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Chocolate poison assault of Spitz apparently clarified

chocolateThe deceitful assault on the mayor of Spitz with a poisoned chocolate from Italy seems to be clarified now.

The police has arrested a 55-year-old man from Spitz. His DNA sample is exactly the same which was found on the greeting card.

The greeting card was placed with a chocolate on the car of the mayor. On the envelope of the greeting card was written “I want to tell you something”, and inside of the card “You are something special to me”.

The mayor thought this gift comes from a secret love. He ate the chocolate which was poisened with strychnine, and broke down immediately. At the moment he is still in deep sleep in the hospital of Krems.

The 55-year-old culprit still claims he has nothing to do with the crime, but the burden of proof is overwhelming.

The police told the 55-year-old landlord was angry about the mayor, because he was not allowed to build a thermal spring hotel in Spitz. Austrian newspapers write in todays issues that the man was known in the town as very angry and aggressive. He was running a little restaurant on the Danube river, and had a lot of debts.

Punishment for totally drunken policemen in Tirol

A police station in Tirol got in sight of the public prosecution department. According to an anonymous complaint, the police station was the location for wild parties and drinking orgies. Now the public prosecution department has stopped its investigations. The policemen were accused to play cards and drink beer in enormous amounts during working hours. […]

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Strache wants to be the mayor of Vienna in two years

The leader of the Austrian Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache has ambitious plans. In two years he wants to be the mayor of Vienna. In 2010 is the next election for the mayor position of Vienna. Strache wants to run for that kind of job, and he is sure to succeed. Strache complains about an […]

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Two totally drunken burglars in Linz

Two totally drunken burglars from Georgia were found sleeping with a whiskey bottle on Monday morning in a restaurant in Linz. The two tourists broke into the restaurant, and started to search for valuable articles. The discoveries were quite poor and valueless, and so they tried to satisfy their frustration with a whiskey bottle. They […]

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Haider offers minority government to Socialdemocrats

In an interview of todays published newspaper called “Österreich”, the minister president of Carinthia Jörg Haider, offers the Socialdemocrats to support a minority government under Socialdemocratic leadership. “Everything which stops that horrible government is wonderful”, says Haider in that interiview. Haider thinks that his orange BZÖ-party can make “intelligent things” in a minority government with […]

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Invasion of Swedish and Russian tourists in Salzburg

The city of Salzburg experiences an invasion of Swedish and Russian tourists these days. A reason might be the fact that Russia and Sweden are going to play their matches for the Football Euro 2008 in Salzburg. There are also more tourists from Greece and Spain, who are also going to play in the city […]

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Working in Austria: young and poor or old and anxious

A study of the Austrian representation of employees revealed the thoughts and the situation of the working people in Austria. The result: older employees are not so happy with their work. Young employees are happy about their job, but unhappy with their salary. Even 26 percent of all workers in Austria think they earn less […]

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11-year-old boy kicked and batted policemen in Vienna

It seems a very strong 11-year-old boy is living in the city centre of Vienna. From Sunday to Monday he was caught by the police when he tried to break in a kindergarten. But when the policemen tried to arrest him, they got the shock of their lifes. The young boy turned out to be […]

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Illustrated tour through the Austrian city of Linz

There is a new website about a certain Austrian city. Linz is Austrias third biggest city, and has 190.000 inhabitants. offers a view of all details in the city centre of Linz. Sights, shops, companies, or restaurants. It’s possible to browse through the virtual tour of Linz, and search for shops and restaurants in […]

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12-year-old pupil showed middle finger to teacher: trial!

A peculiar trial is going on in the Carinthian town of Spittal an der Drau. A 12-year-old pupil has arraign his female teacher to court, because she has hurt his middle finger. Before the “finger attack”, the pupil has presented his outstretched middle finger to the teacher during a lesson. The case happened during a […]

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Disagreement with neighbours: man lost ear

A 38-year-old man from Linz lost one of his ears, because he had disagreements with his neighbours. The reason of the quarell was a wrong telephone number. The three neighbours were ringing the bell of their victim. When he opened the door, they pushed him into his flat, and one of the three attackers cut […]

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More than one million people are poor in Austria

A survey of the institute for profession and grown up educations research revealed that 1.044.000 people who are living in Austria are poor. The survey was made in the university of Linz. The data were provided by “Statistik Austria”. There are more poor women in Austria, than poor men. The most affected age group are […]

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6-year-old primary school children devastated cemetery

A cemetery in the Styrian town of Sinabelkirchen in the Weiz district was devasted by 6-year-old school children. The disrespectful four boys and one girl destroyed grave lamps and damaged gravestones. When they were asked about their motive, they told the investigator they were angry because they had to cross the cemetery everyday from their […]

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Poisened chocolates for Lower Austrian mayor

The mayor of the little Lower Austrian of Spitz an der Donau was poisened with chocolates which were filled with strychnine. The politican found a box with those chocolates on his car with the message “You are something special to me”. When he tried one of the chocolates he broke down and was brought to […]

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Living in Salzburg is becoming more expensive

Living in the city of Salzburg has its price. According to the latest news of the Austrian TV station, living in Salzburg is becoming more expensive again. Last year the rent in Salzburg increasd by 5 percent. Salzburg is with Innsbruck and some districts of Vienna the most expensive place for living in Austria. The […]

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Austrian soldier turned from a man into a woman

A soldier of the Austrian army went into holiday as a man, and returned from holiday as a woman. A sex transformation made this miracle possible. Now the female soldier wants to stay in the army as a woman. The incident of transsexuality happened in the barracks of the Styrian town Gratkorn. The soldier who […]

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Generous chancellor Gusenbauer: 100 Euro for the poor in Austria

The chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer from the Socialdemocrats, wants to give a 100 Euro bank note to every poor Austrian. His coalition partner “The Peoples Party” is against such plans. “100 Euro are two tank fillings of an average car. Austrians don’t need such kind of pittance”, said Peoples Party member Martin Bartenstein, who is the […]

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Knocked down because of bad carnival custome

Last Saturday a 17-year-old boy from Vorarlberg was knocked down by an unknown man, because a woman did not liked his carnival costume. The victim was sitting on the bar of a carnival party, when a woman came and started to moan about his carnival costume. The woman told him to go outside, because a […]

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Austrian soldiers in Chad hiding in cellar of Hotel Kempinski

The 15 Austrian soldiers who were brought to the African country of Chad, have to hide in the cellar of the Hotel Kempinski, in the capital called N’Djamena. This reports Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” in todays issue. The rebels have invaded the capital, and conducted fierce battles with the army of the government. After […]

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