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Ursula Haubner (Orange Party BZÖ) demands more money for children

The sister of Jörg Haider and politican of Austrias orange party called “BZÖ”, Ursula Haubner, demands more money and support for children. Reason: soon there are state elections in Upper Austria, and she is the prime candidate of her party.

Haubner thinks that there are increasing numbers of children in Austria who has to live under welfare conditions, and that such a improprietous development must be stopped. The sister of Jörg Haider reminds that the children are our “most precious possession”.

She plans to increase the children tax allowance up to 1.000 Euro in a year. “These are 80 to 85 Euro in one month”, she adds and claims that such a decision would be a noticeable relief for the Austrian families.

Haubner also wants to offer more possibilities in education, and demands a mandatory year in the kindergarten.

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Bad mobile phone reception: death threat

Employees of a mobile phone operator in Vienna were confronted with a rude death threat of an angry customer from Tirol. Reason: the mobile phone reception was not good enough for the sensitive Tirolean. Even two times he called the office of the mobile phone operator and promised to kill everyone with a huge bomb. […]

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Vienna: capital of burglars and thieves?

Harsh words come from the politican of the Freedom Party known as “David Lasar”, who is also a member of state parliament. He thinks that Vienna is not only the capital of Austria, but also the capital of burglars and thieves. The reason for such a disastrous balance can be found in the Socialdemocratic mayor […]

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Austrian postmen should become policemen

Austrias civil servant minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek from the Socialdemocrats has a brillant idea how to remove the lack of policemen in Austria. Yesterday she has presented he plans to the public: 1.200 postmen should become policemen. Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek thinks that skillful postmen can help the Austrian police with valuable assistance. Her detailed plans are still […]

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Austrian Federal Railway has problem with critical website

The Austrian Federal Railway seems to have a serious problem with an internet forum about the railway in Austria, which has many critical postings. Medias report that the employees of the Federal Railway have no internet connection anymore to this website. The Austrian Federal Railway is known to react very sensitive about critical voices. Three […]

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Carinthian politicans against Interior Minister

Politicans of Austrias most southern province Carinthia are not happy about the plans of the Interior Minister. The Interior Minister of the Peoples Party, Maria Fekter, desires more police for Vienna, which should be taken from Carinthia. It’s a rare thing in Austrian politics when the Orange party BZÖ and Socialdemocrats have the same opinion. […]

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Innsbruck: arrested because of blue and scuffed clothes

A group of actors was arrested by the police in a forest of Innsbruck because they wore blue and scuffed clothes. The actors gave a performance within the event called “dancing and hiking.” As the event was already over, the victims of the police had no witnesses to prove that they are harmless. All visitors […]

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3.500 protesters against right-wing extremism in Austria

Yesterday evening 3.500 people protested against right-wing extremism in Austria infront of the parliament. The protest was organized through the internet portal “Facebook” by two young ladies, who are worried about the present political situation. The traffic around the parliament was blocked. The female youth spokesman of the Socialdemocrats, Angela Lueger, said that “the event […]

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Viennese prefer Italian restaurants

Every second male Viennese and every third female Viennese visit a restaurant once a week. Their destination in the evening is usually an Italian restaurant. Viennese prefer Italian cuisine. This reveals a new study of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. In spite of the financial crisis, the gourmets of Vienna don’t want to save money […]

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Summer holiday in Tirol

Austrias federal state of Tirol is preparing for the summer holiday season. Tourism experts predict a difficult situation. The international financial crisis should decrease the number of holidaymakers. But Tirol is still relaxed. Reason: the past winter season was the second best in Tirols history ever. The holiday and tourism managers of Tirol are very […]

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Van der Bellen angry about election victory of Ahmadinedschad in Iran

The former party leader of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen, shows his anger and discomfort about the election result in Iran in a press release. His favourite candidate lost the election, and the winner is not able to satisfy the ideas and beliefs of the Green politican. Alexander Van der Bellen: “The re-election of […]

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Restaurant closed too early: customer lost his mind

A restaurant in Carinthias second biggest town Villach closed exactly on the legally required closing time. Too early for an highly sensitive customer. He lost his mind and started to riot. He took his barstool and used it as missile against the waiters of the restaurant. Later the angry customer also threw with glasses and […]

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Street fight between Austrians and Albanians in Vorarlberg

An international competition of the special kind took place in Austrias most Western province of Vorarlberg. Young men from Austria and Albania were having a violent disput on the street. Two men had to be brought to hospital with heavy injuries. According to a report of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Albanians started the fight, because […]

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Entertainment electronics shop is Carinthias best family enterprise

Carinthias most successful family businessman 2009 comes from an entrepreneurial family which had a small grocery for more than 100 years. But as he did not wanted to work in a grocery shop, he decided to find an employment in a bank. After five years of hard work in a bank, he found out that […]

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Peoples Party wins EU election in Austria

In spite of a loss of 3 percent, the Peoples Party turned out to be the shining winner and the absolute number one in the election for the European Union yesterday. But there were more winners as just the Peoples Party. Also the candidate of Austrias biggest newspaper, Mr. Martin, was able to make a […]

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Freedom Party election campaign event in Vienna with riots

Wrought-up emotions during an election campaign event of the Freedom Party in Vienna. About 200 violent left wing protesters tried to break up the meeting. Eggs, potatoes, beer cans and firecrackers were thrown on the visitors and politicans of the Freedom Party. One of the pyrotechnic article was thrown on the stage and almost hit […]

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18 percent of Austrian women affected by stalking

A new study revealed the worrying fact that 18 percent of all Austrian women already had a problem with stalking. Now Austrias women minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek (Socialdemocrats) wants to evaluate the anti stalking law. What is stalking? Stalking is an sulky answer to unrequited love. Unwanted daily telephone calls, e-mails or presents are already categorized […]

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Ernst Strasser wants to win the EU election

Peoples Party prime candidate Heinrich Strasser declared during in a visit in Austrias federal state of Styria, that he wants to win the EU election. Another target for him is to become the number one party in Styria, he confirmed. The reasons why he should win the election are obvious to him. “We need a […]

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