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Upper Austrias exporters happy about result of election in Germany

Germany is the biggest market for Upper Austrias 6.650 exporters. That’s why the relief was quite huge that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) are running Germanies next government.

One of the exporters said to Austrias financial newspaper “Wirtschaftsblatt”: “We were really concerned that a red-red-green government would come to power in Germany.” Such opinion is not something unusual among Upper Austrias exporters. A lot of entrepreneurs have the same opinion.

The boss of a special machines manufacturer company explains: “Nobody knows which ideas would occur in a coaltion between Socialdemocrats, Communists, and the Greens.” 50 percent of the companies business is done with Germany. The fear that the Germans would vote for such kind of government was big. Now he is happy about the fact that his worst nightmare did not come true. The boss of the special machines manufacturer company now even expects an increase in the sales to Germany.

Another boss of an Upper Austria company utters her satisfaction about the election result in Germany. The female entrepreneur of a metal construction company explains that she believes such kind of government has the right course to get out of the crisis.

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17-year-old teenager murdered 63-year-old pensioner just for fun

Simply bad mood was the reason for a murder in Vienna. A 17-year-old teenager had a dispute with his mother during a party. To give vent to his anger, he went out of the flat and kicked a noninvolved pensioner from behind down the staircase. The pensioner had no chance, tumbled downstairs, and stayed lying […]

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State election in Upper Austria

The state election in Upper Austria is over. Once again the results for the Socialdemocrats were a disaster. Their nose dive continues. Socialdemocrats lost 13,38 percent and went down to 24,95 percent of the votes. Election winner was the Peoples Party. They received 46,75 percent. Even 3,33 percent more as in 2003. Massive winnings also […]

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Xenophobia in Austria

Diocesan bishop Manfred Scheuer declared in relation to the coming “Foreigner sunday” his refusal to xenophobia in Austria. The bishop locates rejection in forms of fear, contemptuousness, sneer, antagonism and violence. He also claims that Austrians treat someone who is not a local as a suspective person. The bishop demands an unconditional brotherly love for […]

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Provocation for Celtic Glasgow: Rapid Vienna wants to play in red

12th December 1984 in Manchester: Rapid Vienna wins the controversial replay against Celtic Glasgow in red shirts, shorts, and socks 1:0. The match before in Glasgow had to be repeated because the Rapid Vienna player Rudi Weinhofer was hit by a whiskey bottle which was thrown from the terrace. The 1:0 victory in Manchester was […]

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Socialdemocratic mayor of Vienna expects disgusting election campaign

There is an election in Vienna next year. Viennas current mayor is already nervous. He told medias that he is going to expect a very disgusting election campaign. The last result for the Socialdemocrats is reason enough to be nervous. The fourth place behind the Green party in the province of Vorarlberg, and the lowest […]

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Werner Faymann is ready to quarrel again

The horrible result of the Socialdemocrats in Vorarlberg is still the one of the main issues in the Austrian medias. The chancellor and Socialdemocratic leader Werner Faymann was asked about the consequences after such an electoral disaster. He answered that he and his party fellows won’t avoid any conflict in the future. Faymann also thinks […]

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State election in Vorarlberg

The Peoples Party was the shining winner of Vorarlbergs state election yesterday. 50,8 percent of the votes is enough to enjoy the outright majority. Second winner was the Freedom Party with a vote increase of 12,3 percent up to 25,2 percent. The biggest losers in Vorarlberg yesterday were the Socialdemocrats. They lost 6,8 percent of […]

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Drunken policeman: 8 glasses of wine in several minutes on duty

Austrias daily newspaper “Heute” reports about a totally drunken policeman on duty in Vienna. According to the newspaper, the man was one of the postmen who turned to a policeman some weeks ago. At the beginning his colleagues even tried to accept his dubious condition, but when he continued drinking on duty, they decided to […]

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No motivation to work: 166 fledgling teachers stayed at home

The start of school in Lower Austria was a bad surprise for many schools. In spite of signed applications, many fledgling teachers prefered to stay at home instead of giving their first lessons. Lower Austrias schools inspector Hermann Helm is upset and mad with anger. Some of the 166 fledgling teachers told their decision of […]

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McArthurGlen Fashion Design Outlet in Salzburg

Those people who are interested in fashion might be delighted. This weeks Thursday a fashion design outlet is going to open its gate in Salzburg. 28.000 square metres with more than 100 brands and 800 new jobs. McArthurGlen Outlet offers a shopping experience with a discount of 70 percent. The temple of fashion is located […]

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Mysterious: 15 dead people every year in East Tyrolian Alps

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a creepy series of dead people in the Alps of East Tirol. Every year 15 holidaymakers and hikers die during their leisure activities. Only during the past 2 weeks 7 persons had an accident in the dangerous mountains and died. Some of the victims were killed by falling rocks, […]

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Huge success for brothels and prostitutes in Carinthia

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a huge success for brothels and prostitutes in Carinthia. At the moment 30 brothels with 350 legal and another expected 350 illegal prostitutes contest for customers in Austrias most southern province. And the boom does not seem to stop. More brothels are already in process of planning. This week […]

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Austrias richest and poorest places

The richest provinces of Austria are Vienna and Vorarlberg. A new survey revealed that the people of those two federal states have a lot of money in their pockets compared to people from other provinces of Austria. Austrias poorest provinces are the Burgenland in the east, East Tirol and Carinthia in the south. The survery […]

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Monetary penalty for a smelly fart in Styria

A 20-year-old man from Styria had to pay a monetary penalty of 50 Euro because he was not able to suppress a smelly fart next to a police man. The smelly fart is a violation against the federal security law in Styria. Austrian medias make a scandal out of this incident. Almost all important newspapers […]

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Election campaign start of Upper Austrias Socialdemocrats

“Upswing”, was the magic word of Upper Austrias Socialdemocrats for the official start of their election campaign. More than 5.000 fans, supporters and members of the Socialdemocratic party came to the sports hall of Linz and celebrated their favourite politicans. The provincial party leader Erich Haider confirmed that he wants to be the minister president […]

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Pyramid scheme in Austria: 2 million Euro gains

A pyramid scheme in Austrias federal state of Styria, especially in the area around the town of Voitsberg, is going on since several years. The police claims that the harm of the illegal business model already reaches the total of more than 2 million Euro. At the moment the police was able to trace 13 […]

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Contest in Carinthia: win a camp for asylum seekers in your village!

Stefan Petzner, the former life person of Jörg Haider and member of the orange party called “BZÖ”, promised his most bitter resistance against a camp for asylum seekers in Carinthia. He labeled the idea of Austrias interior minister Maria Fekter (Peoples Party) to choose the place for the camp in Carinthia by a contest as […]

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HC Strache observed by secret service

Austrias daily newspaper “Österreich” reports in todays issue that the controversial Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache was observed by the secret service. Strache was participating in a company called “Care Partners Werbeberatungsgmbh” between 2002 and 2004. Later the company changed its name in “ESS Security Services GmbH” and started to give close combat exercises […]

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