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Is the Austrian church terrifying violent?

The independent hotline for victims of clerical violence presented a shocking report about the violence in the Austrian church yesterday during a press conference.

The hotline exists since March 2010. 72 percent of the victims who reported violence to the hotline were male. 28 percent female. Most of the violent criminals were sacred priests. The rest of the ones who like to practice violence in the church were nuns and employees.

78,2 percent of the violent perpetrators were male. The most common scene of violence is the Catholic college and the Catholic asylum by 55,8 percent. Austrias province Upper Austria is on the top of the incidents, followed by Vienna and Lower Austria. Most of the victims are children from socially deprived families between 7 and 14 years. 12 percent of the victims were 6 years or even younger.

40,4 precent of the perpetrators demanded their victims to keep silent. They threatened them with more violence, sin, and even with an attendance in hell, if they would speak what happened.

The independent hotline for victims of clerical violence demands more motivation from the government for a solution of the situation. To let the church do the investigations is like setting a fox to keep the geese, said a spokesman of the hotline. It was confirmed that the incidents weren’t done by some few “black sheeps”. The massive numbers of incidents show a collective failure of the church in Austria.

Nun inherits brothel from her mother

Austrias biggest daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” reports about a quaint inheritage. A 55-year-old nun from Scotland inherits the brothel of her 75-year-old mother located in Austrias province Styria. An extremely profitable inheritage, because the business is going very well, reports the newspaper. The 75-year-old bordello queen was a famous circus performer in her girlhood. Besides […]

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Austrian pastor: “Interesting Voodoo worship in Haiti”

In an interview with a daily newspaper, the controversial Austrian pastor who also enjoys to watch football matches, declared that “Voodoo worship in Haiti is interesting.” Literally he said that “it’s interesting that there are 90 percent of Voodoo followers in Haiti.” The pastor who was designated to be the next auxiliary bishop of Linz, […]

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Religious football supporter: “The hat is burning.”

The religious football supporter and pastor of a small Upper Austrian town, who was the suffragan bishop of Linz for just a few days, made it into the medias again. His new declaration can be read in the playbill of the festival called “Alte Musik” which takes place in the Viennese Konzerthaus, reports Austrias Broadcasting […]

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Secessions from the church: 1/3 more than in 2008

It’s not a secret that Austrians are not so happy and satisfied anymore with the church. This also appears in the numbers of the secessions from the church. In 2009 even one third left the Roman Catholic church more than one year before. There was a lot of trouble in 2009. Controversial statements of Feldkirchens […]

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250 Catholic demonstrators against open shops on 8th December in Salzburg

“Zero tolerance for open shops on 8th December”, was the motto of 250 Catholic demonstrators in the city centre of Salzburg yesterday. The ultra religious group called “Catholic Action” can’t endure open shops and busy humans with loads of shopping bags on December the 8th. “Our 8th December is called Maria Empfängnis and not Maria […]

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Christian love in Burgenland: man allowed to occupy church

Religious Catholics in a small village in the federal state Burgenland can’t visit their church anymore. An angry man has occupied the building and locked the doors. The man is known to the authorities and has a custodian. The police can’t do anything against the situation because there is no complaint from the church. A […]

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Halloween prohibition in Villach

The social department of Carinthias second biggest town Villach decided to proclaim a Halloween prohibition in all municipal kindergartens. A spokesman explained the decision that children should receive some positive vibration instead of negative ones. Villach has twelve municipal kindergartens and six after school care centres with more than 1.600 children. The social city council […]

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Austrian bishop: punishment or help for pregnant women?

According to an article in Austrias magazine called “Profil” a bishop from Austria demands an appropriate punishment for women who decide to have an abortion. But the bishop denies such sentence. Now he claims he just demands “help” for pregnant women. The bishop explains that the magazine just gave a “distorting rendition” of his opinion. […]

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Tirol: Pornography in Catholic church

The church of a Tirolean village was the victim of an immoral assault against public morals. Somebody sticked dreadful porn pictures into the prayer books. Porn pictures in prayer books fulfil the criminal statement of facts of “vilification of religious theories”. The pastor is upset because the unwanted enrichment was fixed quite sophisticated, and because […]

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Xenophobia in Austria

Diocesan bishop Manfred Scheuer declared in relation to the coming “Foreigner sunday” his refusal to xenophobia in Austria. The bishop locates rejection in forms of fear, contemptuousness, sneer, antagonism and violence. He also claims that Austrians treat someone who is not a local as a suspective person. The bishop demands an unconditional brotherly love for […]

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Only 14 percent of Austrians trust the church

A new survey revealed that Austrians have no trust in the church and the government anymore. The most trust for the average Austrian these days can be found in his own family. In economical difficult times Austrians don’t expect help from the church or the government. Even one out of four Austrians confirm that he […]

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Blasphemy in Vienna

Freedom party politican Werner Neubauer is upset about blasphemous city lights advertisments in Austrias capital. “There is no God!” is written on those advertisments. The advertising spaces are operated and hired out by a company called “GEWISTA”. Neubauer claims that this company used the help of the Socialdemocrats to gain a monopoly position for the […]

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Austria is the 8th most religious nation in the European Union

A new study revealed that Austria takes the 8th rank in the European Union in questions about religiosity. The most religious country in the European Union is Poland. 93 percent of the Polish citizens label themselfes as religious. 79 percent are religious among the Austrian population. The last rank is taken by Sweden. Only 39 […]

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Demonstrations against and for mosque building in Vienna

Yesterday 1.400 protesters were on the street to demonstrate against and for the building of a mosque in Vienna. The demonstration against the mosque counted 700 people. The other half of the protesters wanted to show their agreement to the controversial construction plans. The spokeswoman of the public campaign against the mosque declared that the […]

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Austrian pastor against celibacy

A pastor from the province of Upper Austria declared his violent aversion against the celibacy during a panel discussion last weekend. The pastor has a girlfriend himself, and no respect anymore for his accomplished promise. He also thinks that the celibacy causes a lack of pastors in Austria, and this should be a good reason […]

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Auxiliary bishop of Linz able to heal homosexuals from homosexuality?

The new auxiliary bishop of Linz is full of beans. According to the latest reports in Austrian newspapers he thinks that it’s possible to heal homosexuals from homosexuality. The auxiliary bishop declared in an interview that he knows people who were homosexuals in their past. A rigorous therapy was able to change their sexual sensitivities. […]

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