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17-year-old waitress stole 4.000 EUR from guest

EURO4.000 EUR was the loss of an 25-year-old man in a restaurant in Ferlach (Carinthia).

Not because it was such fancy restaurant with expensive meals and drinks. The 4.000 EUR were taken out of his wallet from the 17-year-old waitress by force.

The waitress was noticed by the public prosecution department of Klagenfurt with two other men. A 43-year-old bricklayer from Zell Pfarre, and a 19-year-old military service man from Ferlach.

The detailed circumstances of the villainous deed are not known.

Barbecue and smoking ban in Vienna

The dry weather got the blame: since yesterday barbecues in forests, or places which are close to forests, are not allowed anymore. The government of Vienna also imposes a barbebue ban on official public barbecue areas. A barbecue ban means: no handle with open fire. This means also, smokers have to leave the cigarette lighter […]

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Who are the most famous Austrians?

Everybody knows them in Austria. They are famous Austrians, and they are give recommendations to buy certain products. Now the market research institute detected the most important Austrian celebrities in the advertising industry. Result: the ski racer Hermann Maier is the most famous Austrian. Behind comes the pop singer Christina Stürmer. The bronze medal […]

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Bank robber wanted cash from cashless bank

Bad luck for a bank robber in Vienna. He tried to rob a bank which only offers cashless payment transactions. The odd bank robbery happened yesterday afternoon in the Viennese district Hernals. The approximately 30-year-old man had a mask on his face and threatened the bank employees, but they were not able to satisfy his […]

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Viennese woman in court because she wanted sex with priest

The 41-year-old woman from Vienna tried several years to have a hot night of love with a certain priest. The priest was not able to escape from the woman who was hungry for his love. He tried to move to other places, but the woman always found him and followed. The priest got depressions, attacks […]

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Mad pig breeder tried to kill a pig with iron bar

Nobody knowns what was going on in the head of a pig breeder yesterday night in the Upper Austrian region of the Innviertel. He tried to kill a pig with an iron bar, then he pulled the badly injured animal infront of his street door, and went away. The pig sustained a broken backbone and […]

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Opinion survey about Austrias biggest pride

“What is the biggest pride of the Austrians”, was the title of the opinion survey. The results were no surprise: neutrality, Austrian way of life, cuisine, world famous musicians and on the top of the list the scenic beauties of Austria. The same survey was made in 1975. Compared with the questionnaire this year, the […]

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Computer merchant searches notebook thief on YouTube

A computer merchant from Grieskirchen in Upper Austria tries to catch a notbook thief online by a blong entry, and a video on YouTube. The theft happened on the 18th April. The stolen notebook has a value of 1.300 EUR. Because of a burglary with a damage in the value of 70.000 EUR two years […]

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Angry car driver dumped road safety camera in river

A 22-year-old car driver from Vorarlberg is accused, he has a removed and dumped a road safety camera into the Rhein river. Road safety cameras can be annoying for hasty car drivers. A 22-year-old man from Vorarlberg removed such a problem his way. He digged out the road safety camera from the earth with the […]

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Village sold mountain peak to Austrian sausage manufacturer

The Austrian sausage manufacturer “Wiesbauer” bought the mountain “Mullwitzkopf” in East Tirol, and changed its name to “Wiesbauer Peak”. The mayor of the village Prägraten cannot understand the panic about the “mountain deal”. “We have a lot of mountains around our village. So we were able to sell one.”, he says. If the sausage manufacturer […]

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Young people in Tirol have problems to find a partner

The youth organisation of Tirols countryside wants to bring girls and boys together. The youth organisation created an online singles club to achieve more relationships among young farmers in Tirol. The second idea was to print t-shirts. T-shirts with red colour: “already in a relationship”. The green colour on the t-shirt shows: “I am single”. […]

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Brown hare attacked old couple and policemen in Linz

A brown hare attacked a 74-year-old woman in Linz this morning. The woman wanted to work in her garden as a brown hare jumped in. The animal bited the woman in her leg. She broke down, but could escape into the house. Then her 78-year-old husband went outside to fight with the hare. But without […]

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Snack bar in Wels was not allowed to sell Kebap

“I am going to cancel the license, if I see one single Kebap in this snack bar”, said the vice-mayor of Wels Manfred Hochhauser. A couple from Turkey bought the snack bar in the centre of Upper Austrias second biggest city Wels, and wanted to offer a wide range of snacks. Also the Turkish speciality […]

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Austrian citizenship for tourists who stay longer than one week?

There are too many citizens living in Austria without having the Austrian citizenship, thinks the Socialdemocratic Party. Now the Socialdemocrats want to change that. There is a reform in arrangement to defuse the law for people without Austrian passport. “Soon we are going to award the Austrian citizenship to tourists who stay longer than one […]

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Reading newspaper and driving a car at the same time in Tirol

The policemen from Tirol could not believe their eyes. Last Sunday they caught a 28-year-old man from Tirol on the Inntalautobahn motorway close to the town of Kramsach, who was driving his car and reading the newspaper at the same time. At first the 28-year-old attracted the attention of the police by his doubtful way […]

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UNESCO criticizes architectural culture in Burgenland

The most eastern federal state of Austria, Burgenland, has not a good architectural culture. Such conclusion made a commission of the UNESCO after its investigations about the culture of building houses around the Lake Neusiedlersee. The area around the Lake Neusiedlersee is classified as “UNESCO World Cultural Heritage”. The UNESCO now thinks more must be […]

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Styrian Peoples Party chairman worries about homosexuals

The chairman of the Peoples Party in Styria wants them to marry, but this should not count as homosexual marriage. Marry, or not to marry. This is the question of the Styrian Peoples Party about homosexuals these days. The chairman of the party has the idea. Homosexuals should marry, but not be married after the […]

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Three raids in 5 hours: Viennese police is not concerned

Three raids in one day in Vienna. The police commander of Viennas says: “This hurts, but there is no reason to be concerned”. Criminals kept the Viennese police busy yesterday. At first two criminal early risers with sunglasses robbed the post office in the Weintraubengasse at 7:30am. After all the money was taken, they started […]

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Law against begging in Fürstenfeld: beggar go to court

One beggar from the Styrian town of Fürstenfeld is not excited about the new law against begging on the street. He locates an offense against human rights and prepares a charge in the constitution court. The beggar gets support from the Vinzenz community, a female lawyer, and the constitution expert Brünner from Graz. “The law […]

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Life expectancy in Austria rises

The life expectancy in Austria continues to rise. Stronger in the Western parts of Austria than in the Eastern provinces. The data for such results comes from the new health report. Furthermore the differences in life expectancy between men and women decrease. The average Austrian man has a life expectancy of 76,5 years. The woman […]

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Every fourth Austrian is mentally ill

Almost a fourth of the Austrians suffer under mental illness in the course of a year. Such a conclusion can be found in the health economic study, which was carried out the first time in Europe. “Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe” is the title of the study. 28 European countries were investigated. […]

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Austrian village Pabneukirchen becomes smoke-free zone

Smokers must stay out of the village! The village Pabneukirchen in the North Eastern part of the province Upper Austria has declared itself to a smoke-free zone during the holy week. Think twice if you want to light a cigarette in Pabneukirchen these days. You might get a problem. Already for the third time members […]

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