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Dancing members of student league disgust Greens

The Green party and the organisation called “Alternative Students GRAS)” are not happy about the ball of the “Viennese Corporation Association” which takes place today. A demonstration through Viennas city centre should call attention to this event.

The police fears riots and excesses. The Hofburg, which will be the venue of the ball, is going to be cordoned off from 5:00pm. Austrian medias report about “protests against the ball of the student league.”

It seems there is a quite poisoned relationship between the Greens and the student league of Vienna. The website of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” writes about anonymous threats in the internet against two organizers of todays demonstration.

In this message they were called “spoilt snot brats” who should “get a rap on their knuckles.” Police and organizers expect 500 participants on the demonstration. Last year it came to riots between police, demonstrators, and visitors of the event.

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Dead drunk 89-year-old woman driving car in Salzburg

A 89-year-old woman from Salzburg was caught by the police driving a car in a dead drunk condition in Salzburgs city centre. Now she has to fear to lose her driving license forever. The mature woman was even too drunk and too weak to blow into the breathalyser. She was brought to the medical officer, […]

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Massive teacher shortage in Vorarlberg

Austrias most western federal state Vorarlberg has to expect a massive teacher shortage in the following years. Especially vocational schools with higher education entrance qualification are going to have serious bottlenecks. There are not enough teachers for lessons like mathematics, physics, or chemistry. More and more teachers of those school subjects retire. Another reason is […]

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Austrian movie “Revanche” from Götz Spielmann nominated for Oscar

“Revanche” made by the Austrian film maker Götz Spielmann was chosen to be one of the five best none-English movies last year, and nominated for this years Oscar. The movie was shot in Lower Austrias Northern province “Waldviertel”, close to the border of the Czech Republic. The four other chosen flicks are the German “Der […]

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A mix of something useful with something nonsensical

The “Europe spokesman” of Austrias Orange Party (BZÖ) Ewald Stadler ponders about the problems of the European Union. He declared that the European Union mixes something useful with something nonsensical. “I am not sure if everything would be better, if the European Union would be broken to pieces and powerless”, he said. Stadler continued that […]

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Vorarlbergs building industry in trouble

The building industry of Austrias Western province Vorarlberg is in deep trouble. The managers of Vorarlbergs building enterprises estimates the order situation for 2009 in a snape poll of the economy magazine “Wirtschaftsblatt” as “less optimistic”. Already last year, 36 percent of all building enterprises in Vorarlberg had a worser result as in 2007. The […]

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Carinthias new minister president made a joke about Africans

The new minister president of Carinthia and follower of Jörg Haider, Gerhard Dörfler, made a joke about Africans during a press conference. As nobody was laughing, Dörfler said that maybe he told the joke not good enough, because nobody was able to understand its payoff. Reason of the joke was the official welcoming of the […]

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2.500 Euro bonus for car scrapping in Austria

Austrias new government wants to animate the car commerce, and plans a bonus between 1.000 and 2.500 Euro for every car scrapping. Glorious times for car scrap dealers in Austria. They could become immeasurably rich. Experts of the car industry are not that convinced about such an idea. The president of the Munich Ifo institute […]

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Bird breeder vs veterinary in East Tirol

There was trial yesterday against a violent bird breeder from East Tirol. He has threatened the local veterinary in a letter that he is going to beat the living daylights out of him. The violent bird breeder is the brother of the famous poacher Pius Walder, who was shot in 1982 in the Villgratental valley. […]

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Slave woman rescued after 40 years from farm in Styria

A 55-year-old slave woman was rescued from a farm in Austrias federal state of  Styria. She had to work there since she was 15 years without salary, enough to eat, and social life. According to an anonymous report to the police, public authorities uncovered the inhuman crime and rescued the oppressed and traumatized victim from […]

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Austrias National Council president Martin Graf under fire

The discussions about Austrias third National Council president does not end. Already since a couple of weeks politicans of Greens, Socialdemocrats and the Peoples Party show their dissatisfaction about him and two of his employees. Some days ago an official declaration of Martin Graf against the Nationalsocialism seemed to end the discussions. But yesterday Barbara […]

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Insect eating contest in Viennese shopping mall

20 persons took part in an insect eating contest in the Lugner shopping mall in Viennas city centre. The first prize was a shopping voucher of 2.000 Euro. The lucky winner was a “Mister Gerhard”. He told that those insects were tasteful delicacies. “Only the shells of some little animals were annoying”, he said. The […]

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Orange Party BZÖ promise 1.000 EUR for every teenager

Since the last election, persons who reached their 16th year of age are allowed to vote in Austria. So now it’s also time for them to receive election gifts from politicans. Soon there is a new election in Carinthia, and the Orange Party called “BZÖ” makes the beginning, and promise a 1.000 EUR transaction to […]

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Freedom Party fears violence of the Greens in parliament

Uproar and consternation in the Austrian parliament about the Green party. A Green member of the parliament has confirmed the serious accusations of the Freedom Party that he has a radical left-wing employee in his team. Vilimsky from the Freedom Party explains that this man had a leading position in the terrorist newspaper “TATBlatt” which […]

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Wolfgang Priklopil: TV show with new victim

Wolfgang Priklopil, the man who kidnapped Natascha Kampusch and locked her up for 3.096 days, is already dead. Nonetheless a new victim of him was found these days, who wants to talk in the Austrian TV. The sexual abuse happened in 1985. 13 years before the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch. Next week on Monday evening […]

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Football team from Carinthia is afraid of South Africa

It was a grandiose declaration some weeks ago. The Carinthian football players of the new created club “SK Austria Kärnten” are going to spend their next training camp in a fancy place of South Africa. Now it seems the hasty enthusiasm is simply blown away. The official reason is the world depression. SK Austria Kärnten […]

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