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Furious pupils attack schoolbus drivers

A strange phenomenon can be seen infront of a high school in Lower Austrias town Mödling. Groups of angry pupils attack their school buses with the driver inside on a regular basis.

One of the schoolbus drivers was already seriously injured. Now the rest of the school bus drivers don’t want to go to this certain school anymore. The headmaster of the school is quite surprised about the allegations. He talks about “regrettable individual cases” and confirms that everything is peaceful inside his school. He presumes that the pupils might “switch the button when they leave the school building.”

The résumé of the bus operator is terrifying. One bus driver with eye injury in the hospital, and many of the buses destroyed and out of use. Some of the violent videos already appeard at YouTube. The bus drivers are totally frightened and refuse their service.

Very remarkable also the surname of the head boy, who is strictly against a sweeping judgement. Watschinger translated into English language means something like “man of slaps”. Nomen est omen, already knew the old Romans. Now a video control system should improve the situation and trace the ringleaders of the riots.

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15-year-old boy from Vienna hacked e-mail accounts of Austrian police

“I have hacked the computer of Viennas police”, boasted a 15-year-old teenager to his friends. His friends worried about the security of Vienna and went directly to the police to tell them the news. The policemen themselfes were not able to notice the uninvited intruder in their computer system. There was a quick reaction after […]

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Snow pirates in Salzburg

Authorities from the city of Salzburg are not happy about professional snow shovellers who act like snow pirates. Now they even threat them with criminal complaints. Reason: those snow shovellers put snow from the pavement and throw it on the road. In Salzburg it’s strictly forbidden to throw snow on roads, knows an expert of […]

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Angry paperhanger tried to kill a woman

A 29-year-old paperhanger from Styria tried to kill his former girlfriend with a paperhanger scraper. The paperhanger was quite drunk and already known to the authorities. He tried to cut her throat with this paperhanger scraper, but the 27-year-old victim was able to escape and call the police. The violent master of wallpapers declared before […]

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Halloween terror in Bregenz

Halloween fans have destoyed the church window of the Protestant church “am Ölrain” in Bregenz. The damage amounts 10.000 Euro. Also explosive devices were thrown to the inside of the house of prayer. Pastor Ralf Stoffer is quite upset about the strange customs of Halloween. But the church “am Ölrain” was not the only Halloween […]

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Austrians are angry about foreign car drivers

78 percent of Austrian car drivers are not happy about the behaviour of foreign car drivers, revealed the latest survey of an automobile association. Usually foreign car drivers have the habit to drive a bit too fast in Austria. The anger of Austrian car drivers is “extremly high” in such cases, reports the survey. Two […]

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Vienna: 15-year-old boy tried to kill 24-year-old prostitute

The parents of the 15-year-old boy were not at home. Was it pure boredom that he decided to order a prostitute to his appartment and kill her, or, how he told the police, hate on prostitutes? The 24-year-old prostitute survived the knife attacks of the minor with heaviest injuries. But she was able to escape, […]

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Street fight in Upper Austria: Chechens and Albanians vs Turks

Last weekend a street fight between Chechens, Albanians and Turks took place in the Upper Austrian town of Mauthausen. One Turk sustained heavy injuries and had to be brought to hospital. Also baseball bats were used in the fight. The “Alliance For The Future Of Austria”, also known as the orange party called “BZÖ”, demands […]

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Police arrested 5 beggars in Vienna

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”, is an old sentence from the bible. The Viennese police is not impressed about such sententiously quotes from ancient compositions. Last weekend they arrested 5 people from Romania who wanted to earn some money with begging. Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that most of the beggars were […]

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21-year-old man from Armenia bit Austrian police woman in finger

A very aggressive man from Armenia was arrested in the city of Innsbruck. The detention was characterized by a lot of violence. Four police man and woman were injured during the official act. One police woman sustained heavy injuries on her finger. The Armenian tried to bite off a part of her fingertip. But that […]

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Town sign defiled: 50-year-old Carinthian arrested

A 50-year-old Carinthian man was arrested because he has defiled one of the new bilingual town signs with a white varnish spray. There was a long discussion about bilingual town signs in Carinthia. Since the end of the second world war Carinthians consider the deployment of bilingual town signs. The first of them were positioned […]

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Toilet fight between Russian man and Albanian family in Austria

A bizarre toilet fight between one Russian man and an Albanian family took place in the province of Tirol. Both parties to the dispute were discordant in the use of a toilet on the motorway service area Gries. The 52-year-old Russian knocked the 62-year-old Albanian family patriarch down with one stroke. Then the son of […]

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Too little money for summer holiday: murder!

A blonde 34-year-old fivefold mother from Upper Austria killed her 77-year-old neighbour because she had too little money for a summer holiday with her husband and her 5 children. The murder already happened on the 28th July, but it took some time to find the offender. The victim was killed in her own house by […]

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Trigger-happy parrots hater in Eferding

A 65-year-old pensioner from the Upper Austrian town of Eferding was arrested because he has killed three parrots with a gun last weekend. During the interrogation in the police station he told that he could not bear the croaking anymore. The parrots belonged to a parrot breeder in his neighbourhood. The damage amounts 20.000 Euro. […]

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Internet fraud: Lower Austrian man lost 64.000 Euro

A 42-year-old man from the Northern part of Lower Austria lost 64.000 Euro in the internet. He was seduced to buy not existing options on the gold rate. When he wanted to have his deposit payed out, nobody of the company was there anymore and the website was deleted. The virtual company had its headquaters […]

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Vienna: 12-year-old burglar in porn shop

The Viennese police was able to catch a 12-year-old burglar in the act in a porn shop on Saturday evening. His trouser pockets were full of condoms. The 12-year-old defended himself that “the door was open and he just walked in.” Not true, because the police was alarmed by the alarm system of the shop, […]

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Fight between policemen and circus performers in Innsbruck

Tirols capital Innsbruck was the scene of a wasteful rumble between policemen and circus performers. The circus people wanted to celebrate the 26th birthday of the son of the circus director. It turned out being a bit too loud. Police arrived on the circus ground and told the revelers to calm down. Such a claim […]

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32-year woman from Tirol kidnapped baby in Salzburg

Yesterday at 10:00am a 32-year-old woman from Tirol kidnapped a three months old baby in the shopping mall called “Europark” in Salzburg. The mother of the baby got changed in a changing cubicle of a clothing shop, when the offender used the convenient time and took the baby in a Maxi Cosi infront of the […]

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Fight between Swiss cyclist and policeman in Lustenau

The website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a strange fight between a cyclist and a policeman in Vorarlbergs metropolis Lustenau. The guardian of the law tried to jump on the cycling cyclist. The cyclist was quick enough to avoid the surprising attack, and kicked the policeman down on the floor. The policeman sustained […]

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Drug addicts should leave Viennese underground station Karlsplatz

Local politicans from Vienna decided that the underground station Karlsplatz should be free from drug addicts in the future. At the moment this underground station is one of Viennas most favourite places of the local drug scene. The plan of the city is to offer drugs for free or very cheap prices in another place […]

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Deportation of Nigerian football players in Vienna

Two Nigerian football players, who were arrested during their football training last week, should be deported back to Nigeria this week, reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. The police did not wanted to confirm any certain appointment for the deportation. The two men who played in a lower Viennese Football League for the […]

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Bloody fight between cook and waiter in Styrian restaurant

Last Saturday a bloody fight took place in a restaurant in Styria between the cook and the waiter of the gourmand temple. The reason of the conflict is still unknown. There are rumours in circulation that the waiter did not wanted to taste the culinary works of the cook. The angry cook was fighting with […]

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83-year-old woman from Styria knocked down police officers

A very strong 83-year-old woman experienced two police officers from Styria. The old lady was not excited about a routine traffic check. She jumped out of her car, knocked one police officer down, and attacked the other one with a passionate bite in his left hand. Both police officers sustained minor injuries. Finally the police […]

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14-year-old Viennese girl killed her own mother

A 14-year-old girl from Vienna killed her mother by several stabs with a knife in the back, because she was not allowed to connect to the internet. The victim was found already dead some hours later by her 12-year-old son and the husband. The girl escaped right after her deed, and delivered herself up to […]

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Aversion against post boxes in Tirol

The strong aversion of a 14-year-old lad against post boxes was the reason of several bomb attacks in a small village in the province of Tirol. Many of the post boxes in the village were destroyed. Now the young man was caught by the police. The property damage is tremendous. The blasts of his assaults […]

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Drunken Danish tourist went on the rampage in Salzburg

A drunken 23-year-old tourist from Denmark gave vent to his feelings in Salzburgs 2.700 inhabitant village Flachau. First he destroyed the driving mirrors of some parking cars. Then he broke into a car and stole a laptop and a suitcase. But this wasn’t enough. He also took bed linen from an hotels terrace, and at […]

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Polite bank robber with bad conscience in Vienna

About a very polite 20-year-old bank robber from Vienna reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. The young man entered a bank last Friday, and said to the bank employee: “I am sorry, but I have to rob that bank now. Would you please be so kind and give me all your money?” The 20-year-old […]

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Doctor burgled flats and houses of patients who had to stay in hospital

A 38-year-old Viennese doctor was caught when he tried to burgle the flat of his patient who had to stay in hospital. He was found by th son of the patient when he was searching the house for valuable articles. This might explain the mysterious spate of burglaries. Many patients became the victim of a […]

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Chocolate and tuna fish: Hungry tourists from Romania as thieves

Very hungry were some tourists from Romania in the Eastern part of Austrias province of Upper Austria. They have stolen 49 chocolate bars and two cans of tuna fish, and were caught by a supermarket employee who called the police. The tourists were able to escape out of the supermarket and jumped in their bus. […]

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Internet fraud with rental apartments in Austria

Many people in Austria became the victim of internet crooks who offer cheap rental apartments at diverse internet portals. The problem is that those rental apartments are not existing in reality. If the victims pay for key and rental agreement in advance without seeing the apartment, their money might be lost. In most of the […]

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28-year-old German lady from Hamburg knocked down by Austrian policemen?

A 28-year-old lady from Hamburg claims that she was knocked down by Austrian policemen in the early morning in the city centre of Vienna. The young lady tried to go by underground without buying a ticket. She was caught and brought to the next police station. According to her allegations she was thrashed in a […]

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