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Austrias richest and poorest places

The richest provinces of Austria are Vienna and Vorarlberg. A new survey revealed that the people of those two federal states have a lot of money in their pockets compared to people from other provinces of Austria.

Austrias poorest provinces are the Burgenland in the east, East Tirol and Carinthia in the south. The survery locates “huge regional differences” in the purchasing power of the Austrians. The most poorest region of Austria is the south of the Burgenland. Also the east of Styria which adjoins the south of the Burgenland, and many places of Carinthia, as well as East Tirol are labeled as “quite poor”.

The richest place of Austria is the city centre of Vienna. One average person has annually 36.140 Euro at hand. Austrias second richest place is the Lower Austrian village of Giesshübel. The average income in one year totals 25.630 Euro, on the third place comes another Lower Austrian village, Brunn am Gebirge with 25.560, Perchtoldsdorf, another Lower Austrian location is fourth with 25.520, and on the fifth place comes Lech am Arlberg (Vorarlberg) with 24.700 Euro.

The winter tourism is an “absolute prosperity turbo” for small mountain villages in Tirol and Vorarlberg, confirms a spokesman of RegioData. Without tourism the averge annual income would be less than the half. 12 percent of the Austrians are at risk of poverty. This value is stabilized. Not even the economic crisis was able to change that.

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Bed and breakfast in Austria with glorious business

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. As hotels are worrying about dramatically decreasing over night stays, bed and breakfast guesthouses are booked out as never before. Also the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports about a “rebirth of the bed and breakfast guesthouse” in Austria. Experts were wrong in the past times when they […]

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Dissatisfaction of employees in Austrian tourism industry increases

The mounting pressure and an higher unemployment cause an increase of dissatisfaction in the Austrian tourism industry. The first time since many years the employment figures in Austrias tourism decrease. Economy scientist Kai Biehl explains: “The economic crisis has reached the tourism.” In general the satisfaction of employees in gastronomy and hotel business is lower […]

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Money: Austrians and their savings balance

Accoring to a press release of the National Bank of Austria, every Austrian has an average savings balance of 50.000 Euro. Another new occurrence is that Austrians don’t like to take so much credits anymore as before. Most of the Austrian savings are located on bankbooks and other conservative forms of saving. The more conservative, […]

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Austrian postmen should become policemen

Austrias civil servant minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek from the Socialdemocrats has a brillant idea how to remove the lack of policemen in Austria. Yesterday she has presented he plans to the public: 1.200 postmen should become policemen. Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek thinks that skillful postmen can help the Austrian police with valuable assistance. Her detailed plans are still […]

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Austrian Federal Railway has problem with critical website

The Austrian Federal Railway seems to have a serious problem with an internet forum about the railway in Austria, which has many critical postings. Medias report that the employees of the Federal Railway have no internet connection anymore to this website. The Austrian Federal Railway is known to react very sensitive about critical voices. Three […]

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Entertainment electronics shop is Carinthias best family enterprise

Carinthias most successful family businessman 2009 comes from an entrepreneurial family which had a small grocery for more than 100 years. But as he did not wanted to work in a grocery shop, he decided to find an employment in a bank. After five years of hard work in a bank, he found out that […]

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Carinthias industry in deep trouble

The industry of Austrias most southern province Carinthia feels the effects of the international financial crisis. Two third of the companies confirm a very bad order situation. And the lowest point is still not reached yet, claim experts. Industries like construction and food are still doing relatively well. The timber and electronics industry, as well […]

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Agriculture minister Berlakovich wants more advertising for Austrian milk

Austrias agriculture minister Nikolaus Berlakovich from the Peoples Party visited the town of Dornbirn on Wednesday. Reason of the visit was the claim of some farmers that something should be done against the milk price crash. Berlakovich said that the only possible exit of the crash is the increased consumption of Austrian milk by Austrian […]

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Austrian Federal Railways with desastrous balance

The Austrian Federal Railways are going to present a lossy balance for 2008. An article in Austrias business paper “Wirtschaftsblatt” reveals the disturbing situation. The reasons of such a disaster can be found in the loss in speculative operations, and lushly write-downs of the capital assets. The whole loss of Austrias Federal Railways amounts 800 […]

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Lower Austrian hauliers in deep economical trouble

Lower Austrias forwarding agencies are in deep economical trouble, reports the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. The reason of such a disaster is the economic crisis. The chairman of the concerning occupational group says that the situation comes to a head. He explains it became quite difficult to receive credits. The banks removed hauliers in the at-risk […]

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Poker Casino in Bregenz?

A poker casino wants to open its gates next month in the provincial capital of Vorarlberg Bregenz. The ministry of finance and the town government of Bregenz are not happy about it The general manager is someone from Vienna who already runs several poker saloons in Austria. He wants to open the new locality in […]

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Otto mail order company close logistics site in Graz

The German Otto mail order company close its logistics site in the town of Karlsdorf close to Styrias capital Graz, and dismiss 270 employees. “We are shocked” was the first reaction of the management spokesman in Austria. Redundancy programmes are already in development. The reason of this decision can be found in the redistribution of […]

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European Union not allowed to support atomic energy?

The new vice chairman and top candidate for the European election of the green party in Austria, Ulrike Lunacek, explains that the approval of the European parliaments majority to the report of the European energy strategy is a bad sign. She confirms her will that the European Union is not allowed to support atomic energy, […]

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Massive teacher shortage in Vorarlberg

Austrias most western federal state Vorarlberg has to expect a massive teacher shortage in the following years. Especially vocational schools with higher education entrance qualification are going to have serious bottlenecks. There are not enough teachers for lessons like mathematics, physics, or chemistry. More and more teachers of those school subjects retire. Another reason is […]

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Vorarlbergs building industry in trouble

The building industry of Austrias Western province Vorarlberg is in deep trouble. The managers of Vorarlbergs building enterprises estimates the order situation for 2009 in a snape poll of the economy magazine “Wirtschaftsblatt” as “less optimistic”. Already last year, 36 percent of all building enterprises in Vorarlberg had a worser result as in 2007. The […]

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2.500 Euro bonus for car scrapping in Austria

Austrias new government wants to animate the car commerce, and plans a bonus between 1.000 and 2.500 Euro for every car scrapping. Glorious times for car scrap dealers in Austria. They could become immeasurably rich. Experts of the car industry are not that convinced about such an idea. The president of the Munich Ifo institute […]

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Austrians spend 189 mio EUR at Christmas markets

Austrians love to visit their Christmas markets. A new survey revealed that any Austrian Christmas market visitor spends average 22 Euro for every visit. This results in a total number of 189 mio EUR every year during Christmas time. The basis of the study were 245 domestic Christmas markets. Austrians prefer to spend most of […]

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Shopping in Austria

There are absolutely no signs of a financial crisis during the Christmas sales in Austria. Austrians in all federal provinces come rushing into their shopping centers. Even yesterday, an official holiday, Austrias shopping centers were characterized by masses of consumers, full parking spaces, and screaming children. The commerce is able to celebrate record sales. A […]

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Apprentices: the stepchildren of Vienna?

“There is a too little promotion of apprentices in Vienna”, moans the Viennese local council Helmut Günther of the Freedom Party to the direction of the Socialdemocrats. Günther thinks that Socialdemocrats are not able to realize that a purposeful promotion of apprentices is an investment for the future. The Freedom Party man confirms that apprentices […]

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Excrements from horses as heating fuel

In times of dramatically increasing energy costs, a man from a little village in Carinthia found a new method for cost effective heating. He developed a drying plant, and uses the excrements from horses as heating fuel. The new invention took 6 months of development time, and is already in use. The first customer was […]

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Cheap milk makes farmers angry

Everything becomes more expensive. Only the milk is becoming cheaper. Yesterday the discount store chain “Hofer” decreased the price for 20 cent. Now also other discount stores and supermarkets think about a price cut. A situation which is not really a big motivation for famers who are selling milk. The reason for the cheap milk […]

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Austrian mail soon on strike?

Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” published a secret paper from the board of directors of the Austrian mail. The managers of the Austrian mail are planning to cancel more than 9.000 jobs. It’s quite natural that such news does not boost the motivation of the postal employees. Now even a strike is not impossible. The […]

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Austrian government guarantees safety for all bank savings

Chanecellor Gusenbauer promised in the course of international financial crises the unlimited safety for savings at Austrian banks. The new law is retroacting valid since 1st October. If it’s necessary the government holds out a nationalized responsibility for banks as well. Banks which have surplus liquidity should dispose their financial means in a clearing station […]

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Franz Fischler wants genetically manipulated plants in Austria

Fritz Dinkhauser, who runs for a post for the national council, is concerned about the latest statements of former EU commissar Franz Fischler. Fischler who is now the boss of the personal committee for Peoples Party prime candidate Wilhelm Molterer, wants to see open gates for genetically manipulated plants in Austria. Dinkhauser thinks that genetic […]

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Heide Schmidt: no working market economy in Austria

The prime candidate of the Austrian Liberals, Heide Schmidt, criticises the situation of the food market in Austria, and her political opponents. Heide Schmidt claims that Social Minister Buchinger (Socialdemocrats) tries to throw grains of sand in the eyes of the Austrians. The liberal politican explained that high food prices are not made by inadequate […]

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Südbahnhof Vienna is Austrias most ugliest railway station

The Südbahnhof in Vienna was elected by regular passengers of the Austrian railway to Austrias most ugliest railway station. Also the railway station in Salzburg seems to be not that popular as expected. Its disillusioning placement was the second last place of the ranking. The most beautiful railway station in Austria can be found in […]

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Klagenfurt is disappointed about Football Euro 2008 gains

Three Football Euro 2008 matches were hosted in Klagenfurt. There was hope for glamorous business with football fans, but when the event was over, the disappointment was huge. Klagenfurts landlords are upset. The medias got the blame. They frightened the citizens with horrible stories about 5.000 English hooligans who wanted to have revenge for the […]

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Austrian Federal Railways want to sell railway lines

If you ever wanted to buy a railway line in Austria, this might be the right time for you. The Austrian Federal Railways offer some of its railway lines for sale. Following railway lines can be bought: Breitstetten to Orth on the Danube river (from 0,00 km to 5,857 km). The line from Klein St. […]

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9-year-old boy from Lower Austria was able to buy a gun

A little boy of 9 years from the Lower Austrian town of Baden was able to buy a gun. His mother could not believe her eyes when she saw her son playing with an armed weapon. When she took the firearm, and wanted to bring it back to the shop, she could not believe her […]

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St. Michael is becoming a part of the Netherlands

The 3.600 inhabitants town of St. Michael in the South Eastern corner of the Salzburg province, seems to become a part of the Netherlands. Dutch people are crazy for real estates in St. Michael. If a house is for sale, the possibility is very high that it’s bought by someone from the Netherlands. The beautyful […]

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