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Martin Strutz upset about TV coverage of Haiders death

jörg haiderThe general secretary of the BZÖ (Alliance for the future of Austria), Martin Strutz, is not happy about the coverage of the Austrian broadcasting station about the death of BZÖ party leader Jörg Haider.

There’s more to it than that. The programme director of the public service broadcasting, Wolfgang Lorenz, continues to provoke the BZÖ politican. Lorenz explains that his TV station had to “build a medial antithesis to the death of Jörg Haider.”

Strutz thinks that such a sentence exposes the impertinence of the Austrian TV makers. “It’s a scandal that not even a case of death can stop the political agitation in televsion”, moans the BZÖ politican.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was a TV show by the two comdians Dirk Stermann and Christoph Grissemann. Just some days after the tragical accident they were making jokes about the death of Jörg Haider.

Martin Strutz demands the retirement of the programme director, and thinks that such a disgrace was never seen before in the history of the German speaking TV scenery.

Josef Fritzl incarcerated also his mother

New details in the incest drama of Amstetten reports the Austrian magazine “NEWS”. According to a NEWS journalist, the daughter of Josef Fritzl and their children, were not the only ones who were locked up in the Fritzl family. Also the mother of Josef Fritzl became a victim of her own son. She was locked […]

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Viennese tram driver screamed “Sieg Heil!”

A 35-year-old tram driver from Vienna lost his job, because he was screaming the Nationalsocialistic slogan “Sieg Heil” through the inter phone during his cruise. One of the passagengers made a video and put it in the video network “YouTube”. The majority of the passangers were quite amused about it, and answered the political incorrect […]

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Riddles about the death of Jörg Haider

The official version of Haiders death was simple. He was totally drunk, and not able anymore to drive a car without causing an accident. A bit too simple for widow Claudia Haider. She has canceled the cremation, and wants to have a new investigation of the corpse in Switzerland. Not in Austria, was accented. It […]

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Josef Fritzl in his expert report: “I was born to rape”

Interesting news about Josef Fritzl in Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”. The first expert report was released. Accoring to the results, Josef Fritzl was legally sane during the whole time, but suffers under a heavy personality disorder. Fritzls childhood was not easy. His life started with a lot indignities. He was an “alibi birth”. His […]

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Young theatre actresses from Vienna as erotic models

Some of Viennas most famous theatre actresses undressed themselfes for erotic pictures. Twelve of those pictures can be seen in the foyer of the Burgtheater. “The wind of change is blowing”, “pure erotic”, and “this is modern art” were the pedantic comments of some critical observers. It was the director of Viennas Burgtheater who had […]

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Porno movie fan decorated home village with porn pictures

A 52-year-old porno movie fan from Styria, decrorated his how village with porn pictures and utensils from porno movies. The libidinous Styrian was very active, and pursued his business undercover during the night. The man created freeze frames from porno movies to stickers, and decorated public and private facilities like bus stops, visual cover fences, […]

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Karel Brückner: Austrias football coach under fire

0:2 defeat in Lithuania, 1:1 on the Faroe Islands and now 1:3 at home against Serbia. The Austrian football is a deep crisis. Once again. Now Austrian medias started a discussion about the coach of the Austrian football team, the Czech Karel Brückner. His job was to qualify for the Football World Cup in South […]

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Jörg Haider was drunk: BAC of 0.18 per cent

The confirmation of Haiders alcoholisation at the time of his fatal car accident was released yesterday by the medical jurisprudence. The minister president of Carinthia had a BAC of 0.18 per cent. Now the goverment of Carinthia could demand a recourse for the damage of the accident by Haiders family. The damaged car had was […]

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Tightrope walker show ended in massive riots

A tightrope walker show of a German artist group in a little Styrian village ended in riots and many casualties. The exceptionally gifted artists wanted to dance on a high wire in the centre of the village. A 18-year-old local inhabitant was not happy about such an attraction in his home village. He started to […]

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No respect for zebra crossings in Austria

1.343 pedestrians were killed in the last 10 years in the Austrian road traffic. Every 7th of them met with an accident on a zebra crossing, reports the board of trustees for security in road traffic in Austria. Only every second car driver stops infront of a zebra crossing, if someone wants to cross the […]

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Stefan Petzner is follower of Jörg Haider

The follower of Jörg Haider on the top of the orange alliance called “BZÖ” is sure. It’s the 27-year-old Stefan Petzner. He was elected with one consent by the BZÖ leadership. Petzner accpted the decision and promised to continue the “heritage of Jörg Haider”. Petzner conceded that this job is everything else than easy, but […]

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Jörg Haider is dead!

The famous and controversial Austrian politican Jörg Haider died this morning in a car accident in the south of his provincial capital Klagenfurt. Haider leaves a wife and two daughters behind. Party fellows and his former political rivals reacted with sorrow and confusion. Deputies of all political parties in the parliament expressed their condolences. Haider […]

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Che Guevara sculpture in Vienna

Yesterday Socialdemocrats celebrated the unveiling of the controversial Che Guevara sculpture in the Viennese Donaupark. This sculpture is the first monument for the Argentinian revolutioner and mass murderer in Europe. Viennas Socialdemocratic mayor Michael Häupl told in his speech, this sculpture is a democratic bequest to Che Guevara, that Vienna is going to lauch all […]

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Austrian government guarantees safety for all bank savings

Chanecellor Gusenbauer promised in the course of international financial crises the unlimited safety for savings at Austrian banks. The new law is retroacting valid since 1st October. If it’s necessary the government holds out a nationalized responsibility for banks as well. Banks which have surplus liquidity should dispose their financial means in a clearing station […]

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Jörg Haider locks up criminal asylum seekers in Carinthia

After his surprising success in Austrias last general election, Jörg Haider seems to be very motivated to continue his strict asylum politics in the federal state of Carinthia. The leader of Austrias Southern province wants to lock up criminal asylum seekers in a “special institution” on the top of a mountain. Haiders political competitors react […]

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Alfred Gusenbauer: protection for Austrias employment market

It was quite silent around Austrias chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer in the past weeks. During the election campaign he plunged totally, and nobody was able to notice him. Malicious tongues claim that he did not wanted to harm his Socialdemocratic party during their election campaign. It seems his popularity among Austrias citizens is so low, that […]

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Styrian man killed parents-in-law with flame thrower

Double murder in the Styrian village of St. Magdalena! A 48-year-old man has killed his parents-in-law with a home-made flame thrower. Afterward he tried to kill himself with stabs with a knife in his belly. He survived his attempted suicide, and was brought to the police station. To the policemen he said: “Yes, I am […]

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Josef Pröll: “HC Strache was and stays a hooligan”

The new chairman of the Peoples Party, Josef Pröll, designated the leader of the Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache as “political hooligan”. This was two years ago. Now Strache wanted to hear an excuse if the Peoples Party is interested in a coalition with the Freedom Party. But the new Peoples Party chairman Josef Pröll […]

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Socialdemocratic club leader of Vienna has problem with Freedom Party

The Viennese club leader of the Socialdemocrats, Christian Oxonitsch, has a problem with the Freedom Party. He believes that members of this party have a severe deficit in politicial manners. Reason of the Socialdemocratic disgust was a word donation of Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. Strache critized Viennas Socialdemocratic mayor Michael Häupl, because he […]

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15-year-old girl kicked in apartment door of drug dealer

A drug addicted 15-year-old girl from the Styrian town of Fürstefeld, kicked in the apartment door of her drugdealer to get some narcotics. The drug dealer was not at home, and the little girl needed something of his stuff desperately. She was able to take 500 gram of canabis, and escaped. Of course the drug […]

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