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Fight between Swiss cyclist and policeman in Lustenau

The website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a strange fight between a cyclist and a policeman in Vorarlbergs metropolis Lustenau. The guardian of the law tried to jump on the cycling cyclist. The cyclist was quick enough to avoid the surprising attack, and kicked the policeman down on the floor.

The policeman sustained heavy injuries. The reason of his sudden attack on the cyclist is completely unknown and not published. The cyclist decided not to escape and stayed on the spot. Later it turned out that he is a 16-year-old tourist from Switzerland. He was reported to the police and has to expect a trial in Austria.

It’s a quite mysterious story with one unanswered main question. What is the reason for a policeman to attack a peaceful tourist on the bicycle?

Every third Austrian spends his holiday domestically

The institute called “Institute for tourism and leisure research” revealed the result that every third Austrian prefers to spend his holiday in Austria. Thereby Austria is the most popular holiday destination for Austrians. The typical Austrian holiday maker is not under 30 years old, comes from the countryside, and has no children under 15 years. […]

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More and more Germans become Carinthians

Citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany are Carinthias biggest immigrant group. In parallel the numbers of tourists from the Federal Republic of Germany in Carinthia are declining. The number of immigrants in Austrias Southern province Carinthia from Germany doubled since the last nine years. 9.121 Germans have their main residence in Carinthia. Most of […]

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Rioting public prosecutor of the female persuasion in Vienna

A public prosecutor of the female persuasion has to face an judical inquiry against herself. She was rioting in drunk condition inside a Viennese discotheque. She also gave out slaps in faces, kicked waiters with fists and feet, and cantillated racist chants. The impulsive public prosecutor of the female persuasion is still in office until […]

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Bride dies in car crash after wedding

A very cruel fate in the province of Salzburg. A bride dies several hours after her wedding in a car crash. The bride groom, his parents, and the driver of the other car survived. Reason of the crash: the 45-year-old father of the bride groom has fallen asleep at the wheel, and crashed into a […]

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Broadcasting Corporation boss would accept imprisonment for contempt

In Austrias daily newspaper called “Österreich”, the boss of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation declared that he would accept an imprisonment for contempt to defend basic value of journalism. The reason of his sorrows are based on a scandal of a TV documentary report which was brought on a channel of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation about politically […]

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Drug addicts should leave Viennese underground station Karlsplatz

Local politicans from Vienna decided that the underground station Karlsplatz should be free from drug addicts in the future. At the moment this underground station is one of Viennas most favourite places of the local drug scene. The plan of the city is to offer drugs for free or very cheap prices in another place […]

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Deportation of Nigerian football players in Vienna

Two Nigerian football players, who were arrested during their football training last week, should be deported back to Nigeria this week, reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. The police did not wanted to confirm any certain appointment for the deportation. The two men who played in a lower Viennese Football League for the […]

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Bloody fight between cook and waiter in Styrian restaurant

Last Saturday a bloody fight took place in a restaurant in Styria between the cook and the waiter of the gourmand temple. The reason of the conflict is still unknown. There are rumours in circulation that the waiter did not wanted to taste the culinary works of the cook. The angry cook was fighting with […]

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