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Austrian stage actors below the poverty line

Being a stage actor in Austria means to lead a hard life, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”.

A new study of the ministry of education and cultural affairs revealed the fact that many actors have to live with a monthly salary of 700 Euro. This means they have to live below the poverty line. Many actors also work self-employed and have no access to the unemployment benefit.

“During the practice time it’s not possible to take a side job”, reports an affected actress. “I have to survive with the money I get”, she confirmed. Only 2,4 percent of the actors in Austria are employed. The rest has to work free-lance, shows the study.

The result of the study is a disaster for the manager of a theatre in Salzburg. “For a cultural nation like Austria it’s disastrous”, was his short comment. Many actors even also have no health insurance. Politicans already promised to improve the situation, but most of the actors stay sceptical. “If there will be more money for culture, it will disappear in the administration and the bureaucracy”, was the unanimous opinion from the side of the actors.

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Austrian social researcher against Facebook

An Austrian social researcher confirmed his critical view on the internet social network provider “Facebook”. The Lower Austrian Media festival was the right place to do that. Irrelevances like “I am going to take a shower” dominate the character of the web service, and turn the inside of a humans private life out. Especially people […]

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Michael Jackson memorial concert in Vienna?

According to media reports, Jermaine Jackson, who is the brother of the deceased pop singer Michael Jackson, plans to organize a memorial concert in Vienna infront of the famous Schloss Schönbrunn castle. The concert should take place at the end of September, and there should be enough space for 85.000 visitors. But it seems the […]

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Viennese prefer Italian restaurants

Every second male Viennese and every third female Viennese visit a restaurant once a week. Their destination in the evening is usually an Italian restaurant. Viennese prefer Italian cuisine. This reveals a new study of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. In spite of the financial crisis, the gourmets of Vienna don’t want to save money […]

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Festival Of Regions 2009 in Linz

Upper Austrias every 2 years recurring Festival Of Regions is this year located in the Southern part of Linz called “Auwiesen”. “Normality” is the official title of the festival. The official website writes: In 2009, in collaboration with Linz 09 Cultural Capital of Europe, the Festival of Regions will be oriented toward the southern […]

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Online dating service for Austrias folk musicians

Austrias folk musicians have problems to find the right partner. To guarantee enough of offspring from relationships between folk musicians, the governing body of that certain musical direction opened an online dating service for such kind of people. The director of the governing body from the federal state of Salzburg knows what is important in […]

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Austrian movie “Revanche” from Götz Spielmann nominated for Oscar

“Revanche” made by the Austrian film maker Götz Spielmann was chosen to be one of the five best none-English movies last year, and nominated for this years Oscar. The movie was shot in Lower Austrias Northern province “Waldviertel”, close to the border of the Czech Republic. The four other chosen flicks are the German “Der […]

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Lower Austrian pupils enjoy to trash their teachers

A new study of violence in Lower Austrian schools led to an interesting result. Already every 10th teacher of Lower Austria was trashed by his pupils in the school. And the violence is still increasing. What is the reason of such an outbreak of violence against teachers? Does pupils have too much energy? Or is […]

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Viennese campaign artist disgusted about contracts for African artists

The famous Austrian singer, campaign artist, author, and actor Andre Heller from Vienna is disgusted about the contracts for artists from Africa, who are travelling through Austria with their circus show called “Afrika! Afrika!” The Viennese city magazine “Falter” reports about the infeasible conditions for the artists. One artist of the circus was dismissed unexpected. […]

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Young theatre actresses from Vienna as erotic models

Some of Viennas most famous theatre actresses undressed themselfes for erotic pictures. Twelve of those pictures can be seen in the foyer of the Burgtheater. “The wind of change is blowing”, “pure erotic”, and “this is modern art” were the pedantic comments of some critical observers. It was the director of Viennas Burgtheater who had […]

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Viennas arthouse cinemas with insecure existence

Deep sorrow about the future of Viennas arthouse cinemas. The business competition to the big cinemas is quite tough. Only subsidies by tax money can guarantee the survival of such small cinamas, which decline to show cheap hollywood movies. Arthouse cinemas delight cinemagoers who are fed up with boring hollywood movies. Also an Austrian film […]

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Shakespeare stage play shocks Austrians

A certain Shakespeare stage play at the Viennese Burgtheater makes the blood of the Austrians run cold. The Shakespeare stage play called “Die Rosenkriege” (the Wars of the Roses) causes pure horror in Austria. Now the police and the youth welfare office has imposed an adult only for this kind of stage play. Theatre experts, […]

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Diocesan bishop: Islam should not build too big mosques in Austria

“As long Christians have to hide in Islamic countries, Muslims should not build too big mosques in countries like ours”, says the Styrian diocesan bishop Egon Kapellari. Kapellari underlines he is in favour of Islamic regligion and culture in Austria. “Islam should represent the democratic legal system in Austria”, he says. The only things which […]

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Culture War in Carinthia: Green Party vs Orange Party

The Carinthian members of the green party are upset about their federal government. Yesterday the federal spokesman of the Greens declared a “culture struggle” against Jörg Haider, who is ruling the province with his orange BZÖ-party. “Haider want to destroy our free cultural scene in Carinthia“, says the spokesman. “Now we are going to fight […]

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UNESCO criticizes architectural culture in Burgenland

The most eastern federal state of Austria, Burgenland, has not a good architectural culture. Such conclusion made a commission of the UNESCO after its investigations about the culture of building houses around the Lake Neusiedlersee. The area around the Lake Neusiedlersee is classified as “UNESCO World Cultural Heritage”. The UNESCO now thinks more must be […]

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Premiere of Massenet’s opera MANON

After a break of about ten years, Jules’ Massenet’s MANON can be heard at the Vienna State Opera tonight again. This is the premiere of the season. Conductor: Bertrand de Billy, producer: Andrei Serban, stage designer: Peter Pabst. The superstar Anna Netrebko sings in the main role, and Roberto Alagna – in the role of […]

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