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Carinthias image badly damaged

According to a new survey among Carinthians and None-Carinthians the image of Austrias southern federal state Carinthia is badly damaged. Carinthians know about their loss of image and do not try to suppress it.

There are enough reasons to explain this sad result. There was the Hypo bank scandal. The political quarrels and the secession of the ruling Orange party BZÖ to a new party called FPK. And also the horrible debt repayment status of Carinthia and the permanent mismanagement is no reason to be proud of.

20 years ago Carinthia was Austrias most popular province. The deterioration of Austrias former paradise in the south is alerting.

Doctor burgled flats and houses of patients who had to stay in hospital

A 38-year-old Viennese doctor was caught when he tried to burgle the flat of his patient who had to stay in hospital. He was found by th son of the patient when he was searching the house for valuable articles. This might explain the mysterious spate of burglaries. Many patients became the victim of a […]

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Swiss man turned Viennese museum into swinger club

Since last weekend the famous Viennese museum Secession was turned into a swinger club by an artist from Switzerland. Peoples party and Freedom party are not so exicted about that. The Swiss man wants to show “real states of our society” by his campaign. Teenagers under 18 years are not allowed to enter the place […]

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Eberau: more than 90 percent against asylum seekers hostel

Yesterday the referendum about the erection of the controversial asylum seekers hostel in the Burgenland village of Eberau took place. The result was crystal clear. More than 90 percent of the inhabitants are against asylum seekers in their village. The mayor of Eberau (Peoples party) confirmed the result yesterday at 10:30pm. 801 valid votes were […]

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Angry Belgian skiers in Tirol

A couple of Belgian skiers were arrested on the ski slope in Tirols holiday destination Wildschönau, because they started a fight with native ski lift servants. One of the servants was badly injured with a ski shoe kick in his face. Two helicopters had to come to the spot of violence. One to bring the […]

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Hard times for Austrias thermal springs?

Thermal springs in Austria are overcrowded and noisy. This is usually a good sign for full tills and good turnovers. But a new study predicts a sudden end of Austrias thermal spring boom. The main base of the conclusion: thermal springs are nothing exciting or special anymore. The market is saturated, and it’s not possible […]

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Slot machines annoy Austrian communists

Austrian communists are annoyed about the slot machine market in Austria. Now they demand a ban of the banknote entry in those machines. The anger of the communists is also directed to Socialdemocrats and Peoples party. “They stand on their brakes when it comes to prohibitions”, explains a spokesman of the communists. The Communist party […]

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480 Euro fine for touching a policeman

A 24-year-old man from the province of Vorarlberg was sentenced to a 480 fine because he has touched a policeman. The contact happened when the police led off his girlfriend. His protective instinct was awaked, he explaind in court. But it was only a touch, no beat or attack. Nonetheless touching a policeman is not […]

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25 percent polling in Vienna: much or little?

Viennas political parties argue about the 25 percent polling of the Socialdemocrat organized public opinion poll. The opposition parties sneer about a very small polling and talk about a “rout for the Socialdemocrats”. But the Socialdemocrats themselfes triumph and think that a polling of 25 percent is an unbelievable success. Viennas provincial party secretary of […]

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Green party struggles against mysterious betting cafe

A betting cafe in the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten enrages the flared tempers of the Green party. Already since several weeks the Greens moan and wail about its existence. The bizarre thing about the whole case is the fact that the betting cafe is closed since last month. The district commission of Amstetten confirms […]

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Austrian asylum plans: Chancellor Faymann vs Interior Minister Fekter

The discussions about the new asylum plans of the government turns out to be an emotional conflict between the social democratic chancellor Werner Faymann and the Interior Minister of the Peoples party Maria Fekter. Faymann thinks that a “general imprisonment” of all asylum seekers makes no sense to him. “The Socialdemocrats won’t agree in such […]

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Chocolate and tuna fish: Hungry tourists from Romania as thieves

Very hungry were some tourists from Romania in the Eastern part of Austrias province of Upper Austria. They have stolen 49 chocolate bars and two cans of tuna fish, and were caught by a supermarket employee who called the police. The tourists were able to escape out of the supermarket and jumped in their bus. […]

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Burgenland is the home of the most eager blood donors in Austria

Austrias most eastern province of Burgenland is the home of Austrias most eager blood donors. Every year the people from Burgenland give more than 10.000 litre blood. 5 percent of all Burgenlanders are regular blood donors. Austrias Red Cross tries to get blood donors with slogans like “Give blood, save lifes”, or “If you want […]

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79-year-old woman killed by two rottweilers

The Lower Austrian district of Gänserndorf was the scene of a tragical incident. A 79 year-old woman was killed by her two rottweilers. The rottweilers were on duty as watch dogs. The reason for the deadly attack is not clear. There was only one single incident in 2006. Usually the two dogs were quite calm […]

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Apeiron receives 200 million Euro

Viennas bio enterprise Apeiron receives 200 million Euro from the British pharmaceutical giant Milestone. The reason for such a money rain is an agreement about a partnership between both enterprises. The female vice mayor, finance, as well as economy councilwoman of Vienna, Renate Brauner, was the first one who sent her congratulations for that success. […]

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12 months prison for Viennese poet?

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation ORF reports a 56-year-old poet from Vienna who is accused of smirching slabs in the Viennese Museumsquartier, which is known as the eighth largest cultural area in the world. The trial is going to start on the 18th February. A twelve months imprisonment could be possible. The passionate poet spreads his works […]

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Austrian Railways: every third long-distance train has delay

Austrian rail riders should never be in a hurry. Last year every third long-distance train arrived delayed. The reason of such a disastrous result is the high amount of construction zones. The situation debases from year to year. In 2008 more trains arrived punctual. 2009 had an increase of 10 percent more delayed long-distance trains. […]

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Austrian pastor: “Interesting Voodoo worship in Haiti”

In an interview with a daily newspaper, the controversial Austrian pastor who also enjoys to watch football matches, declared that “Voodoo worship in Haiti is interesting.” Literally he said that “it’s interesting that there are 90 percent of Voodoo followers in Haiti.” The pastor who was designated to be the next auxiliary bishop of Linz, […]

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