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Bank robbery: 56-year-old wanted back to prison

bankPolice found an unusual motivation of a bank robbery last week in Krems. The committer could not bear to live in freedom.

The 56-year-old told the police he felt so unhappy since his last release from prison. He does not like to live in freedom. His true home is the prison.

The investigators confirm he committed the bank robbery that clumsy, that the police was able to catch him quite soon after the robbery.

He went straight to the next pub, ordered a beer, and played cards with his friends.

9 of 10 holidaymakers in Austria are over 50 years

9 of 10 tourists in Austria during summer time are over 50 years old. Peace and recreation are the two most important leading motives to spend a holiday in Austria. This is the result of a survey of the Tourismus-Monitor Austria (T-Mona) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. 26 percent of Austrias guests come for […]

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European Union praises quality of life in Vienna

Vienna is better than the average of the European Union in terms of quality of life. This is the result of a survey by the European Union. The best thing about Vienna is the supply of public transport. The integration of foreign persons is Viennas tender spot. Also the medical care is one of Viennas […]

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Mountain rescue service knocked down running sportsman

It happened at the beginning of this year. A 54-year-old man was running through a bird sanctuary of Innsbrucks Kranebitten wetlands. Two men of the mountain rescue service caught him, knocked him down, and got him handcuffs. It’s not allowed to run through a bird sanctuary. Today the sportsman was sentenced to a fine of […]

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No consideration: social minister Buchinger wants wage increase

In an interview with Austrias daily newspaper “Österreich”, Austrias social minister Erwin Buchinger ponders about the next wage negotiations in autumn. “An increase of 4 percent would be the ideal result”, he says. Buchinger also told he don’t want to give recommendations to the social partners, but he is also not interested to act like […]

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Gumball machine riot: police fight against chewing gum lovers

A gang of chewing gum lovers between the age of 16 to 27 years, brought the police of Traisen in Lower Austria up to speed. The candy addicts broke up a gumball machine, stole the chewing gum, and then started to demolish the gumball machine with scoops and a brakeshoe for railway waggons, which they […]

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60-year old British woman bit camping site operator

A 60-year old British woman, who spent her summer holiday in an Upper Austrian camping site, was not happy with the work of the Italian camping site operator. To express her displeasure she bit the Italian inflamed with rage in his arm. The victim called the police and had to go to hospital. He sustained […]

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Unhappy about Austrian politicans: bomb for parliament

An unknown person, who is unhappy about Austrian politicans, placed a bomb on the stairs of the parliament in Vienna. The bomb was correctly put together and functional. Only the dynamite was missing. The committer left a claim of responsibility in which he complains about the bad work of Austrian politicans, fairness, moral, future prospects, […]

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Debts of Upper Austrias cities and municipalities

Hinterstoder is on the top of the list of Upper Austrias highest in debt municipalities. The indebtedness per head of Hinterstoder amounts 11.000 EUR. This is more than the double of Unterweitersdorf, which is the municipality in the second place. The Upper Austrian municipality with the lowest debts is Mayrhofen im Innviertel. The village with […]

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Hot weather stops railway service in Upper Austria

Even the Upper Austrian railway service has to pay tribute to the heatwave in Austria. The extreme heat not only destroys the road surfaces. Now also the rail tracks are on the list of the heat victims. Between the railway stations of Rottenegg and Aigen-Schlägl many rail tracks are destroyed by the heat. The high […]

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Rioting punks moan about violent police in Carinthia

7th July in the Carinthian town of St. Veit/Glan. 50 punks from all part of Austria want to celebrate their “World Revolutions Day” in the centre of the Carinthian metropolis. The result: rioting punks in drunken condition, two injured policemen, and several arrests. In an interview of “Radio Angora”, the punks complain about the drastic […]

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SLI Società Imprese Lignano wants to buy centre of Bad Gastein

The Italian company “SLI Società Imprese Lignano” is interested to buy the centre of Austrias famous spa resort Bad Gastein, and invest 100 mio EUR for the renovation of the decayed centre of the town. SLI Società Imprese Lignano is operator of the beach in Lignano, the thermal springs, the camping site, the congress and […]

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Investment for Austrian cement manufacturer Lafarge Perlmooser

The Southern part of Styria is the home of the Austrian cement manufacturer “Lafarge Perlmooser Zementwerk”. Lafarge Perlmooser is continuing its investment policy, and want to rely more and more on green fuels. After the activation of its first project, the extention of its substitute fuel program is another important decision of the company, The […]

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Births in Austrias federal state Tirol

7.117 babies were born last year in the federal state of Tirol. Conspicuously is that women in old age became mothers more often, and the increase of abdominal deliveries. More and more women in Tirol decide to have a baby in old age. Last year every fourth mother was more than 35 years old. The […]

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Austrias U-20 football team continues pathway of success

Austria is among the best four football nations in the world. At least in the U-20 football world cup in Canada. This kind of sensation creates a true football euphoria in Austria, where usually football pessimism rules. Austrian newspapers overturn themselfes with chorus of praise for this team. They commented the entering into the semi […]

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Politican of BZÖ declares war on foreign mushroomers in Carinthia

The politican Uwe Scheuch of the BZÖ party has no mercy for people who are collecting mushrooms in Carinthia, and don’t follow the rules. He wants them to pay high fines. Especially mushroomers from abroad are a thorn in his side. “I will never accept people who are just coming to Austria to loot mushrooms […]

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Real estates in Bad Gastein: sell or lose

The centre of Bad Gastein, directly next to the world famous water fall, looks empty and decayed. A speculator from Vienna bought all the houses around the main square. As no interesting buyers shows up, the houses stay empty and decay from year to year. An unworthy image for a sophisticated tourist place like Bad […]

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Inspired by horror movies: three boys wanted to kill a girl

The police of the Styrian town of Trofaiach arrested three boys in the ages of 15, 16 and 19 years, who were planning to rape and kill a girl. The 15-year-old was the one who was chosen to execute the act. The other two boys wanted to watch how the victim is dying, and throw […]

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26-year-old impregnate 12-year-old: verdict of not guilty

The trial about a 26-year-old man who impregnated a 12-year-old girl in Vienna, ended with a verdict of not guilty yesterday. The man tried to explain he thought the girl is already 16 years old. The court believed him. The young girl had an abortion. In court she said the 26-year-old knew her real age. […]

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Carinthian electric customers must pay for Haider’s football club

The Socialdemocratic Party calls it an barefacedness. The electric customers of Carinthia have to pay for the new football club of minister president Jörg Haider. In the last football season the provincial government of Carinthia bought the license to play in Austrias top football league from the Upper Austrian club “FC Superfund”, which wanted to […]

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HC Strache: Austrian government is estranged

HC Strache, the leader of one of the opposition parties, is critizicing the government once more. The leader of the blue Freedom Party complains about the Eurofighter deal, the responsible minister of defence Norbert Darabos of the Socialdemocratic Party, and the whole Peoples Party. Strache says the Austrian government is incapable of acting and too […]

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Festival between Schlierbach and Windischgarsten is over

The “Festival of Regions” in the Southern region of Upper Austria ended yesterday in the late afternoon. The festival took place from the 23th June to 8th July along the Pyrhn road from Schlierbach in the north to Windischgarsten in the south. On the last day the artists of the project “Kerbl Ges.m.b.H.’s” made a […]

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Austria has most modern animal transport law in Europe

The animal rights spokesman of the Socialdemocratic Party Dietmar Keck is happy. “Austria has the most modern animal transport law in Europe”, he told yesterday in the National Council. Keck: “Now the European Union must take the case and guarantee the acceptation of the Austrian animal transport law for all other members of the European […]

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Salzburg failed to host the Winter Olympic Games 2014

Already for the third time Salzburg failed to host Winter Olympic Games. The games will be hosted in Sochi (Russia). The Russians won the second ballot against the candidature of South Korea, who wanted to host the Olympic Games close to the border of North Korea. The elimination of Salzburg was already in the first […]

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Green Party moans: too little public toilets in Linz

Members of the Green Party of Upper Austria bother their heads about the public toilet situation in their provincial capital of Linz. “There are too little toilets in the city. I have a problem if I need to go to a toilet in Linz“, says one politican. There are only four public toilets in the […]

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Statutory minimum wage of 1.000 EUR in Austria

Yesterday the leaders of the social partners in Austria came to the agreement of a 1.000 EUR monthly minimum wage in Austria. 20.000 employees in the industry and about 10.000 in free professions are affected. The president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber was not so sure if he should give his agreement. “It was […]

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Bank robber was too impatient to rob a bank in Vienna

No patience to rob a bank had a man in the Viennese district of Penzing yesterday on Monday morning. It was about 8:00am when a man entered the bank, another one was waiting outside. He went resolutely to the desk and asked unarmed, but in a rude way in South Eastern European accent, for money. […]

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Peoples Party politican: horses destroy the streets of Vienna

The directress of Viennas first district “Innere Stadt” Ursula Stenzel (Peoples Party), complains about the traditional coachmen who are going through the city centre of Vienna for touristical purposes. “They destroy our streets”, she says, and demands a barrier for several coachmen routes in the city centre of Vienna. Stenzel speaks between costs of five […]

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