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Austrian stage actors below the poverty line

Being a stage actor in Austria means to lead a hard life, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”.

A new study of the ministry of education and cultural affairs revealed the fact that many actors have to live with a monthly salary of 700 Euro. This means they have to live below the poverty line. Many actors also work self-employed and have no access to the unemployment benefit.

“During the practice time it’s not possible to take a side job”, reports an affected actress. “I have to survive with the money I get”, she confirmed. Only 2,4 percent of the actors in Austria are employed. The rest has to work free-lance, shows the study.

The result of the study is a disaster for the manager of a theatre in Salzburg. “For a cultural nation like Austria it’s disastrous”, was his short comment. Many actors even also have no health insurance. Politicans already promised to improve the situation, but most of the actors stay sceptical. “If there will be more money for culture, it will disappear in the administration and the bureaucracy”, was the unanimous opinion from the side of the actors.

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