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Lower Austrians are the most unathletic Austrians

29 percent of all Austrians are completely against sport. Austrians from the west are much more athletic than from the east. Results of a new survey about the sporting behaviour in Austria.

Austrians from the Western provinces of Tirol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg are doing a lot of sport in their leisure. Cycling is their most popular activity. The laziest people in relation to sport are living in Lower Austria, shows the result of the survey.

Carinthians take the second place in the ranking of the most unathletic Austrians. The most popular sports of the Austrians are cycling, hiking, winter sport, running, swimming and gymnastics.

There are a lot of differences in the federal states about the most popular sports. People from Burgenland are passionate about table tennis, basketball and volleyball. Carinthias prefer skating and ice hockey.

Styrians like to bowl, Lower Austrians enjoy yoga, cycling is the number one sport in Vorarlberg, and winter sport as well as hiking in Tirol and Salzburg on the top.

The model province is Upper Austria. Upper Austria shows almost exactly the average of the favourite sports from all the other federal states together. Viennese prefer indoor sports and martial arts.

38 percent of the Austrians do sport at least once in a week. The EU-average is 40 percent. The most athletic Europeans can be found in Sweden and Finland (72 percent), and also in Denmark (64 percent). Greeks and Italians are on the lowest end of the list.

No ski-jumping hill for Vienna

One year ago the mayor of Vienna had the idea to build a huge ski-jumping hill in his city. Now medias report that the project is dead. There won’t be any chance for ski jumpers to do their sport in Austrias capital. The two main problems were environment protection reasons and no support from Vienna. […]

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Football betting scandal: Asians allowed to use mobile phones during matches in Austria

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that second league club Gratkorn might be involved in the Europan football betting scandal. Their 1:7 home defeat against Austria Lustenau from the province of Vorarlberg could be manipulated. It was told that there were extremly high stakes in Asia for a Lustenau victory. Gratkorn coach Michael Fuchs even claims that […]

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Provocation for Celtic Glasgow: Rapid Vienna wants to play in red

12th December 1984 in Manchester: Rapid Vienna wins the controversial replay against Celtic Glasgow in red shirts, shorts, and socks 1:0. The match before in Glasgow had to be repeated because the Rapid Vienna player Rudi Weinhofer was hit by a whiskey bottle which was thrown from the terrace. The 1:0 victory in Manchester was […]

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Rapid Vienna first Austrian team in football history who eliminated English club

Rapid Vienna wrote football history last night. The tradition-rich “Green Whites” from Viennas Western part are the first Austrian team in football history who were able to eliminate an English club in an international competition. After a 1:0 victory at home in the first leg, a 1:2 defeat in Birmingham against Aston Villa was enough […]

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Austrian swimmer Markus Rogan: boxing after swimming

The Austrian swimmer Markus Rogan was involved in a serious boxing match with four doormen in a Roman disco, and sustained heavy injuries in his face and on his leg. The swimmer wanted to celebrate his participation on the swim world cup in Rome. There are different versions of the incident in the news. Rogan […]

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Erwin Hoffer: from Rapid Vienna to SSC Napoli

The Rapid Vienna striker and member of the Austrian national football team, Erwin Hoffer, leaves Austria and goes to the Italian club SSC Napoli. Althought the transfer fee is a secret, football experts think that Hoffer is the most expensive Austrian football player in all time. Italian medias write about 5 million Euro. The 22-year-old […]

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Hans Krankl

Hans Krankl, the living Austrian football legend, is back in the business. Yesterday he has signed a contract to be the new coach of the Linzer ASK Linz (LASKL). A club of the Austrian Premiere League in dire straits. In his first statement he said that the current performances of the club were scandalous. He […]

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Dietmar Constantini is Austrias new football national coach

After the shameful presentations of the Austrian football national team in the last matches, it was time to find a new coach. The new president of Austrias Football Association chose Dietmar Constantini as the man, who should be able to help Austrias football. The 53-year-old charismatic connoisseur of the art of living is known as […]

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Football team from Carinthia is afraid of South Africa

It was a grandiose declaration some weeks ago. The Carinthian football players of the new created club “SK Austria Kärnten” are going to spend their next training camp in a fancy place of South Africa. Now it seems the hasty enthusiasm is simply blown away. The official reason is the world depression. SK Austria Kärnten […]

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Karel Brückner: Austrias football coach under fire

0:2 defeat in Lithuania, 1:1 on the Faroe Islands and now 1:3 at home against Serbia. The Austrian football is a deep crisis. Once again. Now Austrian medias started a discussion about the coach of the Austrian football team, the Czech Karel Brückner. His job was to qualify for the Football World Cup in South […]

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Former Austrian football referee died in Madrid

The former football referee Heinz Fahnler from Austria, died in the age of 66 in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Fahnler was working in the UEFA as official, and died during the preperations for the football match between Real Madrid and Borisov. The Austrian was working in this kind of position since September 1990. He […]

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Wiener Neustadt receives new football ground

The 40.000 inhabitant town of Wiener Neustadt in the south of Vienna, receives a new football ground with a capacity for 10.000 visitors. It is Frank Stronach, a man from Styria who escaped to Canada in his early years to become a millionair, who has a vision to create a new football ground in Wr. […]

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Austrias Foreign Minister Urusula Plassnik about Mirna Jukic

The bronze medal of swimmer Mirna Jukic for Austria, cause joy and honour for Austrias foreign minister Ursula Plassnik (Peoples Party). Mirna Jukic is a native Croatian young lady, but decided to win her Olympic medal for Austria. The country where she is now living. Austrias foreign minister is quite impressed and excited about such […]

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Austrias national football coach Hickersberger has enough

Josef Hickersberger, Austrias national football coach, receded from his position yesterday. Hickersberger was Austrias coach before and during the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. His balance was poor. Only one point and one debatable penalty goal in three Euro matches. In all of his 27 matches he was able to win only 5 […]

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Euro 2008: Austria – Germany 0:1 (0:0)

The dream is over. Since yesterday Austria is out of the European football tournament. Austrians lost their important match against Germany by 0:1. A victory was needed to go further and reach the Quarter Finals. The victory of Germany was deserved. They played stronger and had the better goalscoring chances. A fabulous free kick of […]

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40.000 German football fans in Vienna

Today is the match of the matches: Austria vs Germany. The last and only victory of Austria against Germany in a tournament is already 30 years old. It was a 3:2 in the world cup 1978 in Argentina. Now Austrians hope for another “Cordoba”. Cordoba was the ciy of the Austrian triumph. The police expect […]

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Priests want to take part on this years Football Euro

The football fever around the Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland has now also captured the holy priests. Austrias clerics also want to be a part of the Football Euro. Auxiliary bishop Franz Scharl is going to pledge 18 sacral action forces today, but this should be just the beginning for a religious offensive during […]

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Carinthia: credit for broke Austrian football club

The broke Austrian football club “SK Austria Kärnten” has received a credit in the value of 500.000 Euro. The club has to use this money to improve its infrastructure. It’s not allowed to buy new players! “The money comes from a man which want to remain nameless”, says the Minister President of Carinthia Jörg Haider. […]

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New Carinthian football club is bankrupt and about to fold

The new football club in Carinthia called “SK Austria Kärnten” is an artificial project of Carinthias minister president Jörg Haider. The club was founded this year by politicans of Carinthias leading party BZÖ, and bought the license to play in Austrias Premiere League from FC Superfund in Upper Austria, who quit its existance in professional […]

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Austrian police is worried about Football Euro draw

No excitment shows the Austrian police about the group draw for the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. Austria has to play in “Group B” against Germany, Poland and Croatia. This is the worst case for the security administrators and the police. “A nightmare came true. It couldn’t be worser”, says one of the […]

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Football: Austria – Czech Republic 1:1 (0:1)

The draw in a friendly match against our neighbours from Czech Republic is a decent result for the Austrian football team. After all Czech Republic is on the 9th place of the FIFA world ranking. The hero of the Austrians was Martin Harnik who played his first match for Austria. He came into the match […]

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Chancellor Gusenbauer can’t wait for Football Euro 2008 in Austria

Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, who is also the minister of sport, informed the public about the stage of the preparatory operations for the UEFA European Football Championship next year in Austria. Gusenbauer met with national coach Josef Hickersberger, and the players Martin Stranzl (Spartak Moscow) and Sebastian Prödl (Sturm Graz). Gusenbauer wallows in felicity about the […]

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UEFA search 1.000 volunteers for EURO 2008 who work for free

The UEFA searches for next years European Football Championship in Austria and Switzerland volunteers who work for free. The UEFA European Football Championship is the third biggest sport event in the world, which makes astronomical amounts of money, but the volunteers should work for free. The wanted persons should be over 18 years old, have […]

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Austrias U-20 football team continues pathway of success

Austria is among the best four football nations in the world. At least in the U-20 football world cup in Canada. This kind of sensation creates a true football euphoria in Austria, where usually football pessimism rules. Austrian newspapers overturn themselfes with chorus of praise for this team. They commented the entering into the semi […]

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Salzburg failed to host the Winter Olympic Games 2014

Already for the third time Salzburg failed to host Winter Olympic Games. The games will be hosted in Sochi (Russia). The Russians won the second ballot against the candidature of South Korea, who wanted to host the Olympic Games close to the border of North Korea. The elimination of Salzburg was already in the first […]

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Austria vs Scotland and protest against Andreas Ivanschitz

The Scottish football team was the winner against the Austrian on Wednesday evening by a 1:0 victory in Vienna. But if you take a look in Austrian newspapers of the last two days, the match itself turned to a minor matter. Austria played in the Viennese Gerhard Hanappi Stadium. The home ground of the football […]

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Vienna Football Hooligans caused violent Viennese Football Derby

The Viennese football derby between Austria and Rapid Vienna this afternoon was overshadowed by heavy riots. During the match Rapid goalkeeper Helge Payer was hit by burning missiles from Austria Vienna supporters. The fans of Rapid Vienna on the other side of the goal were throwing benches and wood laths at police forces. Already at […]

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Violent Saturday football evening in Graz

Also the Austrian football is becoming more and more violent. After the football match Sturm Graz vs SV Ried, the guest supporters from Ried started to attack the police with fireworks and beer bottles. The result of the match was a brotherly 1:1. But brotherly was not the behaviour of the guest fans from the […]

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Tickets for Football EURO 2008 in Austria/Switzerland

Tickets for the Football EURO 2008 in Austria will be available in the internet on the 1st March. Three matches will be played in the new stadium in Klagenfurt. The first 9.000 tickets can be ordered between 1st and 31th March in the internet. Additionally 2.000 tickets will be given to sponsors. The Football Stadium […]

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Football: Malta vs Austria 1:1

Malta, the island with 400.000 inhabitants, almost beated Austria in a football friendly match yesterday evening. A lucky deflected free kick by Greek legionnaire Andreas Ivanschitz in the 49th minute to the 1:1 equalizer, saved Austria from a total disaster. The Austrian team played slow without emotion and motivation. Even Austria coach Josef Hickersberger confessed […]

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