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Ryanair with weekly air connection: Gothenburg – Salzburg

ryanairThe Irish budget airline Ryanair plans a weekly air connection between Gothenburg and Salzburg during the winter season, to bring Swedish winter tourists from Sweden to Austria.

That should be the seventh Ryanair destination in the airport Salzburg.

Ryanair already started to make advertising for the new air route. The price should amount 10 Euro inclusive tax and charges. This is a true teaser.

Ryanair thinks it’s possible to bring more than 100.000 ski tourists to Salzburg this season.

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Austria is considered one of the most visited European countries year-round. The magnificent Alps attract millions of visitors with its beauty and possibilities for all kinds of winter sports and mountain hiking during the summer. Besides the rich cultural heritage of the big Austrian cities, such as its capital city of Vienna or the birthplace […]

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9 of 10 holidaymakers in Austria are over 50 years

9 of 10 tourists in Austria during summer time are over 50 years old. Peace and recreation are the two most important leading motives to spend a holiday in Austria. This is the result of a survey of the Tourismus-Monitor Austria (T-Mona) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. 26 percent of Austrias guests come for […]

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Number of British tourists doubled in Zell am See

The number of British tourists in the “Europe Sport Region” of Zell am See doubled in the past 8 years. Every fifth tourist of Zell am See comes from United Kingdom. There were 160.000 over night stays of British tourists last summer. Such an delighting development results of a better airway connection between Austria and […]

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Japanese tourists paid 300 EUR for a free concert in Vienna

Several tourists from Japan paid 300 EUR for a concert in the “Schloss Schönbrunn“, although there was no entrance fee. The Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” reports. A tourist office in Japan offered travels to the concert in Vienna. The concert ticket was not included in the price. The tourists had to pay 48.000 Yen extra, […]

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Where people from Vienna prefer to spend their holidays

The most popular holiday destinations of the people from Vienna are Greece, followed by Turkey, Spain and Tunesia. Thereby they prefer last minute offers. Tourism experts see a trend reversal. Travels to Spain and Greece are decreasing. Egypt is catching up more and more. The most popular holiday destinations for the Viennese in Austria is […]

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Too little luxury hotels in Lower Austria

Tourism experts level massive criticism about the availability of luxury hotels in the federal state of Lower Austria. More and more holiday guests want luxury, and Lower Austria is not able to satisfy such wishes. There is only one five star hotel in the whole province of Lower Austria: Castle Dürnstein in the Wachau region […]

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People from the Eastern parts of Germany like to work in Tirol

The amount of workers in Tirol who come from the Eastern parts of Germany, is high as never before. Many Austrians are not motivated to work in the tourism industry. Foreign workers from Germanies Eastern provinces come and take their jobs. For the first time in history Germans stand the biggest contingent of foreign workers […]

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Tirolean village Sölden wants more homosexual tourists

The Tirolean holiday resort Sölden is searching for new ranks of tourists. From Saturday on a festival called “Gay Showhappening” will be hosted in the village for one week, which is dedicated to homosexual men. The “Gay Showhappening” is going to take place for the 8th time. “We made very good experiences with homosexual tourists. […]

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Ryanair reduces flights between Graz and London

The Irish low-budget airline Ryanair wants to reduce its flights between London the the Styrian capital of Graz from seven times to four times in a week. The property owners of the Airport Graz don’t want to accept that. They search for talks with Ryanair, but Ryanair retorts the airport of Graz is expensive and […]

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Austria is the second most attractive holiday destination in the whole world

Austria was elected by a ranking of the World Economy Forum (WEF) in Davos, to the second most attractive holiday destination in the world. Austria takes the second place behind Switzerland and ahead of Germany. According to the WEF, those three countries count to the economical most attractive destinations for the tourism industry. Besides the […]

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German hotelier in Carinthia punished Belgian holidaymakers with food denial

“Holiday among friends”, is the slogan of the Carinthian holiday advertising. A different kind of friendship in Carinthia experienced a holiday group of 99 persons from Belgium. The German operator of the “Hotel Berghof” in the Carinthian village of Mallnitz, wants his Belgian guests to pay additionally for 51 empty beds. The Belgian holidaymakers resisted […]

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Guided tour for blind people in the Museum of Vienna

The 21st of February is the international Day of Guides. During this day the Viennese Guides offer excursions for free. This year the most attention is paid to the St. Stephan’s Cathedral, were three different tours will be offered. In addition, even a guided tour will be organized for the blind people in Wien Museum […]

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Kitzbühel don’t want to be a holiday destination for Russian tourists

While other holiday destinations in Austria do specifically advertising in Russia to get more Russian tourists, the Tirolean town of Kitzbuhel is different. Kitzbuhel don’t want to be a holiday destination for Russians. The tourism director of Kitzbuhel gave order to the hotels, not to take more than 10% Russian guests for each hotel. The […]

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Schladming expects 40.000 fans for the nightrace on Planai track

This evening the 11th world cup night slalom in the Styrian town of Schladming takes place on the ski track called “Planai” . The host expects more than 40.000 people for that event. The ticket advance sale was a great success. So much tickets as never before were sold. The night race in Schladming is […]

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Catholic rector: manufacture of artificial snow is evil

The new rector of the Catholic Theological private univerity in Linz thinks the manufacture of aritificial snow is ethical not right. The new rector holds the view, if you are trying to make any ski slope white by force, you commit a crime on mother nature. “My problem with artificial snow is fundamental. I can […]

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Ski-run operators in Tirol moan

The weather in Austria won’t become colder. Now also ski-run operators in Tirol start to worry. The snow is melting away from ski-runs of Tiroleans ski resorts. The situation becomes serious. Especially the daily visitors stay away. In some ski resorts around Innsbruck the loss of sales counts more than 30 percent. The ski resort […]

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Ski resorts in Salzburg worry about too warm weather

Especially small ski resorts in Salzburg like “Loferer Alm” worry about the too warm weather these days. Usually the ski tracks are totally overcrowded on the 6th January. Bad weather and a lack of snow leads to empty ski runs. In the big ski centers like Saalbach or Zell am See it’s possible because of […]

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Dutch tourist tried to burn down fast food restaurant in Tyrol

Apparently not happy about the service of a fast food restaurant on New Year’s Day in the Tyrolean tourist center of Ischgl/Tyrol was an 18-year-old tourist from the Netherlands. He collected all available empty wrappings of paper and plastic and set the rubbish in the middle of the full restaurant on fire. A brave waiter […]

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Austria is the most popular winter holiday destination for Russians

Austrian hotliers are awaiting ten thousands of Russian and Ukrainian tourists again this January for the Orthodox Christmas. There should be a plus of 20 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. The boss of the Austrian Advertising Moscow Emanuel Lehner says: “Austria is the most popular holiday destination in winter for […]

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Ryanair back in Klagenfurt airport again

Since yesterday, after a break of one year, the British budget airline Ryanair started its air traffic from Klagenfurt to London again. Ryanair will fly three times per week between London and Klagenfurt until the 21th April. Ryanair will decide in spring 2007 if the air connection to the Southern part of Austria will be […]

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Unique event on New Years Eve in Aschach

A special night can be experienced on New Year’s Eve, in the Upper Austrian town of Aschach on the Danube river. The pyrotechnican Christian Kalliauer wants to fire one of the most impressive music-synchronous fire works, and promise to colour the dark sky in the beat of his music. Christian Kalliauer: “It will be an […]

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Famous Stanglwirt reported to police by Animal-rights activists

The famous hotel and restaurant Stanglwirt in the Tyrolean village of Going was reported to the police by Animal rights activists, because the aquarium for the sharks is too small. There are two specific cases which were reported to the police by the Austrian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In the relaxing […]

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Greens demand prohibition for helicopter skiing in Vorarlberg

The green party is not happy with the federal government of Vorarlberg. The Greens think the campaign “respect your borders” against helicopter skiing, is not taken seriously enough. Also this year the Greens want a general prohibition for helicopter skiing. In the view of the Greens, helicopter skiing is a a dubious pleasure and only […]

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Salzburg Super Ski Card fulfills all skier wishes

One ski pass for more than 2.200 ski-run kilometres in 23 different ski regions in Salzburg. The Salzburg ski card offers a big selection for the winter holidaymakers in Salzburg. This year the Salzburg Ski Card even offers a 20% discount for youths. The wide range of ski areas makes it difficult to choose a […]

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Job centre Zell am See: no manpower for winter season

The job centre Zell am See fears a supply shortfall of manpower for the coming winter season in the Salzburg region of Pinzgau. The reduction of foreign workers from none EU-countries can cause to problems for hotel operators. At the moment they are searching for employees for the winter season, but it’s very hard to […]

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Skiing instructors becoming dancing stars in Tyrol

The skiing instructors of the Tyrolean holiday region of Alpbachtal-Seental are not only aces on the ski run, but also on the dance floor soon. The first dance hotel in the Alps offers a free dance course for all ski instructers of the region. The idea is to activate the talent of the instructors, to […]

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