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Rapid Vienna first Austrian team in football history who eliminated English club

Rapid Vienna wrote football history last night. The tradition-rich “Green Whites” from Viennas Western part are the first Austrian team in football history who were able to eliminate an English club in an international competition.

After a 1:0 victory at home in the first leg, a 1:2 defeat in Birmingham against Aston Villa was enough to make the qualification for the Europe League. The Viennese, who stepped up with many young players, showed a tremendous performance and were also able to win the match in the return leg. A poor liquidation of scoring chances and a referee from Spain with two dubious penalty decisions for the home team made the match unnecessarily thrilling.

But at the end Rapid was simply too strong for Aston Villa. Now all 4 international present teams from Austria made their qualifications for the Europe League: Rapid Vienna, Sturm Graz, Austria Vienna and as last and least FC Salzburg. It was a great evening yesterday for the heavy scolded Austrian football.

Aston Villa – Rapid 2:1 (1:0)
Villa Park Birmingham, 23.000 visitors, Referee Carballo (Spain)

1:0 Penalty (38.) Milner
2:0 (53.) Carew
2:1 (76.) Jelavic

Aston Villa: Guzan – Beye, Cuellar, Davies (83./Lowry), Shorey – Milner, Delph (86./Albrighton), Petrow, A. Young – Heskey (82./Agbonlahor), Carew

Rapid Vienna: Payer – Dober, Soma, Patocka, Katzer – Trimmel (56./Maierhofer), Heikkinen, Hofmann, Pehlivan, Drazan – Jelavic (87./Boskovic)

Yellow Cards: Cuellar, A. Young, Carew (Aston Villa) Dober, Payer (Rapid)

Slovenia demands Slovenian town signs in the south of Austria

Town signs with the German and the Slovenian name of the place in Austrias most southern province Carinthia, demands the Slovenian minister president Borut Pahor during a meeting with Austrias chancellor Werner Faymann. Faymann told Pahor that it’s not possible to solve the wish only by law. The Austrian chancellor confirmed that it also needs […]

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Only 14 percent of Austrians trust the church

A new survey revealed that Austrians have no trust in the church and the government anymore. The most trust for the average Austrian these days can be found in his own family. In economical difficult times Austrians don’t expect help from the church or the government. Even one out of four Austrians confirm that he […]

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Tourism in Styria is doing fine

In spite of economic crisis and thunder storms, the tourism in Styria is doing quite good this summer season. Steiermark Tourismus even announces a slight increase of arrivals between May and July this year. Tourism experts feared a much worser situation for the Styrian holiday industry this summer. Also the numbers for August are very […]

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Lower Austrian Womens Centres need more money

The womens centres in the the federal state of Lower Austria have to fight with two main problems these days. All 6 centres are used to the full capacity, which is nontypical during the summer, and the financing for next year is completely outstanding for the most part. The provincial government of Lower Austria wants […]

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Advertising for discotheque with cruelty to women

An advertising poster for a discotheque in the Upper Austrian village of Unterweitersdorf causes an enormous sensation in the region. There is a tortured back of a woman imaged on the poster. Local politicans of the Socialdemocrats and the Greens see a “shocking villainy” in such a way of advertising. The message under the tortured […]

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Green party wants city toll for whole Vienna

Members of the Green party have a problem with the car traffic in Vienna. Now they demand that the whole area of Vienna should become billable for all car drivers. The charge should be taken in 62 city entries electronically. Such a claim before elections? Malicious tongues argue that the Greens do everything possible to […]

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Freedom Party wants to punish campers in Vienna

The Freedom Party has enough of a group of campers who wants to lead their life in motor caravans on brownfields in Vienna. Politicans of the Freedom Party think that the government of Vienna should show strength and stop to treat those campers with kid gloves. “They are a group of anarchists”, is written in […]

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Carinthian election campaign slogans in Vorarlberg

Amazement and amusement in Austrias most western province Vorarlberg about the election posters of the Orange party called “BZÖ” for the state election. “We care about your Carinthia” is written in big letters on an dark orange background. This slogan was already used during the last state election in Carinthia. Now the same slogan should […]

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Bed and breakfast in Austria with glorious business

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. As hotels are worrying about dramatically decreasing over night stays, bed and breakfast guesthouses are booked out as never before. Also the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports about a “rebirth of the bed and breakfast guesthouse” in Austria. Experts were wrong in the past times when they […]

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Austrians think that living in Austria was better 40 years ago

A new survey of the opinion research institute “IMAS” revealed that Austrians think living in Austria was better 40 years ago. There was not such a criminality as today, and nobody had to fear the security of his pension plan. 70 percent of the interviewed persons moan about the high criminality in Austria. 59 percent […]

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Dissatisfaction of employees in Austrian tourism industry increases

The mounting pressure and an higher unemployment cause an increase of dissatisfaction in the Austrian tourism industry. The first time since many years the employment figures in Austrias tourism decrease. Economy scientist Kai Biehl explains: “The economic crisis has reached the tourism.” In general the satisfaction of employees in gastronomy and hotel business is lower […]

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Austrian animal rights activists accused of cruelty to animals: 5 years prison possible

Ten animal rights activists are accused by the public prosecution department of the Lower Austrian town of Wiener Neustadt, that they have built a criminal organisation. The demand for a penalty comprises 218 pages. The public prosecution department even uses the “Mafia paragraph” 278a criminal code. The impeachment includes malicious criminal property damage, compulsion, and […]

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Michael Jackson memorial concert in Vienna?

According to media reports, Jermaine Jackson, who is the brother of the deceased pop singer Michael Jackson, plans to organize a memorial concert in Vienna infront of the famous Schloss Schönbrunn castle. The concert should take place at the end of September, and there should be enough space for 85.000 visitors. But it seems the […]

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Police shot 14-year-old burglar. Strache: stop agitation against police!

After the deadly shots in a Lower Austrian supermarket at a 14-year-old burglar by a policeman and woman, a passionate discussion occurred if the police officers used their guns too early or even without a reason. The leader of the Freedom Party, Heinz Christian Strache, can’t hear it anymore. He demands to stop the discussion […]

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Jörg Haider exhibition cause raised tempers by Greens

Raised tempers by the Green party cause an exhibition about the former minister president of Carinthia Jörg Haider, in the provincial capital Klagenfurt. Members of the Green party are far from pleased about this new event. They talk about a “surreptitious decision of the town senate” and an “impermissible relics worship.” 85.000 Euro for the […]

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Vorarlberg: Young Socialdemocrats worship Lenin

The election campaign for the state election on the 20th September in Vorarlberg already causes some irritations and disagreements in Vorarlbergs political scenery. Reason is a brochure of the Socialist Youth with the picture of Lenin. Lenin was the originator of communism and founder of the Sovietunion. The controversial brochure also touts for an event […]

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State election in Upper Austria 2009

Upper Austrias state election on the 27th September 2009 reveals its first election campaign placards. Socialdemocrats, Peoples Party and the Freedom Party already started with their election campaign. The Greens, BZÖ, KPÖ and all the other small parties are still silent and invisible. Interesting to take a closer look on the election campaign concepts of […]

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Weird election campaign in Vienna: dispute about sand in public sandpits

The election in Vienna foreshadows its quandary. Politicans have to get active and dissociate themselfes from their political opponents. A very bizarre quarrel occurred now about the sand of public sandpits in Vienna. Viennas Peoples Party had the commendable idea to clean public sandpits from dirt and garbage. Even new sand was ordered to make […]

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Austrian swimmer Markus Rogan: boxing after swimming

The Austrian swimmer Markus Rogan was involved in a serious boxing match with four doormen in a Roman disco, and sustained heavy injuries in his face and on his leg. The swimmer wanted to celebrate his participation on the swim world cup in Rome. There are different versions of the incident in the news. Rogan […]

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