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Socialdemocratic city government of Vienna decides tax on property

The Socialdemocrats of Vienna decided a higher tax on property. The Greens consented the new decision. Peoples Party and Freedom Party were against it.

The Peoples Party was talking about “Milkmaid Marxism”. The Viennese Freedom Party sees a shock for the middle classes.

The main basis of the new law is a financial transactional tax and a property growth tax. “Unbridled speculations will be reduced by such taxes”, rejoices a spokesman of the Socialdemocratic Party.

Alexander Neuhuber of the Peoples Party fears that such taxes lead to an exodus of international companies and jobs. He adds that a financial transactional tax makes only sense for whole Europe, and not just for Vienna.

The chairman of the Viennese Freedom Party Eduard Schock said that a property growth tax hits only the middle class. “The true property is located in endowments, and the Socialdemocrats with Werner Faymann have reduced the taxes on endowments”, he claimed. Only the Green party was excited about the new tax. David Ellensohn of the Greens confirmed that a tax for rich people is fantastic. He was also talking about accuracy and that the bank books of the grandmothers should not be affected.

Linz: burglar sustained epileptic seizure

A 28-year-old burglar failed to complete a burglary in Upper Austrias provincial capital of Linz, because he sustained an epileptic seizure. It was a paradoxical situation when two policemen had to help the unlucky burglar and applied first aid. Doctors said that the nervousness and tension for the young man was too high to complete […]

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Austrian girls are very slim

A study of a French research scientist revealed that Austrian girls are one of the most slender ones in Europe. Only girls from France and Italy are slimmer. French girls have a body mass index of 23,2 and are the winners of the analyis. The results were published in the new issue of the professional […]

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Freedom Party not allowed to use quotations in parliament

Freedom Parties general secretary Harald Vilimsky is upset about yesterdays prohibition of the presiding officer of the Austrian parliament Barbara Prammer, that his party is not allowed anymore to use quotations in parliamentary discussions. “Completely stunned”, was the first comment of Vilimsky after the new regulation declared by the Socialdemocratic president of the Austrian parliament […]

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Austrias former justice minister nominated for European Court of Justice

Austrias former justice minister Maria Berger (Socialdemocrats) was nominated to be a judge in the European Court of Justice. The reactions of Austrias politicans about that decision were various. Socialdemocrats party whip Josef Cap showed himself “delighted”, and claimed that she is the best choice for such a responsible task. Cap said that Maria Berger […]

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Unemployed Carinthian wanted to blow up employment office

A 40-year-old unemployed man from Carinthia was not satisfied with the service of the employment office in St. Veit an der Glan. He threatened that he is going to stab all employees of the office, and blow up the whole building afterwards. The man was already noticeable when he has entered the employment office. He […]

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Kundl: Eagle as handbag snatcher

A 69-year-old woman from Kundl became the victim of a white-headed eagle. The huge bird snatched her handbag after a masterful power dive from the sky. The Tirolean woman wanted to go to put some flowers on a chapel. She was surprised by a white-headed eagle, who is also known as American egale, from the […]

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Austrian Federal Railways with desastrous balance

The Austrian Federal Railways are going to present a lossy balance for 2008. An article in Austrias business paper “Wirtschaftsblatt” reveals the disturbing situation. The reasons of such a disaster can be found in the loss in speculative operations, and lushly write-downs of the capital assets. The whole loss of Austrias Federal Railways amounts 800 […]

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Beer can as motive for murder

A simple beer can was the reason for a murder in Vienna. Now two men have to stand their trial, because they were involved in the killing of a homeless man for a can of beer. The 24-year-old main defendant is talking about self-defence. He explained he was attacked by the 50-year-old homeless man because […]

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Lower Austrian hauliers in deep economical trouble

Lower Austrias forwarding agencies are in deep economical trouble, reports the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. The reason of such a disaster is the economic crisis. The chairman of the concerning occupational group says that the situation comes to a head. He explains it became quite difficult to receive credits. The banks removed hauliers in the at-risk […]

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Postcards of Innsbruck are a fake

Two young architects, who were analyzing postcards of Tirols provincial capital Innsbruck, raise a protest against the postcards of the popular holiday destination. According to their opinion, they came to the conclusion that a lot of postcards were faked, and do not reflect the reality. Most of the postcards were photo compositions. The mountains of […]

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Total blue house in Klagenfurt

A former bog standard single family house in the Carinthian capital of Klagenfurt was painted in blue colour, and became a new attraction of the city. The house has only one colour, ultramarine blue, outside and inside. Everything is blue. From cellar to the chimney. It was the idea of an eccentric architect. The house […]

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Graz: thirsty Hungarian wanted to steal two beer crates from supermarket

A 28-year-old tourist from Hungary was caught in Graz when he wanted to steal two beer crates from a supermarket during the night. The thirsty man smashed a window and jumped into the building. He was seen by neighbours who called the police. The Styrian police of Graz is known to be quite fast. When […]

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Austrias chancellor Werner Faymann wants to support Serbia

Austrias Socialdemocratic chancellor Werner Faymann met the Serbian president Boris Tadic yesterday in Vienna. Faymann described the talks as “frankly”. Main subject was the economic crisis. Both politicans praised the friendly and tight relations between Austria and Serbia. Also the joining of Serbia to the European Union was a much discussed subject of conversation during […]

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HC Strache: Obama should make Turkey to the 51th federal state of the USA

Obamas suggestion in Prague, that the European Union should accept Turkey as a new member, did not met the sympathy of Austrias Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. Strache declared that Obama should not intervene in inner-European matters. The leader of the Freedom Party continued, if Obama loves Turkey that much, he should make this […]

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Stein: Lower Austrian prison has bad toilets

The prison of Stein, directly next to the Danube river, has bad toilets. Such discovery comes out of a report from the peoples attorneyship after several complaints by prisoners. The official accusation is devastating. Those toilets are not just bad. They even offend the human dignity. Two prisoners have to share one toilet which has […]

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Bregenz: men in ladies swimsuits are not allowed

A 24-year-old man from Bregenz was arrested in his home town by the police, because he was wearing a ladies swimsuit in public. Ladies swimsuits are a passion for the young man. He enjoys to wear such clothes as underwear. Wednesday evening a police patrol has seen a piece of the swimsuit on the chest […]

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Hollabrunn: knife fight at the cemetery

Three young man between 17 and 22 years chose a quite unusual place for their knife fight. It was the cemetery of the Lower Austrian town Hollabrunn during the night. After their boozy pub crawl they decided to play with knifes at the cemetery. One of them bragged with his arts a bit too much. […]

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Increase of Russian and Ukrainian tourists in Carinthia

Austrias federal state of Carinthia is becoming more and more popular among Russian tourists. The increase last summer amounted 23 percent. In winter even 35 percent more Russians spent their holiday in Austrias most southern province. The website of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation also reports about huge increase of tourists from the Ukraine. 54,2 percent […]

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