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Angry about poor Christmas party: riot

One seriously injured 39-year-old man was the result of a muffed Christmas party which was organized by a tinsmith enterprise in Carinthias capital Klagenfurt.

The guests were so unhappy and disappointed about the boring event that they started to riot and a rude free for all. One man was hit by fists of his opponent several times and had to be brought to hospital. Only the police was able to calm down the flared tempers.

All Christmas fighters were burdened with complaints. They have to expect harsh punishments. Violence during a Christmas party is heinous. A Christmas party has to be peaceful.

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23-year-old renegade of Austrian army convicted

A 23-year-old man from Austrias Western province Tirol decided that he don’t want to serve the Austrian army anymore. He escaped from the barracks and tried to hide himself. But the military police found him. Yesterday he stood trial and was convicted to a financial penalty of 4.000 Euro. In court he explained that he […]

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Freedom party against Google

Austrias Freedom party has found a new enemy image. It’s Google. The constitutional spokesman of the party labels the latest statements of the Google boss as “plain and simple outrageous.” Google boss Eric Schmidt said that his company is not responsible for data privacy. He also confirmed that “if you don’t want that someone knowns […]

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Styrian wood carver carved devil in wooden door: dead!

Portentously coincidence in Styria. A 39-year-old wood carver carved a huge devil on the wooden door of a motorcycle club. It was the last order in his life. He died on his way home after a car accident. The 34-year-old spent the whole day making a huge devils face into the wooden door of a […]

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Lower Austrian Freedom party demands to close the border

Severe controversies in the state parliament of Lower Austria. The Freedom party demands to close the borders of Austria to decrease the crime. Greens are talking about “racism”. The Lower Austrian Freedom party whip Gottfried Waldhäusl explains: “70.000 offences of non-Austrians are enough. There is only one relief. We need to close our borders.” “Every […]

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Karl Lueger monument in Vienna should be modified

Viennas university for applied art has awarded an international competition for the reshaping of the Karl Lueger monument. Karl Lueger was the mayor of Vienna from 1897 to 1910. The Freedom party is not excited about such plan and labels the competition as “iconoclasm”. “The monument should not be removed”, explains one of the responsible […]

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250 Catholic demonstrators against open shops on 8th December in Salzburg

“Zero tolerance for open shops on 8th December”, was the motto of 250 Catholic demonstrators in the city centre of Salzburg yesterday. The ultra religious group called “Catholic Action” can’t endure open shops and busy humans with loads of shopping bags on December the 8th. “Our 8th December is called Maria Empfängnis and not Maria […]

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Austrian social researcher against Facebook

An Austrian social researcher confirmed his critical view on the internet social network provider “Facebook”. The Lower Austrian Media festival was the right place to do that. Irrelevances like “I am going to take a shower” dominate the character of the web service, and turn the inside of a humans private life out. Especially people […]

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Burning of a witch in Upper Austria prevented at the last moment

The organiser of a traditional festival in the south of Upper Austria had the devilish idea to “burn a witch” to spice up his event. At the last moment disgusted citizens and residents were able to prevent such an outrageous spectacle. The “burning of a witch” during the event was even advertised on placards and […]

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Homeless Viennese use university as sleeping place

Some of Viennas homeless people have found the university as a new place to stay over the night. A certain auditorium serves as heated place with free eating. Students support the people in need of help as much as they can. But it seems that Vienna needs more flats and night shelters for its homeless. […]

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Football betting scandal: Asians allowed to use mobile phones during matches in Austria

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that second league club Gratkorn might be involved in the Europan football betting scandal. Their 1:7 home defeat against Austria Lustenau from the province of Vorarlberg could be manipulated. It was told that there were extremly high stakes in Asia for a Lustenau victory. Gratkorn coach Michael Fuchs even claims that […]

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Vorarlberg: no alcohol in local trains

Sunday, the 13th December is going to be the magic day when it’s not allowed anymore to enjoy alcoholic beverages in all local trains of Vorarlberg. Just why Vorarlberg? Because it’s a manageable province, explains a spokesman of the Austrian Federal Railway. If a person does not respect the new law, the unlucky transgressor will […]

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