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Furious pupils attack schoolbus drivers

A strange phenomenon can be seen infront of a high school in Lower Austrias town Mödling. Groups of angry pupils attack their school buses with the driver inside on a regular basis.

One of the schoolbus drivers was already seriously injured. Now the rest of the school bus drivers don’t want to go to this certain school anymore. The headmaster of the school is quite surprised about the allegations. He talks about “regrettable individual cases” and confirms that everything is peaceful inside his school. He presumes that the pupils might “switch the button when they leave the school building.”

The résumé of the bus operator is terrifying. One bus driver with eye injury in the hospital, and many of the buses destroyed and out of use. Some of the violent videos already appeard at YouTube. The bus drivers are totally frightened and refuse their service.

Very remarkable also the surname of the head boy, who is strictly against a sweeping judgement. Watschinger translated into English language means something like “man of slaps”. Nomen est omen, already knew the old Romans. Now a video control system should improve the situation and trace the ringleaders of the riots.

– video:

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