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Father of Natascha Kampusch kicked down Spanish reporter

The interest of the international medias for Natascha Kampusch is not decreasing. When Natscha Kampusch and her father came from the lawyer yesterday morning, a Spanish cameraman came too close to them and Natascha’s father kicked him down.

He said those reporters were chasing him since three days. Natascha’s father Ludwig Koch and the Spanish cameraman were both reported to the police.

Natascha left the hospital yesterday and moved into her new flat. She told she wants to go to the National Council election on Sunday.

Election campaign finale for the Greens with Eva Glawischnig

The political party of the Greens celebrated its election campaign finale for the National Council election 2006. The green member on the second place of the federal list Eva Glawischnig told her dreams and targets for that election. She wants to overtake the Freedom Party and reach the third place behind the Peoples Party and […]

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Protest to remember freedom of worship in Austria

The artist group “TresViri” wanted to remember the freedom of worship in Austria, and fixed symbols of world religions on the cross on the summit of the Schöckl mountain, close to Styrias capital Graz. Hikers noticed four wooden plates an the strings of the summit cross. There were Islamic, Buddhist, Hinduist and Jewish symbols painted […]

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Karin Gastinger leaves BZÖ

5 days before election, the minister of justice Karin Gastinger from “Haider’s blue-orange party for the future of Austria” (short form: BZÖ) leaves the party, because she is not happy anymore with the style of its electoral battle. Gastinger was a newcomer in politics. She was brought into politics in 2004 by Jörg Haider. BZÖ’s […]

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FPÖ-politican Kurzmann: “Austrian police should shoot faster”

The boss of the Freedom Party in Styria is not happy about the Austrian police. He thinks the inhibition threshold to use firearms should be lower. The reason of Kurzmann’s demand relates on an incident in the Grazer Stadtpark. One Asylum seeker from Algeria attacked a policeman and knocked him down. The policeman don’t wanted […]

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Bomb alert in Feldkirch!

What a monday morning for the bank clerks in the Vorarlberg town Feldkirch. At about 9:00am a German speaking man called the police and claimed he had placed explosive charges in four different banks in Feldkirch. The banks were closed and police was searching for the explosive charges, but could not find anything. The search […]

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10.000 more overnight stays in Klagenfurt as 2005

Klagenfurt, the capital of the federal state Carinthia is becoming more and more popular. Already in September there are 10.000 overnight stays more as last year in 2005. In contrast to its federal capital, the province of Carinthia is suffering under dropping overnight stays. The minus amounts between six and eight percent. – Link: Klagenfurt

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Man over board in the Lake Hallstätter See

Yesterday evening a 54-year-old pensioner was swimming in the eleven degrees cold Lake Hallstätter See 150 meters from the shore. The pensioner was travelling by his electrical boat from Bad Goisern to the direction of Hallstatt. In an unconscious moment of silence he fell into the lake. A 35-year-old businessman from Obertraun has seen the […]

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150 pupils poisened in Eisenstadt

The consumption of fried chicken with rice in a school caused a massive large-scale operation for the rescue parties in Burgenlands capital Eisenstadt. It’s supposed that salmonellae in the chicken put 150 pupils out of action. About 80 of them were so sick they had to lay down on the floor. The rescue teams of […]

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Female teacher kicks pupil with feet

Violence in the 4th class of the primary school in the Upper Austrian village Wartberg ob der Aist. A 47-year-old female teacher attacked a 10-year-old pupil with her feet. The incident already happend on the second school day. The 10-year-old had a fight in the class room with one of his classmates. The teacher went […]

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Chancellor Schüssel makes female politicans upset

The female polticans in Austria are upset and horrified about an interview of chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel in the daily newspaper “Kurier”. According to the newspaper, chancellor Schüssel praises the high participation of women in the government with the words: “If I would be left-wing, the whole feminist troupe would be flattened infront of me”. The […]

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Bad news for shoe industry in Carinthia

Bad news again for the shoe industry in Carinthia. The shoe manufacturer Gabor in Spittal/Drau wants to cancel 170 jobs this year. Already three years ago Gabor reduced its jobs from 950 to 650. The cancellation of 170 further jobs is the next blow for the workers in the shoe industry. Gabor has problems to […]

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Prince Albert of Monaco visits Vienna

The prince of the little principality Monaco came for a visit to Vienna. He was invited by Mohammed Elbaradai who is the general manager of the International Atom Energy Association (IAEA). Prince Albert wants to know more about healing cancer with radio therapy and access to drinking water. He wants to discuss how far a […]

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Dirty election campaign in Austria

The chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel of the ruling Peoples Party is not happy about the election campaign of his biggest rivals from the Socialdemocrats. During an event in Klagenfurt Schüssel was complaining about “exceeding the border of the political style”, which can be seen in the “Napalm election campaign” of the Socialdemocrats. He believes the Socialdemocrats […]

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Football riot in Pasching

Bad times for the football in Austria. After the latest disgraceful matches of the national team, also disappointment and anger in the league matches. Only a crowd of about 4.000 visitors came to yesterdays Upper Austrian football derby between the teams of FC Superfund Pasching and SV Ried. The football fans have seen a boring […]

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Unhappy Asylum Seekers in Tyrol

Unhappy asylum seekers are living in the Tyrolean village Reith im Alpbachtal. To show their dissatisfaction to the public, they blocked the main road in the village this morning. The police was able to break up the blockade quickly. The asylum seekers from Russia wanted to avoid their removal to another accommodation with the protest. […]

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Haider’s dog?

On yesterdays’s TV confrontation between Strache and Westenthaler, Freedom Party politican HC Strache said that Westenthaler is following Jörg Haider like a dog. Westenthaler was complaining about HC Strache that he would support a Socialdemocratic government. The confrontation was characterized by a lot of personal animosities and allegations.

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Today Strache vs Westenthaler live on TV!

Tonights TV confrontation between HC Strache (Freedom Party) and Peter Westenthaler (Future Austria) at 10:30pm live on the Austrian TV channel ORF 2 (or ORF2E on Astra 19.2°E 12692 H 22200 5/6) could be an amusing entertaiment. It seems both really hate each other, so this should guarantee an emotional battle of words. Yesterday the […]

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Elsner taken into safe keeping in France

The former BAWAG boss Helmut Elsner, who is involved in the Austrian bank scandal, was taken into safe keeping this week in France. The public prosecutor’s office expects an early extradition to Austria. Elsner wanted to avoid this with the declaration of health problems. But it seems he is not that suffering as he declared. […]

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Natascha Kampusch was on ski holiday with her kidnapper

For the first time the lawyer of Westenthaler Natascha Kampusch has confirmed that Natascha went on ski holiday with her kidnapper last February. Kidnapper Wolfgang interested Priklopil vender went with his victim cheap jerseys Natascha for to the Lower Austrian skiing area Hochkar. goes The wholesale nfl jerseys lawyer of Natascha Kampusch want to emphasize […]

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Austrian employees not interested to work in Eastern Europe

In August a survey showed that Austrian employees are not interested to work in its Eastern neighbour countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia. Only a fifth (22 percent) can imagine to go and work there, and this also only if the job would be more and attractive than in Austria. Every second emloyee […]

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Charges against Strache and Westenthaler

Some people are not happy with the election campaign of the two politicans HC Strache (Freedom Party) and wholesale NFL jerseys Peter Westenthaler (Future Austria). Institutions like goes the Villa “ARGE Migration Information Centre” from Linz, the “Migration Advisory Board” from Graz, Clio the club for history wholesale jerseys and education, Helping Hands and some […]

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Austria News goes online!

On Thursday +???? the 14th cheap jerseys September 2006, the new website – goes online! We Kalp hope you enjoy cheap nfl jerseys the news wholesale jerseys and stories from Austria.

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