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Salzburg: 11.000 holidaymakers from Russia in one day

Yesterday the airport in Salzburg listed an inrush of Russian tourists. 11.000 holidaymakers from Russia arrived in one day. Mainly young families with many children from the middle class, reported Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”.

45 aeroplanes from Russian or Ukrainian airports were counted. They landed every fifth minute. This is a huge increase since the past year. Russians want to celebrate their orthodox christmas in Austria, knows a young tour escort. Their favourite destination is the valley in Bad Gastein.

– link: Bad Gastein

2 Kommentare zu “Salzburg: 11.000 holidaymakers from Russia in one day”

  1. Sands

    Russian tourist are probably running away from the rats infested Billa super markets in Moscow. No where else in the world you would find a world-class supermarket as Billa with such shit all over the place.

  2. VyC

    Today Austria broke the EU laws by releasing a Russian KGB general, wanted for mass murders and crimes against humanity in Lithuania, your fellow EU member. Austria, just as Germany in recent times, has submitted to Russian pressure to neglect the law in exchange for better deals on gas. Are you people proud of your politicians, is your 5 euro smaller monthly is better than your nations morale? Demand the answer from your politicians, say NO to “real-politics”, don’t become another russian puppet country just as Italy or Germany!!!

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