Also the students are not happy and started their first protests […]

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Ski resorts in Salzburg worry about too warm weather

Especially small ski resorts in Salzburg like “Loferer Alm” worry about the too warm weather these days. Usually the ski tracks are totally overcrowded on the 6th January. Bad weather and a lack of snow leads to empty ski runs. In the big ski centers like Saalbach or Zell am See it’s possible because of […]

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Dutch tourist tried to burn down fast food restaurant in Tyrol

Apparently not happy about the service of a fast food restaurant on New Year’s Day in the Tyrolean tourist center of Ischgl/Tyrol was an 18-year-old tourist from the Netherlands. He collected all available empty wrappings of paper and plastic and set the rubbish in the middle of the full restaurant on fire. A brave waiter […]

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Born on the Austrian motorway

Unusual birth yesterday evening on the Southern motorway (A2) close to the motorway interchange Vösendorf. A Czech couple could not make it in time to the next hospital for the delivery of their baby. The baby was born towards 7:00pm on the service lane of the motorway. The Czech driver asked one of the next […]

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Austria is the most popular winter holiday destination for Russians

Austrian hotliers are awaiting ten thousands of Russian and Ukrainian tourists again this January for the Orthodox Christmas. There should be a plus of 20 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. The boss of the Austrian Advertising Moscow Emanuel Lehner says: “Austria is the most popular holiday destination in winter for […]

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Sparkling wine producer Schlumberger wants Sonnthurn

The traditional sparkling wine manufacturer Schlumberger from Vienna which was founded in 1842, wants to buy the Carinthian beverages company “Sonnthurn” from Feldkirchen. Sonnthurn is famous by its main product: the Gurktaler Alpenkräuter. A liqueur made of selected Alpine herbs. 30 working places are in danger. – Links: Gurktaler Alpenkräuter Info Order Gurktaler Liqueur Online

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