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Austrians enjoy eating pork

Austrias cuisine without pork wouldn’t be imaginable. Even Austrias traditional Schnitzel is more often made of pork as of calf. The pork consumption per capita in Austria is 56 kilogram every year. This is the third rank in Europe behind Cyprus and Spain.

The Austrian savourer loves everything on pork. Not just the noble pieces. Experts know that the Viennese cuisine received its brillant reputation because of many dishes which are made from all different parts of the pork.

Surprisingly the keeping conditions, way of feeding, and breeds are still no big deal for the Austrians. The most important thing is the cheap price in the supermarket. Things change only very slowly, and more and more people want to know more about their pork.

HC Strache: “Money for Greece is purest lunacy”

Greece is in its deepest financial crisis. European politicans discuss about giving some money to the broke member of the European Union. Especially Germany should pay a lot, but also Austria is designated as contributor. Freedom parties leader HC Strache is not happy about that. In his latest press release he labeled the increase of […]

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Families in Austria

Austria has currently 115.000 single parents. 92,4 percent of them are single mothers. The number of single parents in Austria is steady, explains a press release of “Statistik Austria”. Every eight woman with children in Austria is a single mother. Austria counts 791.078 families with at least one child under 15 years. Married couples without […]

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Young German wife abandons her husband on motorway rest area

A very rare case of negligence towards a husband happened in Upper Austrias motorway rest area of Seewalchen. A young German wife abandoned her husband there, and continued her trip by car with her daughter and her dog. Police found the unlucky man sleeping on the motorway embankment. The young lady was found by the […]

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Impressing victory for Heinz Fischer

Heinz Fischer is Austrias old and new president. He received 78,9 percent of all valid votes. His competitor Barbara Rosenkranz received 15,6 percent, and Gehring who wanted to bring more Christian religion into Austrian politics 5,4 percent. The first statements of the candidates. Heinz Fischer: “Fantastic majority.” Barbara Rosenkranz: “Quite respectable.” Rudolf Gehring: “I started […]

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Bouncer received silver badge of honour in Vienna

The honoree was the bouncer of a famous Viennese disco for many years. He is a native Munich, came to Vienna in the age of 18, and started to work as a bouncer at the beginning of the 80’s. “Generations of young Viennese nighthawks met this special bouncer at the door of the famous disco”, […]

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83-year-old woman from Styria knocked down police officers

A very strong 83-year-old woman experienced two police officers from Styria. The old lady was not excited about a routine traffic check. She jumped out of her car, knocked one police officer down, and attacked the other one with a passionate bite in his left hand. Both police officers sustained minor injuries. Finally the police […]

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Is Austrian president Heinz Fischer sanctimonious?

Austrias daily newspaper “Die Presse” asks if Austrias president Heinz Fischer, who contests for a second time in office, is sanctimonious. The reason of such a question is based on his statements about invalid polling. Heinz Fischer confirmed on Sundays TV shows “Pressestunde” that invalid polling depends on everyones attitude on democracy. “Democracy means decision”, […]

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Hairdresser in Austria: prices of hair salons cause trouble

Austrian women have to pay more at the hairdresser than men. Also for exact the same service. A TV program in Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” revealed the unequal pricing of Austrias hair salons. Now even the official representation of employees in Austria, also known as “Arbeiterkammer”, became interested in the case. The spokesman of the […]

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Buying power in Austria

The people from Austrias federal state Styria have a low buying power, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. Styria is on the second last rank. Only the Eastern province Burgenland has a lower buying power. Austrias highest buying power can be found in Vienna, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. Every year the average Viennese has 20.987 Euro at […]

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14-year-old Viennese girl killed her own mother

A 14-year-old girl from Vienna killed her mother by several stabs with a knife in the back, because she was not allowed to connect to the internet. The victim was found already dead some hours later by her 12-year-old son and the husband. The girl escaped right after her deed, and delivered herself up to […]

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13-year-old boy threatens HC Strache with death

Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache is threatend with death by a 13-year-old boy from Vienna in a Youtube music video. The young boy claims that he is going to force Strache to commit suicide. Strache is labeled as scum, nazi, racist, xenophobe, and clown in that video. The Freedom party is upset about such […]

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Aversion against post boxes in Tirol

The strong aversion of a 14-year-old lad against post boxes was the reason of several bomb attacks in a small village in the province of Tirol. Many of the post boxes in the village were destroyed. Now the young man was caught by the police. The property damage is tremendous. The blasts of his assaults […]

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Leisure activities of Austrians: television more important as sex

A new study revealed that Austrians prefer to watch television or to visit a restaurant than having sex. Only 55 percent said that sex is part of their leisure activities. Spending time with the family is the most important¬†activity for Austrians (79 percent). The second most popular activity in Austria is spending time with friends […]

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