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Discharged Muscovite mayor Yury Luzhkov moves to Austria?

Austrian medias report that the discharged Muscovite mayor Yury Luzhkov wants to move to the fancy town of Kitzbuhel in Austrias Western province Tirol.

Next week he and his partner wants to search for an appropriate domicile in Austrias popular holiday destination. Elena Baturina and Yury Luzhkov are one of Russias most iridescent personalities. She is Russias most richest woman. He was the mayor of Moscow. Last year Elena Baturina opened the luxurious hotel called “Grand Tyrolia”. The town of Kitzbuhel is a popular place for billionaires.

Freedom party: controversial comics as canvassing

Austrias Freedom party is involved in a new scandal. An advertising brochure with comics was sent to every household in Vienna. In that brochure a small Austrian boy was instigated to throw stones at a man called “Mustafa”. Afterwards he received a hot sausage with mustard as reward. The comic story takes reference to Viennas […]

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Austrians are angry about foreign car drivers

78 percent of Austrian car drivers are not happy about the behaviour of foreign car drivers, revealed the latest survey of an automobile association. Usually foreign car drivers have the habit to drive a bit too fast in Austria. The anger of Austrian car drivers is “extremly high” in such cases, reports the survey. Two […]

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Viennese policeman offered to take beer instead of financial penalty

The 28-year-old policeman from Vienna loves to drink beer. His thirst was so huge that he offered to take a beer crate instead of making out a financial penalty because of illegally parking. One time he also left a note on the car of a parking violator with the message that “this takes one beer […]

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200.000 Lower Austrians in online dating services

200.000 Lower Austrian men and women are registered in online dating services. Every fifth of them is going to find the true love, knows an online dating expert from the Lower Austrian city of Krems. Many people can’t find the right person in their life in pubs, during sport, work, or in everyday life. An […]

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Vienna: 15-year-old boy tried to kill 24-year-old prostitute

The parents of the 15-year-old boy were not at home. Was it pure boredom that he decided to order a prostitute to his appartment and kill her, or, how he told the police, hate on prostitutes? The 24-year-old prostitute survived the knife attacks of the minor with heaviest injuries. But she was able to escape, […]

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Vienna is one of the most expensive places for clothes

According to a world wide comparison of a Swiss bank, Vienna is one of the most expensive places in the world for buying clothes. Only Tokyo is more expensive as Vienna. The Swiss bank compared 122 goods and services around the world. Vienna has a good result in its buying power, and made the 24th […]

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Street fight in Upper Austria: Chechens and Albanians vs Turks

Last weekend a street fight between Chechens, Albanians and Turks took place in the Upper Austrian town of Mauthausen. One Turk sustained heavy injuries and had to be brought to hospital. Also baseball bats were used in the fight. The “Alliance For The Future Of Austria”, also known as the orange party called “BZÖ”, demands […]

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Natascha Kampusch presents her new book

These are the days of the new Kampusch biography. Newspapers and magazines are full of stories and reports about the new book. Experts label the work as a “programmed bestseller.” Natascha Kampusch illuminates thoughts about suicide and violence. The kidnapper Priklopil shaved her head bald. She tried to commit suicide three times. But worst of […]

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Police arrested 5 beggars in Vienna

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”, is an old sentence from the bible. The Viennese police is not impressed about such sententiously quotes from ancient compositions. Last weekend they arrested 5 people from Romania who wanted to earn some money with begging. Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that most of the beggars were […]

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4.000 inhabitant village in Tirol wants brothel

A Tirolean village of 4.000 inhabitants wants to have its own brothel. In the last conference the local council voted for the building of such an establishment. The brothel should be located on the border of the village centre in the premises of a former restaurant. The assessment of demand showed a negative result, but […]

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Freedom party with Anti Islam Online Game

Again a lot of rage and anger about the Freedom party. An Anti Islam Online Game was published on the official website of the party. The user has to terminate minarets by mouse clicks. Werner Kogler of the Green party reacts with a report to the police. He locates the legal violation of sedition. He […]

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