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21-year-old man from Armenia bit Austrian police woman in finger

A very aggressive man from Armenia was arrested in the city of Innsbruck. The detention was characterized by a lot of violence. Four police man and woman were injured during the official act. One police woman sustained heavy injuries on her finger. The Armenian tried to bite off a part of her fingertip.

But that was not enough. The aggressor also smashed the side window of the police car with his head and injured three other policeman who tried to calm him down. It took quite a while and many police forces to get him into the prison cell. Now the 21-year-old Armenian has to expect a trial for his resistance against the authority of the state. Reason of the official act: he was wanted criminal.

Transsexual teacher is allowed to teach in Vienna

The anxiety among the parents was huge. A transsexual teacher should educate their children in a Viennese school. Massive protests were the consequence. The transsexual teacher should leave the school. Now the Education Secretary exercised her authority. The transsexual teacher is allowed to stay and teach the pupils. The Education Secretary explains: “Transsexuality is not […]

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Tourism in Upper Austria with a clear minus in overnight stays

The federal state of Upper Austria has a problem with its tourism industry. The overnight stays experience a dramatic decrease. There was a minus of 4,2 percent between May and July. In numbers: 10.000 visitors fewer with a minus of 92.000 over night stays. There is no difference between domestic and foreign guests. The interesting […]

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Town sign defiled: 50-year-old Carinthian arrested

A 50-year-old Carinthian man was arrested because he has defiled one of the new bilingual town signs with a white varnish spray. There was a long discussion about bilingual town signs in Carinthia. Since the end of the second world war Carinthians consider the deployment of bilingual town signs. The first of them were positioned […]

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Chancellor Faymann: Islam is no problem for Austrians

In Austrias daily newspaper called “Österreich” chancellor Werner Faymann of the Socialdemocrats declared that Islam is no problem for Austrians. Faymann is angry about Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache who wants to start a public opinion poll against minarets and headscarfs. Faymann calls such ambitions “changing cheap loose cash for the election campaign”. “The […]

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Soldiers song in retirement home

Discomposure in the Freedom party. Freedom parties borough chairman of Viennas district Brigttenau indicates in one of his press releases that members of the Socialdemocrats sang the German soldiers song “Lilli Marleen” during the celebrations in a retirement home. The song “Lilli Marleen” was written by the German soldier poet Hans Leip during the first […]

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Toilet fight between Russian man and Albanian family in Austria

A bizarre toilet fight between one Russian man and an Albanian family took place in the province of Tirol. Both parties to the dispute were discordant in the use of a toilet on the motorway service area Gries. The 52-year-old Russian knocked the 62-year-old Albanian family patriarch down with one stroke. Then the son of […]

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Austria needs German and maths teachers

Summer holidays are almost over and Austrian medias report already about the first problems in the new school year. There will be not enough teachers for the subjects of maths and German. The problems are homemade. Just some few years ago the Education Secretary warned young people to become a teacher. “We have too much […]

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Viennese mayor outraged about election posters of Freedom party

Every time there is an election in Austria, the Freedom party is faced with loud criticism from all competitors about their way of election campaign. This time no less a figure than the mayor of Vienna seems to be very unhappy about the election posters of the Freedom party for the next election in Vienna. […]

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Austrians spend a lot of money for their garden

Garden centres make magical sales in Austria. The reason is simple. Austrians enjoy to spend loads of money to embellish their garden. Now also a study proves that. Austrians love to spend their money in garden centres. Not even the crisis can change such a behaviour. The garden is an important retreat area of the […]

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Austrians are very unhappy about their salaries

Compared to other nations, Austrians are very unhappy about their salaries. This shows a new study of the future researcher Reinhold Popp. Not even a fifth of all working Austrians is satisfied with the salary. Only 16 percent are happy with the amount of money they receive from the employer. There is much more satisfaction […]

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Innsbruck: 63-year-old hotel owner raped 17-year-old chamber maid

One year ago a 63-year-old hotel owner from Tirol raped a 17-year-old chamber maid. Yesterday he was sentenced to 12 months prison. In his defence strategy he declared that he was seduced by the young girl. The judge did not believe him and replied it’s quite cynical to claim seduction for the reason of his […]

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Young female politican of Socialdemocrats wants minister of justice to resign

Laura Rudas, who is a young politican of the Socialdemocrats and a hope for a better future, made it into the headlines of Austrias newspapers again. She is not happy about the work of Austrias minister of justice, and wants her to resign. There are some scandals around the Socialdemocratic coalition partner Peoples party, and […]

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Very expensive hotel prices in Salzburg

Devastating result for Salzburgs hotel prices in the trivago hotel price index. While hotel prices in all important European cities decrease, Salzburg is the only exception. The hotel prices were even increased. And that not in a modest way. In Venice, Rome or Paris the prices for a hotel room decreased down to 19 percent. […]

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Too little money for summer holiday: murder!

A blonde 34-year-old fivefold mother from Upper Austria killed her 77-year-old neighbour because she had too little money for a summer holiday with her husband and her 5 children. The murder already happened on the 28th July, but it took some time to find the offender. The victim was killed in her own house by […]

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Carinthians not friendly enough to tourists?

“Carinthia – holiday by friends” is a famous advertisment for making holiday in Austrias southern province of Carinthia. But are Carinthias really such friends and very friendly to their tourists? A survey among 7.000 tourists who spent their holidays in Carinthia shows something else. The beauty of Carinthias landscape was confirmed and is undisputed, but […]

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Public toilet in Vienna under monumental protection

Anger about a public toilet in a Viennese park. The toilet is closed since more than 10 years. Reason: the facility is under monumental protection and a redevelopment would cost 300.000 Euro. Too much for the financial stricken city of Vienna. But visitors of the park can’t understand that. They want to have a toilet […]

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Secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein: friend of Jörg Haider escaped to Paraguay?

A former confidant of Jörg Haider, who is probably involved in the scandal of the secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein, left Austria and escaped to Paraguay. He was the personal advisor of Jörg Haider. Austrias daily newspaper “Österreich” reports that the wanted person lives in a hacienda on the countryside, but close to Paraguays capital […]

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