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Austrian farmer was holding a slave for 30 years: no unconditional imprisonment!

The farmer from Austrias federal state of Styria, who was holding a slave for 30 years, does not have to go to prison. The judge gave him a suspended sentence of 18 months imprisonment.

The case was revealed and came to public in autumn 2008. A 56-year-old man was working for the farmer since 30 years without salary and medical treatment.

For his good nature to work for free and only for some food he was also beaten and insulted by his employer. A quite outlandish way to show gratitude.

But not even daily food was for sure. A witness confirmed that the 56-year-old victim had to beg on his knees for food and something to drink almost every third day infront of the kitchen window. Because of the many mistreatments he also lost the hearing on one ear.

The accused farmer was not cooperative and denied the testimony at all points. But still the judge was in a mild mood. No prison for all the crimes. Only 18 months on probation.

61-year-old man eaten alive by maggots

A 61-year-old bedridden man from Vienna was eaten alive by maggots, reported Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. His 34-year-old girlfriend was sleeping next to him in bed until his death was noticed. The first autopsy reaveled that he died because of a circulatory failure. The man was totally corroded by maggots. They were already inside his […]

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Cartinthian newspaper against beach volleyball in Klagenfurt

In todays issue of a Carinthian newspaper a critical article about the beach volleyball event in Klagenfurt puts oil on troubled waters. The beach volleyball tournament in Klagenfurt receives 900.000 Euro public sponsorship every year. A bit too much for a federal state which is hopeless indebted, thinks a columnist of the newspaper. 2,5 billion […]

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Austrian hairdressers and their prices

Women has to pay much more for the service in Austrian hair salons as men. The equal treatment commission of the Federal Chancellery does not like that. “Austrian hairdressers have to change their prices”, claims an insider. Now also the medias report about the scandalous disadvantage of women in hair salons. The arguments of hairdressers […]

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Austrian chancellor Faymann for compulsory military service

The latest discussion about abolition of the compulsory military service in Austria was not music in the ears of Austrias chancellor Werner Faymann. In an interview in Austrias daily newspaper called “Österreich”, he confirmed that he wants to keep the compulsory military service in Austria. Faymann explains that the most important thing about the Austrian […]

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Sausage or kebab? Female politican worries about traditional Austrian snack bar.

A female politican of the Freedom party worries about the existance of a traditional Austrian snack bar (Würstelstand)  in Vienna. In her latest press release she declares that somebody from Turkey wants to take the place and sell Turkish delicacies like some kind of kebab creations there. She labels such efforts as “inconceivable” and cofirm […]

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Trigger-happy parrots hater in Eferding

A 65-year-old pensioner from the Upper Austrian town of Eferding was arrested because he has killed three parrots with a gun last weekend. During the interrogation in the police station he told that he could not bear the croaking anymore. The parrots belonged to a parrot breeder in his neighbourhood. The damage amounts 20.000 Euro. […]

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Salzburgs children don’t want to make sport

Doctors of the state hospital criticize that the children of the province of Salzburg are not so much interested in sport anymore. 20 years ago their predecessors were much more sporty and healthier. The blame for the worrying development got the playstation. But also parents are not that innocent. They are too anxious and fear […]

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Emotional discussions about summer break in Austrian parliament

Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache was criticized by the orange party “BZÖ”, which is also known as the “Alliance For The Future Of Austria”, because he is going to spend a two weeks holiday with his children instead of joining “inflationary extraordinary meetings in parliament” during summer time. Strache declared in his latest press […]

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Feldkirch: 2 1/2 years prison for 3 Euro robbery

A 22-year-old man from Vorarlbergs metropolis of Lustenau was sentenced to an imprisonment of 2 1/2 years because he has captured a wallet with 3 Euro inside. The height of the loot was irrelevant for the court. The offender commited his misdeed with a lot of violence. Victim was a 53-year-old man. The law range […]

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Meat loaf trial in Vorarlberg

Three female employees of a petrol station were sentenced to fines because they ate too much meat loaf during work. The tenant of the petrol station also sold snacks to his customers. These include meat loaf. The employees were such hungry young ladies that they could not resist and ate the tasteful delicacy in great […]

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Austrias minister of defence wants to save money

Socialdemocrat and minister of defence Norbert Darabos declared during an interview with the daily newspaper called “Österreich” that his biggest dream would be to save some money for his native country. Darabos wants to economize more than 300 spies in the Austrian secret service. He also explained a professional army would cost the double if […]

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Not enough prison officers in Lower Austria

The Lower Austrian guard of justice moans about a signally manpower shortage. The numbers of prisoners increases dramatically. The number of prison officers only slowly. Since 2007 there was an increase of prison officers of only 3 percent. Extra hours are already part of the everyday life and a heavy burden for the employees in […]

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Internet fraud: Lower Austrian man lost 64.000 Euro

A 42-year-old man from the Northern part of Lower Austria lost 64.000 Euro in the internet. He was seduced to buy not existing options on the gold rate. When he wanted to have his deposit payed out, nobody of the company was there anymore and the website was deleted. The virtual company had its headquaters […]

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Swimmer Dinko Jukic becomes politican of the Peoples Party

The highly gifted swimmer and brother of the famous Mirna Jukic decided to become a politican of the Peoples Party. He wants to run for a post as a prime candidate in the Meidling district in the next communal elections. Viennas Peoples Party boss Christine Marek is very excited about such a reenforcement in her […]

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