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Angry cook from Carinthia tortured apprentice in kitchen

cookA kitchen of a restaurant in the south of Carinthia was the nasty location of an inhuman mistreatment.

The cook, who is also the owner of the restaurant, tortured his apprentice in the kitchen only because he had a bad mood.

He took the hand of the apprentice, and pressed it around a hot handle of a sieve. The apprentice screamed because of horrible pain, and had to be brought to hospital. He sustained heavy burnings on the inner surface of his hand.

The case was reported to the official representation of employees. “Such kind of things are not unusual in Austrias catering and hotel industry. Austria is full of angry cooks who don’t accept official working hours for their apprentices, and don’t pay the full salary”, says a spokesman of the official representation of employees in Austria.

In this case the victim decided to quit his job in the restaurant. The young man also made a report to the public prosecution department, and demands the rest of his salary, compensation for his holiday and extra hours claims, and a compensation for the mistreatmen of three monthly salaries.

Austrias biggest parties worry about political diction

Austrias two biggest parties, the Socialdemocrats and the Peoples Party, worry about the reciprocal political behaviour. Socialdemocrats federal whip Doris Bures attacked the Styrian chairman of the Peoples Party, Mr. Schützenhofer, because of his rude way of behaving. Bures thinks that such kind of a political controversy is not good for the democracy in Austria. […]

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Austrias most popular names for babies

Lena and Lukas were the most popular names in Austria last year. 1.055 times “Lukas” was chosen to be the name of the newborn boy (3,1 percent), and 843 (2,6 percent) newborn girls received “Lena” as their name. Lukas is the most popular name for boys since 1996. For Lena it’s only the second time […]

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Sexual molester attacked French family during holiday in Styria

A French family, which decided to spend the summer holiday in Austria, was the target of an obviously mentally disturbed man. It was the 20-year-old daughter of the family who was attacked while she was sleeping next to her car. An unknown man jumped on her and touched her immorally. The young lady began to […]

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TV confrontation: HC Strache vs Jörg Haider

It’s a tradition that the Austrian broadcasting station is doing TV live confrontations between prime candidates of parties in the parliament before elections. Last Friday was the starting shot for the confrontations of the new election. HC Strache of the Freedom Party, and Jörg Haider of the “orange ones” called BZÖ were discussing their ideas […]

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Does Jörg Haiders party destroy Carinthias health system?

Jörg Haider is the minister president of Austrias Southern federal state Carinthia. His party rules the province since 1999. This seems to be a thorn in the flesh of Carinthias Socialdemocrats. Emotional critics and getting caught up in each other’s blame is part of the political everyday life in Carinthia. Now the Socialdemocratic party whip […]

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Vienna popular among German, Russian and Romanian tourists

Vienna as a holiday destination is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists. The last month was even a record in over night stays. Vienna had so many tourists like never before in history. Almost 1,1 million over night stays in one month is a quite an impressing result indeed. One of the reasons […]

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Holiday for free in Austria

A generous benefactor from the federal state of Styria has started a new project to make people happy. He wants to offer free holidays for poor families in Austria. Sponsors, hotel operators, and donors from hotel guests should make his dream come true. “There are some families in Austria which are not able to afford […]

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Heide Schmidt: Liberals demand abolition of universal conscription

Since Heide Schmidt returned into politics to support the Liberals (Liberales Forum – LIF) for the next election again, the party fuels speculations to be able to reach the needful votes for returning back into the parliament. Medias are full of stories and reports about the former like-minded woman of Jörg Haider, who totally changed […]

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Bad music during folk music festival caused riots

The bad music of a certain band during an open air folk music festival in Vorarlberg last weekend, caused massive riots and a widespread operation of the local police. Visitors of the festival were quite upset about the poor performance of a music band. They started to riot and used even pepper spray to underline […]

weiterlesen » weird news in German language has a new cooperation with the Austrian website called “”. provides weird news from Austria and the rest of the world in German language. This funny website exists since December 2007. After a break this years spring and summer, the website is back now to provide the latest news in weird things. At […]

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Austria thinks about “mushroom police”

The arduous discussion about mushrooms in Austrias forests does not end. Land and forests owner demand a new police unit who should protect the mushrooms in their forests. In future they also want to sell licenses to people who want to enter a forest in Austria. Austrias tourism manager are quite upset about such plans. […]

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Austrias Foreign Minister Urusula Plassnik about Mirna Jukic

The bronze medal of swimmer Mirna Jukic for Austria, cause joy and honour for Austrias foreign minister Ursula Plassnik (Peoples Party). Mirna Jukic is a native Croatian young lady, but decided to win her Olympic medal for Austria. The country where she is now living. Austrias foreign minister is quite impressed and excited about such […]

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Wir Party: Austria has a new political party

A new election in autumn brings out a new political movement. The new party calls itself “Wir”, which simply means “We” in English, and promise a new concept for the politics in Austria. “Wir” stands for improvment in the education system, and sanitary and financial security for old people. “Wir” wants to fight against empty […]

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Werner Faymann new chairman of Socialdemocrats

The party conference of the Socialdemocrats last weekend in Linz was a big success for Werner Faymann. Faymann was elected by more than 98 percent of the 574 delegates for the new party chairman. Tax reliefs and combating high prices are his campaign issues for the next election in autumn. The new chairman is 48-year-old […]

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Peoples Party wants new word for crimes done by aliens

Slowly but surely the campaign for the election in autumn is becoming stronger and stronger. Yesterday the interior minister of the Peoples Party Maria Fekter declared her new idea, to imort a new word for the German language in Austria. This new word creation should describe crimes done by aliens, which are crimes in Austria, […]

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12-year old boy partying on alp to unconsciousness

Partying to unconsciousness was the intention of a 12-year-old boy in Tirol on an alp close to the Stubaital valley. The little boozer wanted to celebrate his new vacation job as Alpine herdsman and dairyman, and forgot to stop partying. The result of such an undeliberated behaviour was disastrous and fatal. His workmates found him […]

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Jörg Haider is back!

Some people might be really shocked about it. The man who leaded Austria into the sanctions of the European Union, because of his decision to take part in the government, returns and wants to be elected for the Austrian parliament again. Jörg Haider is back in Austrias federal politics. He is going to be the […]

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Mother of Elisabeth Fritzl is now homeless

Some days ago Rosemarie Fritzl, the wife of Josef Fritzl and mother of Elisbath Fritzl, has left the hospital and her family. Some newspaper wrote, it was because the treatments were finished, and Rosemarie is healthy again. Other newspapers wrote about a fight between Rosemarie and her daughter Elisabeth. Now she is a homeless woman, […]

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Crime is the biggest anxiety of Austrians

The feelings and anxieties of the Austrian citizens was the issue of a survey for the project called “security barometer”. Accoring to the results of the project, the feeling of security is deceasing by the Austrians. The majority of the Austrians have anxiety about being a victim of a crime. 6 percent of the polled […]

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