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Sexual criminals not allowed to work as teacher in Vorarlberg

Austrias most western province Vorarlberg don’t want to have sexual criminals as teachers. 120 persons who start to work as a teacher in Vorarberg this year were checked if they have a previous conviction in relation to sexual crimes.

A sexual offender database should guarantee the veracity of all results. A change in the law was the basis of the possibility to do that. It was an idea of the provincial government. Sexual criminals should not be in contact with children.

The access to the sexual offender database is strictly limited. Only public institutions can request a certain search. Private organisations or associations have absolutely no chance to take a look in the database.

Every second child in Upper Austria has speech defect

Every second child between four and six years in Upper Austria has a problem with the right way of speaking. A typical pointer of a speech defect is the word “Schule”, which means “school” in English language. A child with a speech defect says “Sule” instead of “Schule (English accent: soole=false/shoole=correct)”. Experts complain that most […]

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Interest-free credit for students in Austria?

Students and headmasters are upset. The conditions in Austrias universities are unbearable. Now a clear decision about the financing is claimed. If there is a studying for free, the government has to grab much deeper in the pocket as before. Another solution would be an interest-free credit for students according to the model in Australia. […]

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