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Tirols capital Innsbruck is afraid of Turkish/Kurdish conflict

austria news conflictThe provincial capital of Tirol is afraid of the conflict between Turkish and Kurdish immigrants.

The conflict in the borderland of Turkey and Iraq, between Turks and Kurds, is also becoming a problem in Austria.

Last Sunday 100 Turkish and Kurdish immigrants were having a street fight in the city centre of Innsbruck. Residents and tourists were shocked about such kind of outburst of violence.

Now Kurdish protesters delcared, they want to come again with 1.000 people on Saturday, and march through the streets of Innsbruck. The Turkish people in Austria won’t accept that, and so the police expects another outburst of violence this weekend in Innsbruck.

Hundreds of looters stormed hotel in Carinthia

The closing of a hotel in Carinthia was a true inspiration for hundreds of people to storm the hotel and loot the furniture. Maybe it was not a good idea of a local newspaper to write about the closing. On the following night, the night guard had to face hundreds of people who wanted the […]

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Vorarlbergs citizens have no respect for the police anymore

The police of Austrias federal province Vorarlberg is worried and upset. The citizens of Austrias most Western federal state do not respect the police anymore. The policemen have to notice more and more resitance against the authority of the state. According to a public prosecutor of the province, the attacks on policemen increased explosively. Policemen […]

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Al Gore in Vienna preaching to tackle climate change

On October 24, 2007, the newly honoured Peace Nobel Prize Laureate and former US presidential candidate Al Gore, paid Vienna a short visit before rushing off to Paris for a meeting with French President Nicholas Sarkozy the following day. Invited by Mobilkom Austria, Austria’s largest Mobile Phone Provider, Gore was the keynote speaker for the […]

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Winter sports in Austria: first ski areas open!

The traditional ski opening in Austria usually starts at the beginning of December, but the weather makes it possible much earlier this year. The first ski areas in Austria are going to open this weekend. Also many ski areas in Austrias federal state Styria open tomorrow. Skiers, snowboarders and cross country skiers will invade the […]

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Austrian ticket inspectors can use adequate measures of violence

According to the new decision of the Court of Chancery, ticket inspectors are allowed to hold people in public transports and check their tickets. So far Austrian ticket inspectors were not allowed to hold fare dodgers. If a fare dodger run away and escaped, the ticket inspector was not allowed to chase him. Now this […]

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Peter Westenthaler reports green politican to the police

The boss of the orange BZÖ party Peter Westenthaler, reported the Lower Austrian green politican Madeleine Petrovic to the police. Petrovic has declared during an event this month, that she is going to help hiding illegal immigrants. Westenthaler don’t want to accept such kind of help, and wants to see his political colleague punished. Now […]

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Too much riot: rioter breaks down with cardiac arrest

A 24-year-old man broke down with a cardiac arrest in the early morning hours last Sunday in Salzburg. Before his breakdown he was rioting in a “rock house”. He attacked guests and damaged furnishings. This was probably too much for him. Outside the event location he sustained a cardiac arrest and broke down. The security […]

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Divorce industry: the worlds first exhibition for divorces in Vienna

Vienna has the doubtful honour to be the venue of the worlds first exhibition for divorces. Every second marriage gets divorced in Austria. This created a new industry around the break-up of couples. People make money with divorces. The consequential result of such a development is an exhibition for those who earn money with that. […]

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Desecration of graves: Carinthian priest damaged cemetery

The believers of a little village in the Carinthian Metnitztal valley are shocked and upset about their priest. He destroyed a wall with graves in the cemetery. Some graves were opened and the overburden was littered with bones. The owner of the graves were not informed about the plans of the priest. They reported the […]

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Kosovan girl Arigona Zogaj is back in school

The 15-year-old Kosovan girl, Arigona Zogaj, who escaped her deportation from Austria, is back in her school in Vöcklamarkt. During the past two weeks Arigona was hiding herself from police to avoid her deportation. She also sent video messages to politicans and menanced to kill herself, if she is not allowed to stay in Austria. […]

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The wishes and thoughts of Austrian women

A survey of the IFES-institute shows the wishes and thoughts of the female Austrians. Most of the women in Austria want to be employed, and don’t want to see their job as “necessary evil”. The job should be part of their “self created” life. The survey was made on order by Austrians women minister Doris […]

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New record: 2.257 visitors on Friday the 12th October has a new record of visitors! On Friday the 12th October 2007 2.257 people, who made 3.602 clicks, were visiting The reason of this rush of visitors was a link at, about the story of the rapist in Vorarlberg who won the trial against his victim. The story who caused the second […]

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Austrias spa hotels have awful swimming pools

Usually it should be something natural that there is a good water quality in the swimming pools of Austrias spa hotels. But a test should the opposite. Only one fifth of the reviewed swimming pools had water according to the Austrian bathhouses hygienic law. The test was made by the spa hotel guide “Relax Guide”. […]

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Turkish man shot workmate in Lower Austria and cut his penis off

A very bizarre murder happened in the Lower Austrian town of Neunkirchen yesterday evening. A 76-year-old man from Turkey shot his 58-year-old workmate in the open street, and cut his penis off. It happened at about 10:00pm. The 76-year-old pulled the trigger of his scatter-gun, and stretched his workmate down by one single shot. Then […]

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Tourists in Austria say: “Viennese are friendly”

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber wanted to know what tourists think about Viennese citizens, and made a survey. The result was definitely pleasant. “The Viennese are friendly”, was the conventional wisdom. About 400 tourists were questioned. They are satisfied with the friendliness, but the best rating received the Viennese hotel business with a grade of […]

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Thousands of protesters against Austrian immigration policy in Vienna

The demonstration against the immigration policy of the government was organized by the green party. The protests took place on the Minoritenplatz square. It was the spokeswoman of the Greens, Eva Glawischnig, who demanded the resignation of Austrias Interior Minister Günther Platter (Peoples Party). Other protsters wants to have “free borders” and “unlimited right of […]

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8th November: Austrian doctors on strike

Austria had more popular health ministers in its history as the present one. Now doctors in Austria are even going on strike, to protest against the new law in the health system. A strike of doctors in Austria is something very unsusual, but Austrias health minister made it possible to displease them in a way, […]

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Van der Bellen: happy about protests for asylum seekers

On Saturday the town of Frankenburg in Upper Austria, was the scene of a demonstration for declined Albanian asylum seekers from Kosovo. The family was taken back to their homeland, but one girl of the family escaped, hides herself from the police, and sends video messages to politicans. In her video messages she demands a […]

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Bizarre border dispute in Vienna between Hernals and Währing

Is it such a bad reputation to be an inhabitant of the Viennese city district Hernals? It seems like that, because the residents of a certain street in Hernald don’t want to belong to their city district anymore. The street is located on the border to the city district of Währing, but still in the […]

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Open shops in Austria on Sunday for Football Euro 2008

The UEFA European Football Championship 2008 in Austria and Switzerland brings not only the best football nations, a lot of football fans, and huge amounts of journalists to our country. The huge football event now also brings open shops on a Sunday. The discussion if shops should open on Sunday or not, lasted several months. […]

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Funster: Viennese wanted to dry off chili peppers in microwave

The central area of Vienna, in the district of Margareten, was the location of a very unusual incident. A man tried to dry off chili pepper in his microwave. Result: the fire brigade had to come, and residents had to wear breathing protection. It was a very pungent smell out of the tenement on the […]

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Muslim tried to visit US-embassy in Vienna with grenades

The 42-year-old man from Bosnia, who lives currently in Lower Austria, entered yesterday at lunchtime the embassy of the USA in Vienna. When he crossed the security door, the metal detector raised alarm. There were two grenades and a nail bomb in his backpack. The Bosnian escaped out of the door, and dropped his backpack […]

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Election campaign expenses in Austria

The green party of Austria complains about a “horrific opacity” of election campaign expenses of Socialdemocrats and Peoples Party. The Greens want a new law which should promise harsh sanctions if the allowed volume of election campaign expenses exceeds. During the last election campaign both parties were talking about 17,3 and 14,5 mio EUR, but […]

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