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Austrias minister of education: teachers should work more

The plans of Austrias minister of education Claudia Schmied (Socialdemocrats) didn’t go down particularly well. She wants to increase the lesson commitment of Austrias teachers on two hours per week with unchanged salary.

Of course all teachers are upset and not interested about the idea of minister Schmied. But also not all of the responsible authorities in the federal states are very delighted about such an intention. The federal state of Salzburg is completely against the draft.

Salzburgs minister president Gabi Burgstaller (Socialdemocrats) thinks that Schmieds idea comes at the wrong time. The minister president of Upper Austria has the same opinion. “Two hours work without payment is not possible”,  says the politican of Peoples Party who was a teacher himself.

Only the federal states of Vienna and Carinthia show some support for the minister. Viennas education council Grete Laska says that everyone has to think about arrangements in times of the economic crisis. The leading BZÖ party in Carinthia is even delighted about the plans. Uwe Scheuch also demands that teachers should work in their summer holidays as well. “They should give private lessons and prepare their pupils for the next semester”, he confirms.

Chechen family abused Styrian policemen with scissors and knifes

A Cechen family who lives in a little Styrian village does not accept policemen in their apartment. Such a painful experience had to be done by several policemen. When the policemen tried to enter the apartment of the family in the early morning to check their residence permit, they were attacked with scissors and knifes. […]

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Cheeky fox bit hunter in his nose

A 43-year-old hunter from Styria was the victim of a cheeky fox last Saturday. Usually it should be the other way round. The fox should be the victim of the hunter. Finished by his shot gun. But this time the fox had something against such kind of finalisation. The hunter and his hunting dog were […]

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Solden in Tirol: 17-year-old Dutch tourist vs 36-year-old local woman

Last Friday a barbarous fight between a 17-year-old Dutch tourist and a 36-year-old local woman took place in the famous Tirolean holiday resort Solden. The unmatched couple met in a pub. Reason of the fight was a 20 Euro note which both found on the floor. The Dutch tourist and the local woman wanted to […]

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Nicollette Sheridan in Vienna

The 45-year-old actor Nicollette Sheridan from the United States, who was born in England, is this years promiment guest on the Viennese “Opernball”. Some Austrians know her from the TV-series called “Desperate Housewives”. She was invited by Richard Lugner, who owns a shopping mall in the centre of Vienna. The pleasure of her arrival was […]

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Two policemen from Vienna maltreated a teacher

A teacher was attacked and maltreaded by two Viennese policemen in the open street in Vienna. The girlfriend of the teacher was eye witness of the violent incident. The teacher had to be brought to hospital. He confirmed that he did nothing wrong. “The policemen just came and knocked me down”, he said. Then they […]

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Austrians in the USA

There is a new website about Austrians in the USA. offers everything about Austrians living in the USA: resources, links, news, events, and the stories about the reasons why Austrians left their country to move to the USA. The makers of thought it is time to create a free website for all Austrian […]

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Otto mail order company close logistics site in Graz

The German Otto mail order company close its logistics site in the town of Karlsdorf close to Styrias capital Graz, and dismiss 270 employees. “We are shocked” was the first reaction of the management spokesman in Austria. Redundancy programmes are already in development. The reason of this decision can be found in the redistribution of […]

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Auxiliary bishop of Linz able to heal homosexuals from homosexuality?

The new auxiliary bishop of Linz is full of beans. According to the latest reports in Austrian newspapers he thinks that it’s possible to heal homosexuals from homosexuality. The auxiliary bishop declared in an interview that he knows people who were homosexuals in their past. A rigorous therapy was able to change their sexual sensitivities. […]

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HC Strache against minister of science Johannes Hahn

Yesterday the leader of the Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache was guest in the “Pressestunde”. Pressestunde is a traditional tv program on Sunday morning of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Politicans who are guest in the “Pressestunde” have to answer the questions of two chosen journalists for one hour. Strache used the opportunity being live on […]

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Vienna: Homosexual man wants to be tram driver or a lot of money

A homosexual man from Vienna went to court one more time, because he wants to be a tram driver or a lot of money. In April he already won the first trial against a tram operator, but all of his wishes were not fulfilled. The homosexual Viennese was already working as tram driver, but lost […]

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European Union not allowed to support atomic energy?

The new vice chairman and top candidate for the European election of the green party in Austria, Ulrike Lunacek, explains that the approval of the European parliaments majority to the report of the European energy strategy is a bad sign. She confirms her will that the European Union is not allowed to support atomic energy, […]

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New regulation of Islam education in Austria

Austrias politicans and the Islamic community decided to reform Islam lessons in Austrian schools. Some days ago the outrage of politicans and medias was enourmos, when a new study reavealed that a high percentage of Islam teachers in Austrian schools are against democracy. Even the Greens show themselfes very satisfied about such a decision. “The […]

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Gmunden: “crazy birds” beat up 26-year-old student

In the night from Saturday to Sunday a 26-year-old student from Linz was badly injured in a fight with a couple of young people in Upper Austrias famous spa resort of Gmunden. Reason of the fight was an inconsiderate comment to the group of the young guys. The student told them, that they would look […]

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Pope made football fan to the new auxiliary bishop of Linz

The avowing football supporter of Austrias Premiere League club “LASK” was pastor in Upper Austria, and designated to the new auxiliary bishop of Linz on the 31th January by the pope. His name is Gerhard Maria Wagner, and he was born 1954 in Linz. Austrian medias and pious fellow believers of the Roman Catholic church […]

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