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Vienna: aggressive advertising campaign against dog dirt

The city government of Vienna started a new advertising campaign against excrements of dogs in parks and streets. Dog owners should receive the motivation to remove the dirt of their dogs when they see those advertisments.

One of the advertising slogans is “Geld Scheisser” which means something like “Money Shithead”, and should remind the people that one piece of a not disposed dog dirt costs 36 Euro fine. The advertisement poster with the lettering “Money Shithead” is illustrated with a black poodle.

The Socialdemocrats, who are responsible for the campaign, confirm that the advertisments are consciously aggressive and provocative. The Socialdemocratic female city council for environment protection said that dog dirt is direct, and so the campaign against such kind of phenomenon has to be direct as well.

Even advertisments in radio programs are planned. The speaker should be the famous Austrian comedian Alfred Dorfer.

Critical citizens are not very happy about such a strategy. Althought the sympathy value of dog dirt is usually quite low, the advertising campaign against it is labeled as vulgar and useless.

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Russian billionaire Rashid Sardarov saves animals from Austrian hunters

The hunters of Lower Austrias village Rohr im Gebirge are upset. A billionaire from Russia has bought 2 million square metres forest, and protects the animals in this place with a fence from trigger-happy hunters. The Russian billionaire uses the Austrian animal protection act. This law allows the enclosure in a forest for the protection […]

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Cheeky fox bit hunter in his nose

A 43-year-old hunter from Styria was the victim of a cheeky fox last Saturday. Usually it should be the other way round. The fox should be the victim of the hunter. Finished by his shot gun. But this time the fox had something against such kind of finalisation. The hunter and his hunting dog were […]

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Two policemen from Vienna maltreated a teacher

A teacher was attacked and maltreaded by two Viennese policemen in the open street in Vienna. The girlfriend of the teacher was eye witness of the violent incident. The teacher had to be brought to hospital. He confirmed that he did nothing wrong. “The policemen just came and knocked me down”, he said. Then they […]

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Pope made football fan to the new auxiliary bishop of Linz

The avowing football supporter of Austrias Premiere League club “LASK” was pastor in Upper Austria, and designated to the new auxiliary bishop of Linz on the 31th January by the pope. His name is Gerhard Maria Wagner, and he was born 1954 in Linz. Austrian medias and pious fellow believers of the Roman Catholic church […]

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Dead drunk 89-year-old woman driving car in Salzburg

A 89-year-old woman from Salzburg was caught by the police driving a car in a dead drunk condition in Salzburgs city centre. Now she has to fear to lose her driving license forever. The mature woman was even too drunk and too weak to blow into the breathalyser. She was brought to the medical officer, […]

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Feldkirch celebrates new public toilets

The little town of Feldkirch in the federal state Vorarlberg has a good reason to celebrate. 10 pubs and restaurants open their toilets also for none-guests. This should improve the friendly reputation of the town. The initiators have stolen Barack Obamas successful election campaign slogan “Yes, we can!” and turned it into “Yes, you can! […]

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Unhappy kangaroo in Austria

An unhappy kangaroo has to live in Burgenlands famous health resort of Bad Tatzmannsdorf. A citizen of the town keeps the animal as his pet. Probably the kanagaroo wants back to Australia? Austria could be the wrong place for such an extraordinary living thing. The poor female already tried several times to escape out of […]

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500 days imprisonment for single mother because of illegal parking?

A single young mother from Graz is threatened by a 500 days imprisonment, because she is not able to pay her fine for illegal parking. Yesterday was the official start of her time in prison, but the police doctor has postponed the accession of her improsonment to the 7th January. Now she has some more […]

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Pee prohibition for Salzburgs police

Bad news for Salzburgs policemen who are employed at their shooting range in Glanegg. As there is no official toilet, and the place is located in a water protection area, the police is not allowed anymore to pee. The federal police commandership of Salzburg has no mercy with its policemen and woman. “If someone wants […]

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Secondary school headmaster worries about kissing pupils

The headmaster of a secondary school in the province of Upper Austria has a problem. His nonaged pupils are hungry for love. They can’t stop kissing. Already all Austrian medias report about the certain case of a school in the little Upper Austrian village called “Gunskirchen”. Pupils are kissing eachother almost all the time. This […]

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Four human embryos in glasses found in Innsbruck

Yesterday evening the police of Innsbruck has reported a spectacular discovery. Four human embryos in glasses were found in a flat, in the Western part of the city. The 68-year-old occupant of the flat died several days before in hospital. Her friends found the glasses when they were clearing the premises. The connection of the […]

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Taxi war on the Vienna International Airport

Austrian medias report about a “taxi war” between taxi drivers from Vienna and Lower Austria on the Vienna International Airport. The airport is located in the federal state of Lower Austria. Taxi drivers from Vienna are allowed to bring their customers from Vienna to the airport. The way back from the airport in Lower Austria […]

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Porno movie fan decorated home village with porn pictures

A 52-year-old porno movie fan from Styria, decrorated his how village with porn pictures and utensils from porno movies. The libidinous Styrian was very active, and pursued his business undercover during the night. The man created freeze frames from porno movies to stickers, and decorated public and private facilities like bus stops, visual cover fences, […]

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Tightrope walker show ended in massive riots

A tightrope walker show of a German artist group in a little Styrian village ended in riots and many casualties. The exceptionally gifted artists wanted to dance on a high wire in the centre of the village. A 18-year-old local inhabitant was not happy about such an attraction in his home village. He started to […]

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Brothel next to primary school in Lower Austria

Sodom and Gomorrah in the little Lower Austrian village of St. Veit/Gölsen. A brothel has opened in the centre of the village, directly next to a primary school. The conditions in the village are incredible. Prostitutes are dancing naked in the street in broad daylight. 10-year-old pupils becoming interested and asking their worried parents about […]

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Bad music during folk music festival caused riots

The bad music of a certain band during an open air folk music festival in Vorarlberg last weekend, caused massive riots and a widespread operation of the local police. Visitors of the festival were quite upset about the poor performance of a music band. They started to riot and used even pepper spray to underline […]

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Gay Cops Austria: no homosexuals in Salzburgs police?

“Gay Cops” is an organisation for all homosexual policemen and women in Austria. 1.500 cops in Austria are homosexual, and proud members of their organisation. But there is one thing which causes some worries for their affectivity. Homosexual policemen and woman of all Austrian federal states are represented in the club, with only one exception. […]

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Police operation after farmer caught fiance having sex

A 25-year-old Lower Austrian farmer caught his 20-year-old fiance having sexual intercourse with a 40-year-old man. While the farmer was repairing his car with some friends, the secret lover of his fiance went into the farm to make love with her on the attic. When the farmer caught his girl in the act of love, […]

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Urinating on the leg as thanks for help

A very special form of saying “thank you”, had a 58-year-old man from the Carinthian city of Villach. The 58-year-old stumbled and fell to the ground. A 48-year-old dental technician was so friendly and helped him out of the miserable situtation. When the 58-year-old was on his feet again, he dropped his trousers and urinated […]

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Racism in Tirol: taxi driver vs German TV presenter

A racist attack is reported from the famous Tirolean holiday destination of Ischgl. The victim was a German TV presenter. A local taxi driver said a racist word to him. Maybe it was the offensive word “Piefke”, which is a depreciative expression in Austria for someone from Germany. This is only a supposition, because more […]

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Lower Austria headhunts Viennese kindergarten teachers

Vienna is afraid to lose the majority of its kindergarten teachers. The neighbour state of Lower Austria attracts kindergarten teachers from Vienna with better job opportunities. Because of a new law in the federal state of Lower Austria, children are allowed to attend kindergarten with 2 1/2 years. This causes a desperate need for kindergarten […]

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Viennese policemen want prisoners to clean their windows

The police of Vienna is upset about dirty windows in their offices. Now they have found the right idea to solve the problem. Prisoners should care about clean windows on their police stations. The policemen are quite enthusiastic about their idea. They could save time and money, and the prisoners won’t be bored. “Sweating instead […]

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Braunau: upset about a sculpture in German neighbour town

The 18.000 inhabitant town of Braunau is located directly on the border to Germany. Only the Inn river and a bridge, can be found between Braunau and its German neighbour town Simbach. Now those two towns seems to be in a serious conflict. The reason is a six metres long, and 1 1/2 tons heavy […]

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Totally drunken teenagers kidnapped sheep dog

It sounds like an excessive and wild party night for four young people from the town of Scheifling, in the north of Austrias federal state Styria. Three boys and one girl between the age of 17 and 21 years, were partying in their home town Scheifling. Later in the night they started to party a […]

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Ernest Hemingway monument in little Austrian village

The American Nobel Prize winner of literature Ernest Hemingway who died in 1961, received a monument in the little Vorarlberg village of Schruns. Schruns has 3.400 inhabitants, and can be found in the south of Austrias most Western federal state Vorarlberg. The reason of such an honour for Ernest Hemingway is the occurrence that the […]

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Crash: pile-up of cars on Austrian motorway cost one human life

60 cars were involved in a pile-up yesterday morning on the motorway “A1” between Salzburg and Vienna. One Swiss woman lost her life when she got out of her broken vehicle, and was hit by a passing car. The police confirmed that 31 persons were injured. They were brought to the next hospitals in the […]

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Drunken man wanted to kill his family with chainsaw

A drunken man tried to kill his own family with a chainsaw last weekend in the Styrian district of Weiz. The epileptic who was totally drunk had bad mood because of disagreements in an inheritance. The 42-year-old man who stills lives with his mother, said that he is going to cut mothers feet with his […]

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Punishment for totally drunken policemen in Tirol

A police station in Tirol got in sight of the public prosecution department. According to an anonymous complaint, the police station was the location for wild parties and drinking orgies. Now the public prosecution department has stopped its investigations. The policemen were accused to play cards and drink beer in enormous amounts during working hours. […]

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6-year-old primary school children devastated cemetery

A cemetery in the Styrian town of Sinabelkirchen in the Weiz district was devasted by 6-year-old school children. The disrespectful four boys and one girl destroyed grave lamps and damaged gravestones. When they were asked about their motive, they told the investigator they were angry because they had to cross the cemetery everyday from their […]

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Living in Salzburg is becoming more expensive

Living in the city of Salzburg has its price. According to the latest news of the Austrian TV station, living in Salzburg is becoming more expensive again. Last year the rent in Salzburg increasd by 5 percent. Salzburg is with Innsbruck and some districts of Vienna the most expensive place for living in Austria. The […]

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